Sonia Strahan Prostrate Cancer Specialist Nurse with G.V. Health as guest speaker.
Position funded by the "Biggest Blokes Lunch" a fundraiser for men's health which has grown from 90 to 700 attendees over the years.
After 15 years as a palliative care nurse Sonia in 2014 took on the role of Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse based in the Peter Copulus Cancer and  Wellness Centre at G.V. Health.
Looking after men being diagnosed and treated for prostate cancer.
Men when diagnosed know little about the disease. The nurse ensures patients are well-informed about their diagnosis and treatment opportunities. Patients have a high level of anxiety and stress, a nurse is in an optimum position to support the men and their partners by providing information on treatment and become primary point of contact.
Estimated 220.000 living with prostate cancer with only 16,000 diagnosed. Early diagnosis essential as 3,000 dying each year.
Service provides coordinated approach to pre and post operative care locally whilst surgery in Melbourne. Have good working relationship with Melbourne hospitals. 
With another nurse appointed, now cover every day of the week.
Implore men to have yearly check ups with their local G.P.