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We meet Mondays at 6:30 PM
Shamrock Hotel
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Numurkah, VIC  3636
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Peter Sprunt and Kerry Swan, members of the Numurkah Floodplain Community Reference Group spoke to the club.
Peter born in Kaarimba, educated in Numurkah now on a dairy farm in Katunga spoke with passion on the flood mitigation options.
Moira Shire relatively flat country with Numurkah the bottle neck in Moira Shire during the 2012 floods.
Usually takes 4 days for flood waters to arrive from Katamatite, in 2012 it took 24 hours, taking 10 days to subside. Local knowledge was bypassed by authorities.
Numurkah Flood Action Group formed by concerned citizens.
After 5 years modelling a Floodplain Management report has been published with three options for community consultation.
Public meeting March 1st in Numurkah Town Hall planned. Politicians will be present. The meeting will gauage the community response.
Peter stressed this is the only chance to do something - community must drive, otherwise nothing will happen.
Peter spoke to Option A, with minimal impact outside levee giving security to those inside levee.
Open day on Sunday at Visitor Information Centre.
Submissions can be lodged with Moira Shire before option decided.

Debbie Oliver principal of Numurkah Primary School.
Born in Nagambie, family sheep farmers, educated at St Josephs School Nagambie, Sacred Heart Seymour then Technical School in Seymour.
Avid reader, believing reading and literacy key to life.
After graduating deferred 12 months working as a clerk in Taxation Office.
Entered Rusden College graduating with a Batchelor of Education.
First posting to Goroke for 2 years, then Mooroopna Secondary College followed as Assistant Principal at Shepparton High School.
At Numurkah Primary aim to lift literacy and numeracy standards as well as social skills. Passionate in building leadership skills in teachers as well as students.
Numurkah Primary a vibrant school where students want to learn and be ready for transition to High School.
Debbie still passionate and enjoys teaching.

Stephen Mills updated members on the Soldier Settlement Project.
Aim to install a 2.5 metre map on the NAB south wall and  turning walkway into a history walk.
The map will have each farm numbered with name of settler underneath.
Consulting community members to verify information with all approached willing to share information.
Research led to several maps State Rivers, Moira Shire and G.V. Water.
Numurkah Historical Society booklet, and Nathalia "Blockies" booklet as well as memorials in Nathalia, Katunga and Yarroweyah providing useful information.
Soldier Settlers had to qualify on a point system, aim to gain 100 points.
War Service 20 points, Farm Experience 30 points, Personal Attributes 30 points, Evidence of Thrift 10 points, Marital Status 10 points, and attend an interview.
Hoping to make a joint project with Historical Society and RSL.
Six soldier settlers still alive.

Gary & Barb. Duke were guest speakers at club meeting Monday 29th January.
Gary and Barb Duke combine their love of cycling, both locally and internationally with humanitarian work. Travel on a tandem bike with trailer.
Visited the highlands of New Guinea to assist with rebuilding of the hospital. Locals are easy going, lovely people but tribal system prevails. Gary found that dealing with them you had to be strong and firm.
Hospital staffed by doctors is the main training hospital for remote areas. Student doctors choose to come to make a difference.
Naracoorte Rotary Club financed installation of water tanks and visited and worked hard.
Gary & Barb looking to do something, to be a help over longer period without being burdensome to others.
Lauren a St Mary's student gave a passionate account of her alternate schoolies week in the Philippines.
One of 6 students from St Mary's, Lauren travelled to the Philippines on an immersion program visiting and assisting at housing projects and orphanages.
Difference between Australia and Philippines is that they have no social security.
Big impact was meeting people, always happy and smiling, making the most of what they have. This experience did not make Lauren happy with situation and challenged her to look at situation of fellow human beings.
Heartfelt experience was joining Brother Paul on his nightly visits to women on the street. A humble man, trusted by the women as he handed out medical supplies, condoms and comfort.
Trip impacted on Lauren's future. She was considering entering nursing, now she can not wait to pursue her goal of nursing and return with these skills.
Lauren was grateful she was able to contribute to the situation, thanking Rotary for their contribution.
The annual first meeting of the year was a combined BBQ with the Lions Club & partners in Apex Park.
An enjoyable meal with good fellowship commenced the year on a high note for the new year.




















Year 12 student at St Mary of the Angels undertaking an "Alternative Schoolies" trip to Philippines.

One of 6 students from St Marys will travel to the Philippines on 3rd December returning on 13th December, Students raised $3780 to be distributed in Philippines to organisations such as orphanages, day-care centre and schools. 

A two way experience with lots to learn and appreciate. Lauren always wanted to go on this trip, feeling a duty to contribute and help our neighbours by improving poverty and lifestyle. Lauren concluded by thanking the Rotary Club for its sponsorship of the trip.



Amie & Tim thanked the Rotary Club for sponsorship to attend the Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) camp at Malmsbury which was a rewarding and life changing experience,

Focus on self improvement, development of leadership, communication skills and project management.

Challenged to find out who you are and what you can be, Week long camp included ice-breaking games, boot camp, exercises, guest speakers.

Amie & Tim felt the camp was enriching and felt a clarity on their future.


Steve McKewen was guest speaker at meeting on Monday 20th,
Steve is District Membership Director.
Steve challenged the club members to think positively about membership.
Key to membership depends on your club, if not a fun club, people will no come along.
What do you like about Rotary, why are you not sharing it with others?
Do you tell people about Rotary? Why are you not proud to talk about Rotary?
Convince people it is better than doing something else - here has to be better.
Meetings must be good value, plan like a dinner party not a board meeting.
If you do not like meetings, consider change.
Rotary is a way to meet friends.
Fundraising good for community, but members must be happy to participate
Evaluate and discuss club, review and manage.

Hayley Napier was guest speaker at the clubs meeting on Monday 13th November.
A qualified allied health health professional specialising in delivery of exercises for the prevention and management of chronic disease and injury.
62% Australian adults overweight with 34% with high blood pressure.
Adults with BMI above 30 and physically inactive leads to risk factors.
50% Australians have a chronic disease of which 34% preventable.
What can we do? Quit smoking, limit alcohol, have a good social network, decrease stress, eat healthy diet and get enough sleep, and participate in physical activity or exercise.
How do I exercise? The F.I.T.T, principle.
Frequency: Eliminate sedentary behaviour where possible and aim to be active every day in as many ways as possible with at least 30 minutes of light to moderate intensity activity per day OR 15 minutes of vigorous intensity per day.
Intensity: Include muscle strengthening exercises.
Time: Develop a routine.
Type: Resistance exercise, aerobic or endurance exercise.
Progression to ensure that you are gradually challenging your body to become fitter.
When does it stop? Never. 
Movement is Life and Life is Movement.
Look at exercise as an opportunity no an inconvenience.
Rotary Club of Numurkah celebrated their 60th Anniversary on 28th October 2017.
Past Rt. Gerald Green reflected on the early days, Past Rtn Kevin Hansen recounted being an Exchange Student and AG Chris Sutton spoke on the club as it is today.
DG Bernie Bott presented a Paul Harris Fellow to Betty Seiter and an Outstanding Service Award to Sieg Seiter.
Clare West cut the 60th Anniversary cake.

Visiting Rotarian Ian Stronge and his wife Anne visiting from Tocumwal R.C to support guest speaker Bianca Phillips (granddaughter).
President Jacque reported on the great success of the Food bowl Festival on the weekend with great weather and crowds. Reminder of 60th Anniversary celebrations this coming weekend and the need for helpers.
Chairman Graham Hodge spoke about life being good, it is lonely at times but he lloks forward to Monday nights at Rotary and his garden is well tendered and watered.
Guest Speaker Bianca Phillips from Yallaba Adventurer Unit reported on the 31st Scout Jamboree to China and Mongolia in which the club part sponsored.
* There were 68 Scouts & 32 Leaders from 20 countries attend
* It was Bianca's first time travelling without her family
* First two days spent in China visiting the Great Wall and the Forbidden City
* Big climate change in Mongolia with high humidity and 'long drop' stench
* Most Mongolians still living in Ger's/Yerts
* The women wear bright colours, lots of animals wandering around freely, legal age of drinking alcohol was 10 yrs old and legal age of smoking was 13 yrs old.
* Bianca buried a blow up kangaroo on a Mongolian mountain
* The highlight/most enjoyable part of the trip was the friendships made and the people she shared the trip with.
* Bianca said that she would never forget the people, places and the atmosphere from the experience.
Stephen Mills
Christmas light has been approved $1000 from our club, $1000 from Lions & $500 from Bendigo Bank. Awaiting the Shire to approve appropriate materials
Visited Mens Shed and found it vibrant with 20 members. Mens Shed wanting ongoing support from Rotary and putting up two proposals fro a BBQ area and purchase of a storage shipping container. John Watson attending the AGM this Friday.
Steve keen to get a proposal up and running to update/improve strret stall area
Linda Boyd
Rotary supporting two nominees for RYLA for $1000 ea, Tim Connolly and Amy Hodge
Terry Brennan
Calendar sales were at Foodbowl 32, Pubs 52, Market 80. Having two stalls at Numurkah Show and looking for volunteers during the week. 60th Anniversary Dinner has 79 people coming needing volunteers.
Lorraine Greenwood
The club makes $5 from every $5 calendar sold. Potential for $10,000 to be made. Roster to be distributed around meeting.
Sieg Seiter
Needing two teams to go around local pubs on a Friday night
Squish Davis
Reported on her excitement aand sense of community over the weekend for Foodbowl Festival. Thank you to Rotary for support.
Julie Andrew
Reported on a a successful Umoja Orphanage Dinner last Monday night with over 120 guests, making approx $1400 for the project. A big thank you to all Rotarians.
Chris Sutton
Reporting as Assistant Govenor
Attended meeting for DG 2020/21
Looking for nominees
AGM will be 06/11/2017
Steve McKewen ( District Chair for Membership) coming to our club as guest speaker
District Conference has had Merv Hughes and another speaker pull out but have replaced with same calibre speakers
Bernie Bott asking Rotarians to do Movember for Mental Health
Noel Trevaskis fro Rotary International coming to Cobram RC, booking a table to support club that has supported us. Roster on Clubrunner.
Monday 16th October = 80%
Monday 23rd October = 63%
Heads and Tails
Ernest Jones
At short notice a presentation from Julie, Kate and Stephen on their Umoja Orphanage visit, with photos taken by Stephen - some of 4,000 taken.
Stephen spoke on his impressions gained from the visit to Kenya.
Learnt that the need is great in Kenya, but with passionate people great things are being done at Umoja.
94% of donations to the orphanage makes it to on ground care.
Kenyan government agencies place children at Umoja, with majority of orphans having being sexually abused.
Jobs at orphanage included fencing, building cow shed, health clinics.
Assisted at Feeding Station, feeding 4,000 children with cooked maize, beans, rice, spinach.
Health clinics conducted by the 5 nurses in the group of 16. Kate and Julie noted an improvement in general health.
Spent 4 days in Rwanda for "Walk with the Gorillas". Visited genocide memorial, which was confronting.
Stephen concluded by saying although there for only 10 days, hopefully made a difference.
Julie added there was a vast improvement in health of villagers since last visit. Kate looked after the animals. Vegetable gardens doing well, with extra produce being sold to assist sustainability.
Built a shaded areas to enable year round crops.

With the assistance of laptop computers and facilities in President's Room arranged by Deb Fowler from Numurkah Learning Centre members had a hands on information session on Club Runner.
Lou presented a session on the club's website illustrating the wealth of details available for perusal and reference. The Members Only section was explained, illustrating the various functions, looking at members profiles, email communications, events plus details on the club's member age range, gender and service and inactive members.
Photo from last year's session.

Pip Cowan spoke to the club about his "Busking to Mississippi" trip, thanking the club for their support.
Departed early June arriving in Memphis the home of Elvis. Stayed a couple of days in Memphis, on the Mississippi in Tennessee.  Toured the Sun Studios used by Elvis.
Set up base in Clarksdale, the mecca for blues music
A cigar box guitar was made for and presented to Pip after following Pip's story on the internet.
Enrolled in a guitar workshop, which also had classes in piano, harmonica and recording.
Met some amazing characters, all die hard music enthusiasts such as Watermelon Slim and Deak Harp who set up a harmonica shop.
Not all plain sailing, but was a great experience for over a month learning about becoming a blues performer.
Pip showed photos and videos of his experience.
Would he do it again - Yes!


The Rotary Club hosted the Ian Murphy Memorial Debating Competition.

The debating competition was conceived by Rotarian Ian Murphy of the Rotary Club of Corryong and provides a platform for secondary school students in year 11 to develop debating skills by competing against other schools of District 9790.

The Rotary Club sponsor a team from St Mary of the Angels Secondary College, who in heat one defeated Notre Dame, and debated the topic "That sport should be compulsory in all schools" against a team from Marian College Myrtleford.

Adjudicators were David Geddes, John Watson from Numurkah and Bernard Soodyk from Myrtleford.

St Mary's debating the affirmative narrowly won in a close debate. St Mary's team was Jessica Kam,, Ayla Armstrong and Riley Wilson, supported by teacher Jabe Hando and several parents. The Marian College team was Erin Bourke, Alice Whitford, Louise Saric supported by Evan Jones and Vanessa Leonard from the Rotary Club of Myrtleford.

David Geddes in announcing the winner commented on the debaters. Jessica Kam opening for St Mary's clearly defined the topic, was precise and outlined the plan. Ayla Armstrong the second speaker started strong with good voice modulation. Riley Wilson challenged on rebuttal, summary was good and maintained good eye contact.

For Marian College Louise Saric concentrated too much on school and pre-school, outlined plan. Alice Whitford the second speaker had good voice modulation with good continuity. Erin the final speaker used the microphone the best, presentation excellent with debate well covered. David Geddes commented that all speakers from both teams tried to fit too much into the time they had.

Rotarian Jason Andrew, the chairman, concluded by thanking the students, teachers, parents and supporters in what was an excellent, and very positive debate.

St Mary's Ayla Armstrong, Riley Wilson, Jessica Kam and Jane Hando.

Marian College: Erin Bourke, Alice Whitford, Louise Saric with Wvan Jones and Vanesa Leonard from Rotary Club of Myrtleford.


Denice Robertson a member of the Shepparton & District Parkinson's Support Group spoke to Rotary.

Parkinson’s is a progressive neurological condition that affects people from all walks of life. It is quite common, with approximately 70,000 Australians living with Parkinson’s.

The average age of diagnosis is 65 years, however younger people can be diagnosed with Parkinson’s too. This is referred to as Young Onset Parkinson’s.

It is not easy to diagnose Parkinson’s. There are no laboratory tests (such as a blood test or brain scan), so it is important that the diagnosis is made by a specialist, such as a neurologist. The specialist will examine for any physical signs of Parkinson’s and take a detailed history of symptoms.

Currently there is no known cause of understanding of why a person develops Parkinson’s

The underlying cause of Parkinson’s symptoms relates to a decline in the production of a chemical in the brain called dopamine. Dopamine is an important chemical messenger, or neurotransmitter, that allows messages to be passed between cells in the brain. This lack of dopamine means people can have difficulty controlling their movements and moving freely and it can also impact on other body systems such as your sense of smell, bowel and your thinking and mood.

Parkinson’s is categorised by clinicians as a “movement disorder” and symptoms may include muscle rigidity, tremor, postural instability and bradykinesia (slowness of movement).  Many people think of tremor in Parkinsons but in around 30% of cases tremor is not present.

Symptoms of Parkinson’s usually develop slowly and gradually progress over time. Each person is affected differently and the rate of progression varies greatly between individuals.

Research being undertaken into bio-markers to identify possibility of developing Parkinsons. Volunteers over 50 without neurological problems and shoulder problems required. Appointments can be made with researchers visiting Shepparton on 4th October.


Don Kendall from Kendall Waste Collection was guest speaker.
Born in Canada, originally a commercial fisherman then worked with a transport company in western Canada. In 1977 made a commitment to come to Australia. In 1978 commenced building trailers for the transport company. Returned to Australia in 1987 commenced working for Tom Garrett in Shepparton. 
In 1993 started building own trucks. In 1993 founded Kendall Foote Waste, winning Moira Shire & Berrigan Shire contacts in 1998. In 2006 bought out Peter Foote in 2009 won Rubbish Recycling Service Award.
In 2011 son Josh joined business started from ground up, now run business with Don's daughter Erin.
2012 Moira Shire run a trial on organic collection and pioneered the introduction of this service.
Moira has lowest contamination rate of 0.4% in Victoria.
Remained competitive as build own equipment.

Kate and Julie returning to Umoja Orphanage Kenya with Steve Mills in a couple of weeks, provided an update since visit in 2015.
Fleming McLean Children's Home opened in 2016, housing 12 children with aim to build another house.
Children sourced by Kenyan Social Service.
Since visit in 2015, building a guard house, taken delivery of a van used for children's appointments and as a community ambulance.
New baby animals including calves, 300 baby chicks, goats and sheep.
Sustainability with new crops of produce. Australian vegetables introduced including pumpkins, spinach. capsicum and sweet corn
New jobs to be tackled on visit include new cow shed and dairy, fencing and irrigation for Steve.
Kate and Julie will tackle health clinics, animal husbandry, household chores, planting fruit trees and fencing.
This will be the 18th work party from Rotary in Australia.
Bonus trip flying to Rawanda, mini safari, looking for gorillas.
The opportunity to help the orphaned children of Kenya at the orphanage is the motivation to return.

Lorraine Greenwood stepped in as guest speaker as apology received from District Chair of Youth Exchange Bruce because of a family emergency.
Lorraine became involved in Youth Exchange through a fellow teacher Nigel Liggins, and is now coordinator of the Orientation Programs held throughout the year.
The objective of Youth Exchange is the promotion of international goodwill, peace and understanding.
It is not just a holiday, it broadens experience and develops personal growth through the opportunity to see things, try things and have fun.
Outbound students travelling overseas.
Inbound students from overseas.
Rebounds students who have returned.
Rotex students who have returned and assist with orientation program.
Orientation weekends assist outbound students to prepare for exchange, and fosters friendship and support for inbound students. Support in settling back after returning fron exchange is given to rebound students.
Inbound students attend a 10 day Mittagundi Camp, a real Aussie outback experience and a 21 day Rock to Reef Safari.
Six D's of Rotary Youth Exchange.
No dating, no drinking, no defacing, no drugs no driving and no downloading.
In concluding Lorraine stated Rotary Youth Exchange builds goodwill and international peace.

Jeff Blackley was guest speaker on Monday 14th August.
Jeff  recently retired as Principal at Numurkah Primary School, gave an excellent presentation of a trip he and his wife undertook 'Around the World in 80 Days"
Commencing in South America on an organised tour visited Brazil, Peru keen to develop tourist industry.
Santiago, Chile feature Spanish influence in its architecture.
Buenos Aires, Argentina French style.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, shanty towns had a real community spirit.
Iguazu Falls (Brazil & Argentina) 2.7km of water falls,
Lima, Peru Spanish influence, with rural areas keeping original native skills.
Macu Picchu, Peru, original capital of Inca Empire
Galapagos Islands cruise visited the islands and explored the wild life.
Cruise and road trip through Canada, then road trip along Route 66 in America.
Finished tour in Scandanavia.
Most eye-opening moments: Roasted guinea pigs, chicken legs and pig heads.
Most memorable meaningless highlight: Cadillac Ranch, Texas.


Peter Chisnall was guest speaker on Monday 7th August.

Peter gave an interesting and engaging story of his life.

"Kid from Corowa" with football and boxing interests, spending most of his life in training.

Father was a peoples person with a knack of relating and engaging young people, other influences in his youth, Frank Tuck ex Collingwood player, John Hoyle ex Footscray and Fred Swift ex Richmond Football Club.

In 1968 invited to North Melbourne Football Club as Ovens & Murray zoned to North Melbourne. First game played against the great Ted Whitten, second game against Essendon, third game against Fitzroy.

Invited back to Corowa for a year with promise to support him in Melbourne the following year.

Played in premiership team.

Returned in 1969 to North Melbourne, spent two years with Sandringham in VFA. In 1973 Ron Barasi took over as coach at North Melbourne and brought about a culture change seeing the rise of North Melbourne. In 1974 played against Richmond in Grand Final, in the following year in 1975 the team lost first four games and became Premiers.

In 1976 beaten by Hawthorn in Grand Final, in 1977 Peter became coach of Tasmania state side then returned to Ovens & Murray League.

After a time in the meat industry took over the Tungamah Hotel. Retiring to Numurkah a couple of years ago.

In retirement works part time with Justice Department working and mentoring inmates at Dhurringile.




Ross Abberfield was guest speaker on Monday 31st July.

Ross was introduced by chairman Frank Malcolm.

Ross is the Goulburn Valley Regional Fruit Fly Coordinator in the Moira, Campaspe, Greater Shepparton, Strathbogie and Berrigan Shires.

Ross was born in Nathalia, joined the Victorian Police retiring in 2011 after 35 years.

Fruit Fly problem became worse with closure of quarantine stations.

Fruit fly is the worlds greatest threat to horticulture.

Australia produces $9B horticultural products a year exporting $4B, with Victoria producing $2.4B of the export market. Costing industry $300M to try and manage.

Sunraysia was pest free, now has had 100 outbreaks.

Victorian Government  funding a $6.7M integrated management effort in Sunraysia, Goulburn-Murray and Yarra Valley districts.

Growers spray trees with commercial applications.

Town growers not inclined to spray fruit trees in backyard. Advice is, if unwilling to manage, remove trees. If choose to manage need to pick, prune, protect. Pick early, prune trees to a manageable size and protect with fruit traps. Fruit traps not the answer as they only tell you that you have fruit fly. To stop flies protect trees with a fine mesh cover and harvest fruit in the middle of the day when the fly is not active. If fruit falls to ground get rid of.

Adult flies are about 7mm long and reddish-brown in colour. Most people discover fruit fly when they cut open their fruit and find it infested with creamy-white maggots.

Female fruit fly has capacity to lay 1000 eggs. The eggs are injected into the fruit and the larvae develop in the fruit leaving the fruit to pupate in soil.

Requires a community effort, not an individual effort to combat the menace.

District Governor Bernie Bott visited the club on 24th July.
District Governor Bernie Bott.
Rotary has been a passion and large part of his life, owing a lot to Rotary and those he has met in Rotary.
Came from a family commited to community service and the belief of giving back to the community.
Foundation - asking clubs to give more and offering the opportunity for personal giving.
Membership - membership is the future of Rotary. Club environment of good and proper environment will attract new members.
Legacy - At the end of his year as DG the legacy that he wishes to leave our district is ‘Happy clubs, Happy District’. If we can achieve that by working more collaboratively together, between clubs and across the district, then the exchange of ideas, the friendships created and the goals that we achieve can only lead to happier more engaged Rotarians.
District - value grass roots. District not big brother, it is there to revitalise and support clubs.
Partners Program - Through personal family experience, will support Dermentia foundation and Movember for cancer.
Bernie finished with a challenge. Make sure the ladder is against the right wall to do the right thing in the right way.


Carolyn Ryan

Carolyn Ryan proprietor of Cafe@3641 in Strathmerton was guest speaker on Monday 17th July.
Parents started Strathmerton Bakery in 1987.
Carolyn was educated at Numurkah Secondary College with interest in graphic design, but followed passion for cooking by becoming a patrycook. Attended trade school in Melbourne with a class of 129 with only 4 girls.
Parents tried their best to give children best education with family values of determined to be the best.
Grandmothers a huge influence as great role models being community minded. Aunt establishing a similar business was an influence and local influence would be Bernie Ryan.
In 1987 married Michael and have 5 children 23-14 years.
Michael and Caz heavily involved in the community.
4 1/2 years ago started Cafe after 24 years in bakery.
We live in an amazing food bowl producing a great variety of food.
Passion to use local fresh food in menu at Cafe.
High Teas very popular with some flying in from interstate.
130 year old hose restored and garden setting established.
Has been a wonderful journey so far.
Determined to succeed, and work hard to achieve are Carolyn's work ethos.

The recipient of the year's Jack Duncan Vocational Service Award was Bernadette Steward.
In presenting the award Vocational Service Director Jeff Buzza said Bernadette is very professional, caring, gentle and always has time for her patients.
Born in Numurkah and educated at St Joseph's and Numurkah Secondary College. Nursing training at Repatriation General Hospital and GV Bas Hospital. Worked at Numurkah War Memorial Hospital as a district nurse then charge sister of general ward for 10 year.
Commenced work at Numurkah Medical Centre 31 years ago as the practice nurse.
She would have treated most people in our community and would know her patients better than many would know themselves.

The recipient of this year's Col McPherson Community Service Award was presented to Isobel Hodge by Melva and Duncan McPherson.
Community Service Director Jacque Phillips in announcing the award said Isobel is a big part of our community who not only embraces her own family with great pride but embraces all aspects of her community with generosity and care for others.
A talented musician Isobel has been Musical Director of Numurkah Singers, founder and musical director of Numurkah and District Choristers for 10 years, musical director of the Numurkah Town Band member of Shepparton Symphony Orchestra. Isobel has a long involvement with disability services , Ladies Probus Club and Numurkah Agricultural Show.

Sadhana Smiles was the guest speaker at this years Rotary Business Breakfast.
Sadhana gave an inspirational presentation.


Grant Deppler

Grant Deppler spoke to the club on his recent experience on the Turia Pitt's Everest Trek to the Mt Everest Base Camp.
The expedition was a fundraiser for Interplast.
A 14 day, 157 km trek with highest altitude 5401 metres. 28 trekkers, 14 porters, 5 Sherpa's, with the Sherpa's as guides.
Started at Kathmandu, visiting the Monkey Palace, and witnessing an open crematorium, where bodies have to be cremated 3 hours after death,
Kurtirur Hospital visited which treats 35,000 children each year with deformities.
Lukla Airport, the most dangerous airport in the world with a 250m long runway and take off rises over 10 storeys.
Food included Vegetable Dak Bha, Momos, Curried Vegetables, Curried Rice, Curried Pasts.
Right of way on the track, Yak Trains, Mule Trains, Sherpa
Base Camp not a town but a tent camp site on a glacier, Porters, anything else, then tourists.


Heather Kelly 

Heather Kelly was guest speaker to the 29th May meeting.
Now employed at Numurkah Leader selling advertisements.
Enjoying the challenge of creating advertisements.
Numurkah Leader a family business with a circulation of 2,000 with digital expanding. 
Enabled to do something of interest.
Fascinating to create a Women In Business feature highlighting the engine room behind the business where women are trying to do something better than other. Feature shows what is going on behind the front doors featuring caring, conscientious women in business.
Next feature planned will highlight Men at Work with Adrian Connolly to be featured.
Heather concluded by saying Numurkah is a small town punching above its weight.


Gail Jenkins

Gail Jenkins spoke on the Victorian Police Blue Ribbon Foundation.
The Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation perpetuates the memory of members of the Victoria Police killed in the line of duty through the support of worthwhile community projects within Victoria.

In total, 159 Victoria Police members have
been killed in the line of duty. Of these, 30
have been murdered, which underlines the
dangers police members face on a daily basis.

We can do nothing to bring them back but as a grateful community we can take steps to honour their memory and ensure their sacrifice is acknowledged through a range of projects that benefit the wider community.

29th September is Blue Ribbon Day. Foundation is volunteers community based with 17 Regional Branches. Main work is the installation of new or improvement of existing emergency services in hospitals. In Greater Shepparton providing support for re-development of G.V. Health.
Gail spoke on her father Ray Denman tragically killed on police duty in Numurkah.
Ray joined police force in 1952 and in 1956 posted to Numurkah. Established Police Youth Club and taught swimming. Swimming pool named in his memory.




Carl Walters
Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority (GBCMA)
Job in water sustainability - been in different roles over 35 years
Area covered from Swan Hill to Numurkah, with 15,000 farms and 650,000 Ha
Irrigation use in Australia = 6 million megalitres water
In Goulburn Murray Catchment Area = 6 million megalitres
GMW Connections Project is 9,000 km of channels, with a plan to reduce this to 6,000 km
Basin Plan = environmental water, plan to save 2750 Gigalitres of water
Currently modernising channel supply system in GMID costing over two billion dollars with the plan for irrigators to have access to higher and more uniform flow rates and automation of irrigation systems
The aim is for modernising sysyems, saving water and labour, increase production, more flexibility and make it attractive to younger farmers
German Exchange Student
Just returned from Safari "Rock to Reef''
47 exchange students went on safari from mostly German speaking nations
Left from Wodonga on 26th March and travelled to:
Adelaide (wraps everyday for lunch)
Coober Pedy
Alice Springs (bush tucker tour)
Mt Isa
Charters Towers
Cairns (held up for two days due to cyclone Debbie)
Great Barrier Reef
Gold Coast
Byron Bay
Had a great time in Austarlia, heading back home on Sunday 29th April.
Thanked the Rotary Club for their support

Mikaela Wood & Chloe Smith

Mikaela Wood and Chloe Smith were guest speakers at the clubs meeting on Monday 10th April.
MIKAELA WOOD spoke on her National Youth Science Form journey.
Arrived in Canberra overwhelmed and nervous.
Seasons jam-packed. Visited Science Dome, Parliament House and Physics Labs, NASA Deep Space Communications Center, Acceerometer,.
Passionate and inspiring speakers and role-models.
Formal visits included a Rotary club, formal dinner, tour of Canberra including War Memorial.
Evening activities included a disco and Quest-a-thon.
In the 12 days grown as a person, and opened up many doors.
One of six accepted into the National University of Singapore science summer camp
Thanked Rotary for assistance.
CHLOE SMITH: As a St Mary's Secondary College student attended the Sandhurst Alternative Schoolies Trip to Philippines.
Six girls from Diocese undertook the trip from 30th November to 4th December. Other students from Bendigo, Echuca and Shepparton.
Based at Cebu undertaking community visits to Umapai and Janssesnville, visiting and participating in community projects to break the poverty cycle.
Distributed Christmas gifts with the Missionaries of Charity.
Moved onto Compostela Housing Project community garden, then San Pio village interacting with children.
Formed strong relationships with other students. Visit formed desire to help other


sadhana Smiles

It is with pleasure the Rotary Club of Numurkah announces the guest speaker at this year's Business Breakfast will be Sadhana Smiles.
Sadhana is the 2013 Victorian Telstra Business Woman of the year
2016 AFR 100 Women of Influence
Author of People Power, did you have them @ hello and more recently a personal development journal based on her own experiences – I want what she’s having
CEO of the 2nd largest fastest growing franchise group in Victoria over the past 4 years...
Vocal advocate for gender equality, the end to gender based violence and women’s health
In 2008 Sadhana founded Links Fiji, a not for profit, with a focus on women’s health, conducting pap smears in remote and rural Fiji


Tim Gleeson

Tim Gleeson Sergeant in Victoria Police has been stationed at Numurkah Police Station for 16 months was the guest speaker at the clubs meeting.
Came from Echuca previously serving in Shepparton and Melbourne.
Tim commenced by stating Numurkah is no different to most country towns, and does have a drug problem.
With the massive growth of the internet it has introduced a new crime - Cyber Crime.
Cyber crime has an impact on many of us, happening in every country town. Hacking, On-line fraud, Identity Theft, Privacy violated, On-line predators many of the issues.
SPAM - electronic junk mail with offers of free goods, offers of money, inheritance scams, fake charities, unexpected winnings, dating and romance, jobs, on-line predators  - never respond. If too good to be true, it usually is!
Money lost to scammers $6.8million each year.
Never send personal details, bank account details. Think about it, take a step back, and be wise. Do research either Google or Acorn website


Kate Hodge

Kate Hodge was guest speaker at the Rotary Clubs meeting on Monday 27th March.

Kate together with Chris Sutton and Linda Boyd undertook the "Ride to Conference"

Ride to Conference in District 9790 was the inspiration of Corowa Past President Graham Brown, who had seen similar events in neighbouring Rotary Districts and was sure a like event could take place in D9790.

To research how the event was run and discern the necessary organisation required, Graham took part in three Rides to Conference with D9800 - in 2003, 2005 and 2008.

Graham encouraged the Rotary Club of Corowa to adopt the ride as one of its projects and the Club has been supportive from the start.

The Inaugural D9790 RTC took place in 2009 – Shepparton to Geelong with a team of 8. There were 7 cyclists and 1 road support representing three Rotary Clubs – Diamond Creek, East Shepparton and Corowa.  The team cycled 450 km and raised $5,000 for Polio Plus and $600 for the Bushfire Appeal.

Since then the team has grown in number, the distances increased and the amounts raised increased. In 2015, the team comprised 31 participants from 14 Rotary Cubs and raised $16,500 for ARH. When one of the original cyclists had knee troubles, she continued to participate in the event by swimming laps at local pools. In 2015 she swam 51 km in the 6 days – a wonderful achievement!

The 2017 Ride to Conference "Strathbogie Saunter" was a six day ride starting in Shepparton 11th March finishing in Shepparton on Thursday 16th March.

Kate took up road cycling in December, with a heavy training programme.

Joined on ride with 5 from Albury North, 1 from Bright, 6 from Corowa (including support staff), 1 from Deniliquin, 3 from Eltham, 1 from Mooroopna, 3 from Rutherglen, 2 from Seymour, 1 from Shepparton, 2 from Yarrawonga/Mulwala, 1 from Yea.

Overnight stops in motels with swimming pools for recovery.



Lissy is a short term exchange student from Germany, speaking to the club with a powerpoint display on her background.
Lives in an idyllic little village Rodigsdorf population 250. First documented in 1136 and until 1990 shaped by agriculture.
Town surrounded by fields and meadows.
Church built before the Reformation and reconstructed in 1990.
Mother a carer for elderly, father a carpenter, grandma and aunt are neighbours.
Hobbies include horse riding, painting and singing.
Attends school at Apolda with 500-600 students. Commence at 8am with periods of 45 minutes for 5 - 9 hours finishing at 3pm.



Catherine Church & Pam Humphries

Catherine Church is the Education Coordinator at Numurkah District Health Service since 2014.
Coordinates the graduate nurse program, in 2015 1 graduate nurse, 2 in 2016, 3 in 2017.
Graduates rotate around the facility in six areas including Acute Care, two Aged Care facilities Pioneer Lodge and Karinya, District Nursing, Theatre.
Pam Humphries is one of the three graduate nurses in the 2017 program.
Lives in area and chose Numurkah being a fantastic hospital as offered six rotations whilst other hospitals offer only two rotations.
Rotations enable graduate nurses to choose future direction.
Enjoys aged-care and palliative care.

The Rotary Club of Numurkah 37th Annual Art & Craft Exhibition was held over the weekend from Friday 10th March to Monday 13th March.
The official opening on Friday by Damian Drum MP also heard the art judge, Terry Jarvis announce the award winners plus his comments on the award paintings.
In his opening remarks, art judge Terry Jarvis commented “Art empowers the Community”. Art brings communities together, and that this exhibition demonstrates this.  Terry spoke of a trial study, which confirmed that including art in the curriculum lead to better academic results in non-art subjects for students.
Damian Drum M.P. in officially opening the exhibition said art is important in any community. Tastes may vary over a variety of styles, and this exhibition of high standard illustrated there is something for everyone, thus bringing people together.
Terry Jarvis selected “Upon a Blue Vase” by Gregory Smith as Best in Show. “A message and story in blue invites you into the painting and allows it to embrace you as the viewer. A disciplined piece, it is well balanced with a good variety of colour, tone and edges”.
Runner Up was “Last Vestiges of Autumn” by Barbara Beasley-Southgate. Terry commented “What a wonderful pastel. The autumn light that dances through the golden beauty of the poplar draws you into the picture”.
Best Watercolour was Lorraine Lewitska’s “Dancer”. Terry Jarvis commented “Watercolour at it’s best! Lovely washes, great strong balanced tonal areas”.
Best Oil was awarded to “Out of the Bag” by Gregory Smith. Terry Jarvis comments “A disciplined well painted oil, The different textures of onion peel, paper bag, and pottery connecting together to tell a wonderful story of kitchen”.
Best Pastel was “A Jewel in the Forest” by Barbara Beasley-Southgate. Terry commented “A beautifully painted pastel – tells a story of the sunlit path in the rainforest, Tells the story of lush growth, cooler tones receding darkly into the forest, whilst the sunlit fronds of the tree palms shine forward to the warm tones of the foreground”.
Best Regional Artist was awarded to David Hardiment for “Lazy Palms”. Terry commented “I love the sense of summer’s light shining through the palm fronds connecting the viewer to the large expanse of sky”.
Moira Art & Culture Inc. Encouragement Award was: Empress: by Tanya Phillips. Terry commented “I enjoyed the work in the dress cape and the hair and the softness of skin tones”.
Photographic Award was “Billy Buttons” by Dennis Rickard. Terry commented “A wonderful photograph of the well-known Billy Buttons, well thought out from background to lighting revealing the simplicity and yet the intriguing complexity of nature”.
Junior Photograph Award. “Wired Simplicity” by Sophie Hodge. Terry commented “A wonderful portrait of the land. A single strand of barb wire, rusted, twisted and softening into the distance”.
The Craft Section was judged by Cindy McKenzie.
Fibres, Threads or Beads Award was won by Barb Dealy with “Hardanger Tablecloth” with Honourable Mention to Shona Thomas for “Multi-coloured Shawl”.
Framed Needlework Award was awarded to Liz Bosma with “Needlework London”. Honourable mention Arie Inglis with “Lilac & Roses”.
Quilt Award was awarded to Linda Ball with “Floral Hexquilt”. Honourable mention to Margaret Andrew with “Just in Time”.
Art Quilt Award was awarded to Vicki Le Quesne.
Craft Award was awarded to Fiona Carruthers with “Sweet Pea Stole”. Highly Commended was Melinda Lempia with “Along the Murray”.Carry Bags Award was awarded to Pam Brennan and Highly Commended was Jeanette Steel.
Pam Borchard won an award for “re-born Baby”.
The exhibition was well attended with good sales.

John Dean

John Dean was guest speaker at the Monday 20th February meeting.
John Dean CEO of MHA Care. John has been 5 1/2 years with MHA, last 3 1/2 as CEO, 12 months as acting CEO serving as Manager of Corporate Services prior to that.
Moira Health Alliance formed when shires amalgamated with representatives of the four hospitals and shire on the board. MHA took over the shire's Home & Community Care (HACC) services. It now has a turnover of $5M per year with 90 staff.
Dramatic changes as people are living longer with support in their own homes.
Jointly funded by State and Commonwealth.
Steps in aged care: Home-care, Home Care Packages 1, 2, 3, 4, then residential facilities.
To commence services must register on Myagedcare website, MHA Care will carry out an assessment, then when approved service commences.
Suggested to talk to MHA Care first, who will talk you through the registration process.
Services include Meals on Wheels with 400 volunteers across the shire, Domestic Home-care, Personal Care, Respite for carer, Home Maintenance, Social Support Group.
Quality review evert three years to gain accreditation.
From February client chooses provider.
MHA Care will remain relevant to service.

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