David Woolley spoke to the club on his participation in the Hattah Desert Bike Ride.
Hattah 60km south of Mildura, North West Motorcycle Club established a motor-bike race in 1998 with 70 riders. In their 25th year some 800 riders.
The course is 37km long on loose sand with many tight corners.
In preparation watched the race last year as a spectator to prepare. Fitness and nutrition important adopted over 12 months gym and diet program, racing in 3 to 4 meetings prior to Hattah.
Bike preparation: a new Beta 610 fitted out.
Race entries in April for race in July.
Friday: Scrutineering day, where details are checked.
Saturday: Prologue Day. Race in pairs with finishing times determining starting position.
Sunday: Race Day. 37km long starting at 9am. Aim was to complete first lap safe and comfortable on bike. Track rapidly deteriorates with some 400 riders.
410 riders with 70 not finishing, taking 4 to 5 hours for the 8 laps with 25 finishing in lead lap.
Finished 326 out of 410, managing 4 laps.