Zoe Ludington, guest speaker, spoke to the club about herself and setting up a physiotherapy clinic, Spark Physio Co, in Numurkah.
Attended school in Numurkah and Nathalia, always interested in sport, and when suffering an injury considered physiotherapy as a career.
Enrolled  at Charles Stuart University Albury, graduating after four years with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy with distinction.
Moved to Melbourne working at different clinics to gain experience, started Pilates classes, and was head physio with Whittlesea Soccer Club. Worked as a sports physio with Volley Ball Association.
Wed Nick Ludington 2 days prior to first COVID lockdown. During pandemic worked reduced hours.
Pursuing her dream, to open her own clinic, Zoe and Nick considered several towns after investigating services offered. 
In July 2020 settled on Shepparton and Numurkah, working 2-3 days in Numurkah, and several days in Shepparton.
Originally a one man show, business grew in Numurkah and offered Pilates, now employ a receptionist, physiotherapist and a massage therapist.
Pilates has grown with Reformer Pilates, aiming to reduce musculoskeletal pain, improve posture and balance. Traditional Classes  full body strengthening/stretching class. Tailored Classes  individualised programs developed to meet the need of each client. Pre and post-natal classes also available.
Now have 100 Pilate clients a week, with 15 physio consultations a week.
Business sponsors tennis and football clubs.
Hopefully expand to neighboring towns.
Grateful for town support and hope to give back to the community.