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Club ZOOM Meeting - Chair Stephen Mills
Jul 06, 2020
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Club Meeting - Chair Adrian Connolly
Numurkah Golf & Bowls Club
Jul 13, 2020
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Club Meeting - Chair Frank Malcolm
Numurkah Golf & Bowls Club
Jul 20, 2020
Club Meeting - Chair Jane Wilson
Numurkah Golf & Bowls Club
Jul 27, 2020
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Club Meeting - Chair Ivan Routley
Numurkah Golf & Bowls Club
Aug 03, 2020
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
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The Rotary Club of Numurkah Changeover Dinner for 2020, held at the Numurkah Golf Club was a changeover with a difference.
Due to COVID-19 limit restrictions only the previous board members and the incoming board members attended, with other club members joining the meeting by Zoom.

President Lorraine opened the meeting by passing on the sad news of the passing of Rotarian Ernest Jones.


Outgoing President Lorraine Greenwood said the past twelve months have proved a most interesting and sometimes challenging experience in which she had the opportunity to do things that she never expected to do.
Despite the limitations placed on our work by the COVID-19 pandemic, the club has achieved some wonderful outcomes this year. One of the most significant, from a community perspective, is the implementation of the Bushfire Relief Project, in collaboration with the Rotary Club of North Balwyn. The program is aimed at bringing both financial and well-being support to our farming community specifically under drought afflicted stress.
Since the program was launched the crippling effects of COVID-18 have made the importance of the Drought Relief Program even more critical for our community.
Rural Finance Counsellors have been distributing store vouchers to client for expenditure at Numurkah essential service retailers. To the end of April, over $28,000 of vouchers have been spent, the vouchers represent an injection of over $140,000 into Numurkah.
One of Lorraine’s goals for the year was to support local businesses and community groups through weekly meetings hosted by the community groups allowing the club to take their meetings into the community and provide financial support for the hosts.
During the year, the club continued to make the Numurkah swimming pool an important focus. Grants enabled us to begin the process of upgrading facilities at the pool, with the aim of improving community involvement and attendance.
The club had developed and strengthened our links with the Community House with maintenance work and donated items to support their projects. A donation of $2650 was made for the installation of a sliding glass door to increase accessibility.
This year the club has built upon long-established links with our local schools and young people.
Hosting our wonderful young visitor from Finland this year was another highlight. Tinja Nakki has made a positive impression on everyone she has come into contact with. The club thanks the host families.


President Lorraine presenting a Presidents Award to A.G. Chris Sutton. Chris a past president has served as Assistant Governor for 3 years with passion and commitment, and is about to become District Secretary.
Community Service Director Julie Andrew presented the Col McPherson Community Service Award to Adam Drust.
Adam moved to Numurkah 15 tears ago and is now the proud owner of a local cafe – Mierlo.
The Numurkah Community House are regular recipients of his generosity with donations of left over and freshly baked food.
Adam also helps anyone in the community who needs food and offers Christmas meals for those who are alone or struggling.
He provided toilet paper, hand sanitiser and made pasta for those who could not source them during COVID-19 restrictions.
Adam is a voice in the community, reaching out to people and being honest about how you are feeling and trying to help when he can.
Vocational Service Director Sally Rose presented the Jack Duncan Vocational Service Award to Anna Corazza. A teacher at the Numurkah Secondary College Anna has been involved in many Rotary functions.
Anna impresses by involving young people and supporting the youth develop a community spirit through meaningful contributions.
Assistant Governor for District 0790 Chris Sutton formally inducted Jennifer Roger as the incoming president for 2020-2021.
In her Incoming Presidents address Jennifer said Rotary’s motto for the new year is ‘Rotary Opens Opportunities” and “Together we see a world where people unite to take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities and in ourselves”.
With that in mind Jennifer intends to increase the club’s involvement in the community through service projects, particularly with children. The first step has been our support of the Primary School Breakfast Club which we are supporting 5 mornings a week. It is hoped our involvement will develop into a mentoring/support role for some students and families who will be able to rely on us to be positive influences in their lives.
Lorraine initiated the involvement of students from the Secondary College with the RYPEN (Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment), camp which had a positive effect on the students who participated. The club hope to continue to support this program again.
Youth are the future leaders of tomorrow and if the club can put time and wisdom to nurture today’s children, we are building a better community for tomorrow.
Having to embrace change whilst living with restrictions for the foreseeable future the club will continue to have our weekly meetings via Zoom until we are able to safely meet in person
Jennifer concluded by saying this upcoming year will be a year like she has never experienced, but she is looking forward to the challenge ahead. Jennifer thanked members for the encouragement and support they have shown already, and she looks forward to seeing what we can achieve together here
Jennifer introduced the Board Members for 2020-2021
Incoming Board: Chris Hardham, Julie Andrew, Stephen Mills, Jennifer Rodger, Lorraine Greenwood, Lou Hamon, Jeff Buzza, Gary Phillips, John Watson and Sally Rose.













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Thank you to the 27 members who provided reports on their experiences under lock-down.



It was my first night caring for an elderly patient. When he grew sleepy, I wheeled his chair as close to the bed as possible and, using the techniques I’d learned in school, grasped him in a bear hug to lift him onto the bed. But I couldn’t clear the top of the mattress. So I grabbed him again, summoned all my might, and hoisted him onto the bed. When the night shift nurse arrived, I recounted what had happened. “Funny,” she said, looking puzzled. “Usually I just ask him to get in bed, and he does.”