Clive Deetles, site manager of GrainCorp was guest speaker.
Clive, a chemical engineer, has been with GrainCorp for 2 years. Born in Zambia, resided and worked in U.K., U.S., and Singapore, working 10 years with Nuplex/Allnex a resin manufacturer, 10 years with Monsanto and 11 years with Unilever.
GrainCorp was founded in 1917 and has $8M in sales and 2,380 employees, biggest division in Grain on east coast. Numurkah factory in Oilseeds division.
Resource local canola seeds producing oil, refined then blended, with canola meal used for cattle feed.
1979 began crushing operation in Numurkah, in 2012 acquired Riverland, in 2015 $30M expansion of capacity and in 2018 expanded seed crushing capacity.
  • GrainCorp has added 2 million tons of new equipment.
  • GrainCorp together with CSIRO and V2food established a $4.4M plant-based protein research.
  • Auscol collects cooking oils and convert to renewable oil.
  • GrainCorp and Loam Bio, collaboration on soil carbon.
  • From Surf to Turf funding boost for fertilisers.
  • Injected $30M into AgTech.
Committed to net zero carbon emission by 2050.
Community Foundation has granted $30,000 to local Numurkah organisations.
FY22 result in great safety, good production values with energy use down 6%.
Forward focus is sustainability, innovation and optimising logistics.