Jeff Blackley from the Numurkah Historical Society spoke to the Rotary Club on the 150th Anniversary of the gazetting of Numurkah and Wunghnu as towns.
The Historical Society facilitated two public meetings last year and set-up a planning committee to celebrate the 150th Anniversary. A further public meeting was held this year to report progress.
People in area before town gazetted, Bangerang clan of the first nations people and squatters, part of the Ulupna Strathmerton West Run.
After gold rush government unlocked the land with the 1869 Land Act. Land broken up and could be selected, being leased for 2-3 years and improvements made before land could be purchased.
Start of closer settlement with towns growing to provide supplies and in 1875 Colonial Government officially gazetted Numurkah and Wunghnu townships.
Six years later railway came through with Numurkah the terminus resulting in the establishment of nine hotels.
Historical Society facilitating planning with a distinct logo created from ideas suggested by school students.
Main weekends of celebrations.
Saturday 8th: Heritage Day at showgrounds featuring a parade of horses and wagons, Cobb & Co Coach and heritage crafts and trades, folk band, wood chop and video presentation.
Sunday 9th: Picnic Lunch Rotary Park, dig up time capsule. Afternoon open sessions at schools, Historical Society, combined church service.
Easter: Catch-up, similar to a back-to.
Throughout the year, town's major events incorporate 150th celebrations.
Legacy projects include footbridge over creek, hospital memorial wall, Historical Society signs down main street and mural on water tower.
Seeking Rotary involvement:
  • Man power on the Saturday and Sunday.
  • Dig up time-capsule.
  • BBQ on Sunday at picnic lunch.
  • Collect items and re-bury time-capsule.
  • Painting of train and tractors.
  • Possibility on engraved bricks.
  • Art Show to include prize for historical photo and painting.