Cathy Booth, a Rotarian from Bundaberg on holidays in Kenya touched by the dire situation of abandoned and orphaned babies and children due to AIDS and poverty.
Established Umoja (togetherness) Orphanage, which became a RAWCS Project in 2011.
Expectations of visiting was:
  • To see firsthand and experience working and passing on skills.
  • Experience a third world country, not as a tourist.
  • Meet and work with other volunteers with same motivation.
Worked on-site for 10 days. Currently building a second home with 12 children in first home.
Group consisted of:
  • Jim, a retired executive director of DPI NSW.
  • Tony, a retired medical supplies consultant.
  • Julie, nurse and farmer.
  • Charlotte, student.
Work Needed to be done included:
  • Hydroponic collection system for recycling.
  • Painting workers house.
  • New curtains for worker's house.
  • Health Clinic.
  • Chook shed repaired.
  • Build new table and shelving for new house.
  • Paint external doors of first house
Numerous animals on site, included 4 milking cows, 3 guard dogs, many cats. Staff had limited knowledge of husbandry skills. Plan to be self-sustainable with garden and livestock.
What we got out of the visit:
  • Friendship with locals.
  • Meeting volunteers.
  • See how locals live.
  • Feeling a part of the project.
  • Learnt to be flexible, tolerant and patient.
Charlotte said she did not expect the locals to be so friendly and happy. Roads were hectic. Changed her perspective, realising how lucky we are with education provided. Locals grateful for what they have.
Hoping to return.