Peter Heard spoke to the club on "The Worlds' Longest Taxi Fare" an account of his grandfathers brother Charlie Heard driving Miss Ada Beal and two companions to Darwin and back in 1930.
Charlie Heard was born in Rochester and at 18 served with AIF in France, settled in Geelong in 1928 and established a taxi business in 1930 with a Hudson tourer.
Accepting the fare, Charlie modified the car by fitting extra tanks for petrol and water, spare parts and coconut matting.
Departed June 30, ladies had shopping excursions at every stop. In Port August Charlie fitted extra springs, staying overnight at hotels, stations or set up camp. Charlie had organised petrol to be at designated spots during the trip, and used a compass to keep on course. 
By the time they reached Alice Springs, people had heard, by bush telegraph, of the excursion, and came out to greet them.
Katherine to Darwin usually undertaken by rail, but Charlie decided to continue by car. Reached Darwin with hot baths and comfortable beds. After several days commenced return trip via Brisbane and Sydney.
On fifth day reached NT, Queensland border, then onto Brisbane and the east coast. Travelling along the Pacific Highway to Sydney Final leg through Gippsland to Melbourne and Geelong.
The Hudson weighed 3 tons, travelled 7,003 miles, used 505 gallons of petrol and only had one puncture over the trip lasting 3 months.
Out of proceeds Charlie purchased a garage, passing away in 1951.