Deb Fowler

Deb Fowler was the guest speaker at the Numurkah Rotary meeting on Monday 25th July.
Deb is founder of Bohollow Wildlife Shelter in Kotupna, also working at the Numurkah Community Learning Centre.
Bohollow is a not-for-profit organisation, with equal opportunity, rescuing any Australian native wildlife.
Animals are treated then returned to their environment. Interesting cases recently include:  nursing "Charlie" a koala bear caught in the Loch Garry fires on 10th December suffering burns and smoke inhalation. Nearly ready to be returned to Lake Garry, but nearly lost the koala several times.
Also recently treating a goanna that was run over, wound dressed with honey, now returned.
A duckling was treated with a fishing line and hook in its beak.
Deb spoke on the flying fox colony on the Broken River in Numurkah.
There are 770 flying foxes in the colony. Safe place for the bats with the temperature and humidity from the water and overhead shelter
Flying foxes critical to our way of life pollinating trees.
Do not pick up or touch as bite can be deadly through the lyssavirus.
The shelter has had 40 joeys come through from Easter to today.