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Life in Home Isolation.
Prior to the “Stay at home” advice (order) we had been planning for 8 weeks away in WA, permits obtained, caravan parks booked, meals frozen and 90% packed. Then things started to close up, no travel though Aboriginal communities, state borders closing. Ok revert to plan B which quickly became plan C, then D. At the moment we are operating on plan E, which is stay at home.  Plan E activities have included planting winter vegies, daily walks, fixing up things that I had been putting off, not forgetting the highlight of the week, taking out the rubbish bins.
Have also been sorting through stuff in the shed which there is 3 categories,
  1. Why did I keep this –”out”
  2. This will be useful one day “keep”
  3. I don’t use this anymore but it is too good to throw, someone may be able to use it.
So in the end most things go back on the shelves only a bit tidier and freeing up space for more “stuff”.
Also to get out, have been going out to the orchard to offer “advice” and doing some tractor driving.  Last week after the rain we went out Kinnards  swamp wetlands and did the big loop and found out where all the swans that were on the lake had gone. Anyway have to go now as I have a lot on at the moment, don’t what it is but I will think of something.

Why Fiona and myself feel rather lucky coping with the  COVID-19 Virus!!!

 We flew out of Melbourne early January this year, travelling to Selva in Northern Italy for two weeks of great skiing and the company  of our son Tim, his partner Emily and our granddaughter, Lucy.  We then spent two weeks in a motor home touring Southern Italy. Not so good, as being winter there, we only found two camping parks open and most places deserted. Spent the nights parked on streets, railway station car parks, one night by a sewerage treatment works where we were not disturbed, but the night outside a cemetery was busy in the evening and early morning with the Italians grieving intensity.

 We arrived back in Rome and discovered that our Cruise Company , Norwegian Cruise Lines had cancelled our hotel booking, as the cruise itinerary had changed with the  Ship  not finished refitting. We arranged a hotel and spent 5 days in Rome before departing mid February. Several ports were cancelled for the cruise, but our primary aims of seeing Petra in Jordan and traversing the Suez Canal were achieved. Loved the military presence along the canal, maned guardhouses at least every 500m, pontoons at the ready to cross the canal, camps and armory in situ.

The cruise went into “Pirate Watch” ( no lights at night and curtains drawn) around Yemen and Somalia coasts and the departure of a chaperoning warship suggested we were safe!

 We started hearing of a “virus” , but made it through the Straits of Hormuz, where Iran hijacked a ship last year, and then to stay in Dubai where Dhows, loaded with supplies to trade across the Persian Gulf with Iran where plentiful. No customs, or bio-security measures involved!!

 We were so glad to fly back to Australia and home and so feel very lucky with our timing.

Skiing in Northern Italy and touring southern Italy before the virus arrived, avoiding Pirates on our cruise, avoiding the virus on our cruise and close to the hot spot of Iran!

 Whilst the requirements by Australia for quarantine isolation for two weeks didn’t come in till mid March, we went into semi self quarantine.  Hence, it is the first Rotary Art and Craft Show we have missed since being in Numurkah.  Fortunately, after no illness for two weeks, we went to visit my eldest brother who was in hospital with side effects of chemotherapy for Mesothelioma which was diagnosed with whilst we were overseas.

 We have not caught up with visiting our grandsons, Anneliese and Stu since arriving home, as the virus scare with its’ risks and travel in Australia has been restrictive.

 On a happier note, we have shifted into our new retirement/nursing home compatible  home in March!!!  Hooray! With the “lock down” we have plenty to do staying at home. Whilst we walk most mornings, we also do some “weights”, shifting barrow loads of soil in landscaping.

 Trust you are coping with the changed world (not as a result of the “Climate Catastrophe” predicted by many). When will we all fly again? We have two Expedition cruises booked next year, not with the Norwegian Cruise Line!

 Stay Well.

Philip and Fiona


The Club's weekly meting online was presided over by Stephen Mills and chaired by Julie Andrew with guest speaker Annette Cope from St. Vines.
Apologies: Lorraine Greenwood, John Watson.
Report from Stephen Mills: Planning for Changeover meeting on 29th June.
Acknowledge those working in health care, Jacque Phillips, Julie Andrew and Katrina Donaldson.
Jason finished sowing, Lachlan hours and pay cut in half, Alex working with Shepparton Rural as mechanic and Charlotte school from home.
Busy at work at G.V. Health, challenging. long hours, visitor restrictions, screening of staff. preparing to move into new emergency tower.
Treasurer of St Vincent de Paul Conference spoke to the club via Zoom.
St Vines is part of the Catholic Church assistance for people who need help wth shop and conference available for those with specific needs. Shop staffed by volunteers.
Funds from shop support conference.
Conference meet with people in need using funds from shop and appeals. $100,000 assistance given annually to local needs. Food, clothing and fuel assistance provided with vouchers, do not give money.
Emergency assistance given for house fires, domestic violence. medical treatment, transport for medical appointments and funerals. All assistance confidential with cases documented.
COVID-19 assistance to solve needs with contacts available.
Most are genuine and help given to solve problem. Generally there to help with a hand-up not a hand-out.
Support required for shop with goods, (which have to be quarantined) or financial with money banked into local bank account.
Drought Relief program vouchers being redeemed some stores only 1. other 30 to 50.
Membership survey sent to all members. Responses required to plan strategy for clubs future.
Application form for donations will be sent to board and club members for approval.
NCN strategic survey requesting response from community.
Link to survey:
Terry and Ivan working on BBQ trailer for Shire inspection.
A farmer had a three legged pig and his neighbor asked him why the pig had only three legs. "Well, I'll tell you" the farmer replied. "One day I was plowing my field and the tractor turned over and pinned me underneath. That pig ran for help. He saved my life". "Oh, that's how he lost his leg?" the neighbor drawled. "No. One night my wife and I were sound asleep and the house caught on fire. That pig woke us up. He saved our lives!" "So that's how he lost his leg", stated the neighbor. "No, that wasn't it" the farmer affirmed. Exasperated, the neighbor demanded "Then how did he lose his leg?" and the farmer replied, "When you have a pig that good, you don't eat him all at once!"