Speaking with passion, Steve Arnold explained to the visiting Rotary members and guests the role the farm played in producing ingredients for Messina Ice-Cream.
Steve had a background as a chef, food sales, real estate before investing in gelato shops and becoming a farmer.
Saw property for sale in Realstate.com, and purchased.
Philosophy is to produce the best product, and anything you do is driven by that, including all aspects of the farm.
Setting out to be a market maker with a competitive edge.
Beside dairy, chickens lay 1,100 eggs a week in a chicken caravan and a mint farm in greenhouses on the property.
Extract from Messina website:
"Erindale Farm is home to 450+ beautiful jersey cows which supply all the milk for our gelato, plus we bottle it for you to buy in stores. We also follow sustainable farming practises to keep our cows as happy as possible and to produce the highest quality milk:
  • We only milk our cows once a day meaning they produce milk which is even higher in fat content. Perfect for gelato making!
  • Calves are left with mothers while they are milked and kept side by side in the paddocks until they are weaned.
  • We don't feed our cows any grain — they only eat fresh grass and pastures in the fields.
  • When we extract our fresh milk at the dairy farm, it's immediately chilled to four degrees, meaning there is no chance for bacteria growth. It's pasteurised straight away and sent to Sydney via chilled transport for gelato processing within the next 48 hours".