Sally Rose, Deputy Municipal Recovery Manager with Greater Shepparton Council, and Trudi Pratt Emergency Management Co-ordinator with Greater Shepparton City Council, and Moira Shire, spoke to the club about the response, relief and recovery undertaken with the floods in Shepparton and Moira.
Incident Contril Centre (ICC) set up for such events and disasters as the emergency management control point. Staffed 24 hours by all agencies with people skilled in the event, responding to intel. Council's role is to support the agency, not respond until requested. Unless requested to assist council is not funded.
Next process is the establishment of MICC (Municipal Incident Control Centre), taking instruction from ICC to get systems in place to follow requests from ICC.
Flood different to previous floods, with overland flooding joining river flooding. Emergency Centres were set up in Shepparton and Tatura (either side of the Goulburn River), with up to 400 people housed. Staffed by council, St John's Ambulance, Salvation Army and Service Clubs, providing needs and services to those displaced. Moira Shire has 31 relief centres.
Learning from what we know, what we have done, and what we need to do to facilitate recovery.
Moira minor to moderate flooding, a Murray River event.