Office Bearers 2018-2019
      Rotary Club of Numurkah Board and Committees for 2018-19
    President                                                                                 Stephen Mills
      President–Elect, Vice-President, New Generations         Lorraine Greenwood
      Immediate Past President                                                     Jacque Phillips                          
      Secretary                                                                                  Jennifer Rodger
     Treasurer                                                                                   Jeff Buzza
    Community Service/Club Projects                                         Grant Deppeler      
    Sergeant at Arms/Vocational                                                 John Watson 
     Membership                                                                             Kate Hodge
    Public relations                                                                         Lou Hamon   
    Rotary Foundation/International                                          Julie Andrew 
    Administration Committee; Jennifer Rodger (Chair),  
                                                     Jeff Buzza (Treasurer)
                                                     Sally Rose (Assistant Secretary)
                                                    Sue Fisher (Assistant Treasurer)
                                                     Phil Meagher
                                                     Adrian Connolly
   Membership Committee; Kate Hodge (Chair)
                                                 Jason Andrew
                                                 Squish Davis
                                                 Linda Boyd
  Public Relations Committee; Lou Hamon (Chair)
                                                     Jennifer Rodger
                                                     Joan Barker
 Community Service/Club Projects Committee; Grant Deppeler (Chair)
                                                                                    Ivan Routley
                                                                                    Sally Rose
                                                                                    Judy Newman                                   
                                                                                    Phil Seager  
Rotary foundation/International Committee; Julie Andrew
                                                                                 Jacque Phillips
                                                                                 Mark McNamara
                                                                                Chris Sutton
Fun Raiser; Michelle “Squish” Davis
 Corporals to the Sergeant at Arms; Terry Brennan, Jennifer Rodger, Jeff Buzza
  Assistant Secretary; Sally Rose
  Assistant Treasurer; Sue Fisher
  Program; Frank Malcolm
  Attendance; Ernest Jones
  Fellowship & Welfare; Judy Newman
 Catering Committee; Gary Phillips, Geoff Holmes,
 Welcoming Officers; June Hewson/Bill Hewson/Graham Hodge
There will be other project committees formed throughout the year on a needs basis, this will give members more opportunity to be involved in serving their community;