– Stacey & Michael operate Deadly Art which displays & sells indigenous artefacts, didgeridoos & art works from local artists including their own. They first opened in March in Meiklejohn Street but have recently moved to Melville Street.
Stacey spoke of her Pop, Cecil Clayton who served in the Australian Army as a Soldier & was a Rat of Tobruk. After he returned from war 9 of his 13 children were taken.
Michael demonstrated an Emu Caller to imitate the mating calls from emus, a whacking stick, digging stick & a Yorta/Yorta walking stick which can be become a weapon. The indigenous motto is “what you take from the land you must use” – no wastage.
An invitation was extended to Michael & Tracey to join next year’s Art Show to display their works.
Michael attempted the digeridoo.