Jamie and Gareth spoke to the Rotary Club on The Olde Creamery, which is a farm stay by day, oasis by night. House is a Soldier Settlement house, set on a 3-acre hobby farm with a home that is now stylish with a modern yet rustic feel.
The Olde Creamery is situated at 1333 Rendall's Road Numurkah.
With a passion for food, creativity and gardening which work together to create the oasis that The Olde Creamery is.
Home of their Gourmet Pantry range dahlias and seeds. Products available at Ritchies IGA and Farmer Markets.
The Olde Creamery has its own array of animals, including Wispa & Skye, border collies, Kylie the cat, Dani the parrot, Ramsay the goat plus livestock.