Rotary Club of Numurkah 40th Annual Art & Craft Exhibition.
The Rotary Club of Numurkah 40th Annual Art & Craft Exhibition attracted outstanding entries from around Australia.
At the well attended official opening on Friday Club president Lorraine Greenwood said to those present “you will be amazed and inspired by the outstanding array of exhibits”.
Rotary District Governor Brian Peters spoke on he work of Rotary, locally and internationally, mentioning the Polio Plus campaign to eradicate polio in the world.
Jeff Buzza, the major sponsor from Home Hardware said “Art is important. Looking at the entries some are pleasant, some are spectacular and some even confronting”. He believed each work revealed a little about the artist and maybe what they felt and if we might learn a bit more about how other people see the world and be better off for it. Summing up Jeff said maybe that is why art is important.
Art judge Ben Winspear praised the exhibition as being one of the best regional art shows.
Bed Winspear announced the winning entries, commenting on each art work.
Best in Show was awarded to Ross Paterson “Tumut River”. Ben said this painting has everything going for it, clean colours, accurate tones, a semi-panoramic composition coming together in a synergy that he found compelling.
Runner Up was awarded to Glenn Hoyle “Sunset in Tumut”. The beautiful harmony well composed work kept me coming back for a second and third look.
Best Watercolour was Linda Bryan “First Light”.  The simplification and design were what initially drew me to this work stated Ben.
Best Oil “Forgotten Ledge” by Geoffrey Smith. Ben said this is one of my favourite subjects, dust, bottles, spiderwebs. Making the ordinary, extraordinary.
Best Pastel “Winter Sunrise” by Deborah Lynch. Painted not only with skill and a knowledge of the medium but also with plenty of feeling and sensitivity too.
Best Pencil was awarded to “Boots” by John Stevens. Ben said I’m always pleased when I see a well executed drawing like this, with very good tonal control, composition and a well developed technique.
Best Regional Artist was Judith Waite with “Galah’s”.  This one I chose because of the artists unusual and clever composition of the galah’s flying across the canvas like musical notes. Lots of movement accurately portrayed.
Moira Arts & Culture Encouragement Award was awarded to Bev Williams with “Tradescantia & Tiny Blue Dragonfly”. A delightful little watercolour study of the nature world. Painted with care and intricated detail.
Photographic Award “Bridge in Smoke by Adrienne West. The photographer has pushed the medium and subject almost to abstraction. A work full of intrigue and mood.
Claire Reid the craft judge congratulated the entrants on the quality of their work.
Best Craft Entry was “A Country Journal” by Yvonne Visser.
Fibres, Threads or Beads Award was awarded to Shona Thomas with “Purple Lace Shawl”.
Framed Needlework Award was awarded to Jenny Barnes with “Noah”.
Quilt Award winner was Yvonne Visser with “A Country Journal” Second place was “Dragon Quilt by Patricia Grotaers.”
Craft Award was “Mosaic Tile” by Tonina Hore.
Australiana Award was “Koala” crochet
40th Annual Art & Craft Exhibition.
Entry forms for the Rotary Club of Numurkah 40th Annual Arts & Craft Exhibition are now available.
Offering $10,000 in prize money the exhibition will be staged in the Numurkah Town Hall from Friday 6th March to Monday  9th March.
Entry forms have been posted to last year's exhibitors and are available from the Numurkah Visitor Information Centre and Numurkah Library, and Cobram Visitor Information Centre.
Forms can also be found on the club's Facebook page and Website.
Rotary Club of Numurkah 39th Annual Art & Craft Exhibition
President of Numurkah Rotary Stephen Mills said at the official opening of the 39th Annual Art & Craft Exhibition “We are consistently amazed at the quality of work on display at our shows, and this year the works are of exceptional standard”
The official opening on Friday 8th March was well attended with entertainment from the Numurkah Ukulele Club providing a pleasant atmosphere with their enthusiastic and engaging performance.
Suzanne Sheed MP Member for Shepparton in officially opening the exhibition said “The value of art to the community cannot be understated. It can entertain us, it can challenge us, it can move us, it can inspire us. It is a record of who we are at a point in time, and – often – it is a signal of who we want to be”.
Art judge Ross Paterson congratulated the artists for entering paintings of such high standard as he announced the awards.
Best in Show was “Bridge over Namoi” by Kasey Sealy from Berowra Heights. Ross commented “Kasey has developed a skill in capably understanding the light, form and mood of the Australian landscape”.
Highly Commended: Walter Magilton “It’s Dry in the Gramps”, Do Noble “Marysville Garden”, Di King “All on a Summers Day”.
Runner Up was “Spanish Onions” by Gregory Smith. “Greg has a great ability to interpret form and light. Beautifully painted and presented”.
Best Watercolour: “Where to Now” by Ann Grogan from Pyramid Hill. “Ann has produced a vitally fresh watercolour.”
Highly Commended: George Deeble “Afternoon Walk”.
Best Oil: “A Bag of Fruit” by Glen Hoyle from Langwarrin. “Great understanding of the subject”.
High Commended: Cheryl Manders “The French Blue Jug”, Heather McKean “Dried Proteas”.
Best Pastel: “Kakadu Dreaming” by Nancy Thurlby from Glen Iris. “Notable is the beautiful gradation in the water reflections”.
Best Regional Artist: “Nasturtiums” by Christine Broersen from Shepparton. “A classical example of a painting which doesn’t require a story or narrative, just light”
Highly Commended: John Stevens “Sand Shoes”, Bev Williams “Torquata Gum Leaves”, Glenda Cornell “Rugged Beauty”.
Moira Art & Culture Inc. Encouragement Award: “Real Estate Building Numurkah” by Geoff Lugg. “A very descriptive version of an architectural study”.
Photographic Award: “Stalking” Dennis Rickard.
Highly Commended: “Dust Devil” Les Addison.
Craft Judge Claire Reid commented on the variety of entries making a great display.
Best Craft Entry: Valerie Pendlebury “Ayrshire Embroidery”.
Fibres, Threads and Beads Award: Valerie Pendlebury “Ayrshire Embroidery”. Highly Commended Fiona Caruthers “Jade Scarf” and Margaret Blackburn “Matinee Jacket & Bonnet”.
Framed Needlework Award: Joy Knight “Framed Needlework, Highly Commended Joy Knight “Footstool”.
Quilt Award: Anna Newham “Maple Star Quilt”. Highly Commended Helen Collins “Milly’s Garden Quilt”, Linda Ball “Machine Crazy Quilt”.
Craft Award: Dennis Hooker “Car Enthusiasts Lamp”.
Toys Award: Jenny Barnes “Crochet Grey Koala”

39th Annual Art & Craft Exhibition.
Entry forms for the Rotary Club of Numurkah 39th Annual Arts & Craft Exhibition are now available.
Offering $10,000 in prize money the exhibition will be staged in the Numurkah Town Hall from Friday 8th March to Monday 1th March.
Entry forms have been posted to last year's exhibitors and are available from the Numurkah Visitor Information Centre and Numurkah Library.
Forms can also be found on the club's Facebook page and Website.


38th Annual Art & Craft Exhibition
A high quality show is how the art judge described the 38th Annual Art & Craft Exhibition staged by the Rotary Club of Numurkah in the Numurkah Town Hall over the weekend.
In welcoming those attending the official opening on Friday night, president of the Rotary Club Jacque Phillips said The Art & Craft Show brings together the community giving us the opportunity to appreciate art and craft created by artists from near and far.
Susannah Sheed MP officially opened the exhibition stating “The value of art to community cannot be understated. It can entertain us, challenge us, it can move us, it can inspire us. It is a record of who we are at a point in time, and – often – it is a signal of who we want to be”.
Art judge Ted Dansey selected Ross Paterson’s “Summer Morning – Sheans Creek” as The Best in Show. Ted commented “The painting shows the artists great affinity with the subject – coupled with sound technique and a quality that only comes from spending thousands of hours at the easel and a driving passion to paint”.
Runner Up was “Trash and Treasure” by Barbara Beasley-Southgate from Lilydale. “Has all the things a judge looks for in a painting – technique, design, colour, tones etc.”.
Best Watercolour was awarded to “Bonding” by Joel Magpayo from Delahey. “Shows a great use of the medium, use of colour and tone, and has good clarity”.
Best Oil was “Violin Romance” by Lorraine Lewitzka from Victor Harbour. “This painting has good design and technique and, importantly, shows honesty and feeling”.
Best Pastel “The Lilypond” by Nancy Thurlby from Glen Iris. “This painting shows the artist feeling for the subject combined with her abilities in technique, design and colour sensitivity”.
Best Pencil “Seated Nude:” by Richard Stork from Baranduda. “An unusual and brave composition. Shows good drawing skills and quality rendering”.
Best Regional Artist: Glenda Cornell from Kyabram. “The strong colours compliment the abstractness of the work”.
Moira Art & Culture Inc. Encouragement Award was “Couleur Rougeoyante en R’esine” by Janet Tett. “Good design and use of mixed media”.
Craft Judge Claire Reid commented on the variety of entries making a great display.
Fibres Threads and Beads
Winner: Valerie Pendlebury “Tenerife Lace”
Highly Commended  No 485 Dianne Schmidt –Turner “Behind the Mask 5”
Framed Needlework Award
Winner: Debbie Seen. “Walter”
 Highly Commended  Lyn Jones “Shearing the Rams”

Quilt Award
 Winner: Fiona Carruthers “Claire’s Flower Garden”
Highly Commended  Vikki Le Quesne “Affairs Of The Heart”
Art Quilt Award
Winner: Therese Cossens “Finke Desert Race”
Craft Award Section A
Winner: Margaret Blackburn “Red Childs Jumper”
Highly Commended Fiona Carruthers “Nuts About Ice”
                                     Fiona Carruthers “Waves of Fire and Ice”
Craft Award Section B
Winner: David Jackson  “Pepper grinder” (made from an old house stump)
Winner: Pam Brennan “Shades of Grey”
Highly Commended Therese Cossens “Twin Chevrons”
The exhibition was well attended over the weekend with excellent sales.

Raffle winner: : L. Boyd
Peoples Choice: "Celeste" Ben Winspear.





38th Annual Arts & Craft Exhibition

Entry forms for the Rotary Club of Numurkah 38th Annual Arts & Craft Exhibition are now available.
Previous exhibitors should receive and entry form shortly.
The Exhibition will be held in the Numurkah Town Hall from 9th to 12th March 2018.
Entry forms are available on this site, and in Numurkah at Visitors Information Centre, The Common Thread and Numurkah Library.
$10,000 in prize money is offered with Best In Show receiving $1,500, Runner Up $500, Best Watercolour $200, Best Oil $200, Best Pastel $200, Best Pencil $200, Best Regional Artist $200, Moira Arts & Culture Inc. Encouragement Award $200, all being non-acquisitive awards. Sponsors acquisitions of $2000, $750, $500,
Enquiries art: Kate 0417 310 905, craft: Jennifer 0437 856 138.
Entries closing date February 28th 2018.
Entries to: email: or by mail to: P.O. Box 149 Numurkah Vic.3636.



37th Annual Art & Craft Exhibition Results

In his opening remarks, art judge Terry Jarvis commented “Art empowers the Community”. Bringing communities together, and that this exhibition is an example of that. In a trial study, it was confirmed that including art in the curriculum lead to better academic results in non-art subjects.
Damian Drum M.P. in officially opening the exhibition said art is important in any community. Tastes may vary over a variety of styles, and this exhibition of high standard illustrated there is something for everyone, thus bringing people together.
Terry Jarvis selected “Upon a Blue Vase” by Gregory Smith as Best in Show. “A message and story in blue invites you into the painting and allows it to embrace you as the viewer. A disciplined piece, it is well balanced with a good variety of colour, tone and edges”.
Runner Up was “Last Vestiges of Autumn” by Barbara Beasley-Southgate. Terry commented “What a wonderful pastel. The autumn light that dances through the golden beauty of the poplar draws you into the picture”.
Best Watercolour was Lorraine Lewitska’s “Dancer”. Terry Jarvis commented “Watercolour at it’s best! Lovely washes, great strong balanced tonal areas”.
Best Oil was awarded to “Out of the Bag” by Gregory Smith. Terry Jarvis comments “A disciplined well painted oil, The different textures of onion peel, paper bag, and pottery connecting together to tell a wonderful story of kitchen”.
Best Pastel was “A Jewel in the Forest” by Barbara Beasley-Southgate. Terry commented “A beautifully painted pastel – tells a story of the sunlit path in the rainforest, Tells the story of lush growth, cooler tones receding darkly into the forest, whilst the sunlit fronds of the tree palms shine forward to the warm tones of the foreground”.
Best Regional Artist was awarded to David Hardiment for “Lazy Palms”. Terry commented “I love the sense of summer’s light shining through the palm fronds connecting the viewer to the large expanse of sky”.
Moira Art & Culture Inc. Encouragement Award was :Empress: by Tanya Phillips. Terry commented “I enjoyed the work in the dress cape and the hair and the softness of skin tones”.
Photographic Award was “Billy Buttons” by Dennis Rickard. Terry commented “A wonderful photograph of the well known Billy Buttons, well thought out from background to lighting revealing the simplicity and yet the intriguing complexity of nature”.
Junior Photograph Award. “Wired Simplicity” by Sophie Hodge. Terry commented “A wonderful portrait of the land. A single strand of barb wire, rusted, twisted and softening into the distance”.
The Craft Section was judged by Cindy McKenzie.
Fibres, Threads or Beads Award was won by barb Dealy with “Hardanger Tablecloth” with Honourable Mention to Shona Thomas for “Multi-coloured Shawl”.
Framed Needlework Award was awarded to Liz Bosma with “Needlework London”. Honourable mention Arie Inglis with “Lilac & Roses”.
Quilt Award was awarded to Linda Ball with “Floral Hexquilt”. Honourable mention to Margaret Andrew with “Just in Time”.
Art Quilt Award was awarded to Vicki Le Quesne.
Craft Award was awarded to Fiona Carruthers with “Sweet Pea Stole”. Highly Commended was Melinda Lempia with “Along the Murray”.
Carry Bags Award was awarded to Pam Brennan and Highly Commended was Jeanette Steel.
Pam Borchard won an award for “re-born Baby”.


37th Annual Art & Craft Exhibition

Entry forms for the Rotary Club of Numurkah 37th Annual Art & Craft Exhibition are now available.
Initial mailing to last year's entrants has taken place.
Also the entry form can be printed from the "Entry Form" menu. This can then be filled in and posted, or scanned and emailed to
The exhibition will be staged in the Numurkah Town Hall during the long weekend 1oth to 13th March 2017.


36th Annual Art & Craft Exhibition Results

Opening the Rotary Club of Numurkah 36th Annual Art & Craft Exhibition Moira Shire Mayor Cr. Gary Cleveland said the exhibition was a fabulous display.

The art judge Ross Paterson in his remarks at the opening congratulated the Rotary club on what he considered to be the longest running art exhibition in country Victoria.


Chris Sutton, President of the Rotary Club of Numurkah, in welcoming everyone at the official opening said: This year’s Rotary International Motto is ”Be a Gift to the World”. This event is undoubtedly a “gift” our club takes great pride in presenting to the community, and the support we have received from the community and exhibitors over its long history is inspiring and greatly appreciated.


Ross Paterson chose “Onions & Red Blossom Vase” by Geoffrey Smith from North Essendon as “Best in Show”. Ross commented “A very strong still-life oil, painted in the traditional manner, whereby the composition, tonal values and colour all work cohesively to attain an excellent overall result”.


Runner Up was “Tranquil Waters, Tallangatta” by Barbara Beasley-Southgate from Lilydale. Ross commented “A skilfully executed interpretation of landscape that encompasses both mood and subtle colour harmony”


Highly Commended Watercolour was awarded to “Low Tide: by Walter Magilton from Warrandyte. “A very well composed work superbly drawn and skilfully developed” were Ross’s comments.


Highly Commended Oil was awarded to “Toledo Spain” by Geoff Paynter from Bendigo.

Ross commented “A fascinating arrangement of shapes that are tied together very skilfully to create a seemingly complex subject – “Toledo”.


Highly Commended Pastel Ross chose “Beechworth Gorge” by Heather Stanmore from Cohuna. “A very exciting design, and greatly enhanced by the lively, rich technique and use of suitable colour”.


Highly Commended Regional Artist was won by “Gums” by Valentina Fantone from Shepparton. “An interesting concept of actually looking up at the tree – against the blue sky” were Ross’s comments.


Moira Arts & Culture Inc. Encouragement Award was awarded to Pam Mansfield from Cobram with “Kelpie-day off”.  Ross commented “A carefully composed painting, completed with skilful use of tone and colour to convey form and the idiosyncrasy of the subject”.


Photographic Award was won by “Scaly Button” by Denis Rickard of Numurkah. Ross commented “The fascinating texture involved with this photographic work is important in its success. A very simple subject which relies on unity and a technical process which works”


The Craft section was judged by Claire Reid who praised the diversity of the craft entries.

Fibre Threads or Beads was won by Dianne Schmidt-Turner of Shepparton with “Parliament in Session”. With Christina Tanti “Baltazar” Highly Commended.


Framed Needlework Award was won by Elizabeth Bosma of Surrey Hills with “Amsterdam”.


Quilt Award had equal first winners Sharyn Brennan of Numurkah and Fiona Carruthers of Numurkah, with “Autumn Roses”. Highly commended in this section were Margaret Andrew, Numurkah with “Thunder & Lightning” and Kim Stephens, Numurkah.


Art Quilt Award was won by Dianne Schmidt-Turner, Shepparton, with “Keeper of the Castle”.


Craft Award was awarded to Susan Varapodia, St Germains, with “Cream Jumper. Highly Commended Fiona Carruthers, Numurkah with “Purple Scarf”.


Upcycled Award had equal first winners, Kim Carter, Numurkah with “You Were My Cup of Tea. I Drink Coffee Now”, and Daniel Buzza, Numurkah with “Murray Goulburn Upcycled”


Numurkah Home Hardware sponsored “Grey Day-Echuca” by Barbara Beasley-Southgate.

Numurkah Guardian Pharmacy sponsored “Sultry Sunset” by Merrilyn Ward, Shepparton.

Numurkah Medical Centre sponsored “Noble Dragon” by Di Huggins, Kangaroo Flat.

Strathmerton drilling sponsored

Numurkah Bakery sponsored “Drovers Turnout” by Pamela Mansfield, Cobram.

Doug Larkin refrigeration sponsored “Hibiscus Harmony” by Di Huggins, Kangaroo Flat.

Stephen & June Mills sponsored “A Bunch of Gumnuts” by Dawn Macdonald, Jerilderie.

Peter Cox & Sons Regional Award sponsored “Ranges Sunset” by David Hardiment, Tallygaroopna.


 The exhibition was well patronised during the weekend, with many favourable comments received.


36th Annual Art & Craft Exhibition

Entry forms for the Rotary Club of Numurkah 36th Annual Art & Craft Exhibition are now available.
Initial mailing to last year's entrants has taken place.
Also the entry form can be printed from the "Entry Form" menu. This can then be filled in and posted, or scanned and emailed to
Well known artist Ross Paterson will be the art judge.
The exhibition will be staged in the Numurkah Town Hall during the long weekend 11th to 14th March 2016.


35th Annual Art & Craft Exhibition Superb Exhibition.

The Rotary Club of Numurkah 35th Art & Craft Exhibition was described by art judge, renowned artist Barbara McManus, as a superb exhibition.
In opening the exhibition Mayor Cr. Marie Martin asked the question:
Why have an Art Show?
It raises valuable funds.
The Rotary Club of Numurkah has done a remarkable job. From the initial thank you for the kindness shown to Charles Thomson and family it has continued on. We look forward to this event every year. Much needed community funds have been generated. We are marching towards the quarter of a million dollar mark.
It provides an exhibition space for our artists. The artists have a goal to work towards. It takes a lot of courage at times to bare your soul and share your work, regardless of the feedback. It is vital for artists to have exhibition space so that they can grow.
It provides us, the public an opportunity to appreciate the artwork, craft and photography, as well as the chance to purchase pieces.
It has also encouraged some to take up art activities and feel fulfilled through self-expression.
Art is an expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. In this case on visual form, with works produced to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power.
It provides a point of interaction and sometimes debate, and the opportunity to even discuss a work with a complete stranger. Great connectivity! Such is the power of the visual arts. It affects our sensibilities. It humanises us.
The Rotary Club were pleased with the standard of work on display, receiving favourable comments throughout the weekend.
Art judge Barbara McManus selected the winning entries with comments on each painting.
Best in Show was “Foggy Morning” by Terry Jarvis from Bendigo.
This is a beautifully atmospheric depiction of a rural scene in morning mist. The delicate light in the distance draws the eye and with a tinge of warmth adding balance, complete the picture. Pure watercolour at its best.
Runner Up was “Orchestral Break” by Lorraine Lewitzka from Victor Harbour, S.A.
This is an interesting composition using interlocking shapes. Knowing where to use calligraphy as well as special areas shows an affinity with figures and action.
Highly Commended Watercolour was “Venetian Façade” by Glen Hoyle from Langwarrin.
There is so much detail in this piece but with a marvellous colour pattern throughout tying everything together. The whole effect is one of charm and beauty.
Highly Commended “Studio Warrior & Irises” by Gregory Smith, Nth. Essendon.
The objects’d’artes Greg has selected for this excellent still life display beautifully together. They relate to each other. There is a perfect balance of warm and cool tones and the brushwork cannot be faulted.
Highly Commended Pastel was “Banks of the Murray” by Barbara Beasley-Southgate from Lilydale.
The pastel medium is very versatile. It can be a painting, a drawing, or a combination of both. Barbara has chosen the former and she has worked in layers without over working and the piece is wonderfully fresh and lively.
Highly Commended Regional Artist was “White Faced Herons” by Glenda Cornell from Nathalia.
This is a very harmonious painting. From the background, through the birds and down to the water. The technique ties in so beautifully with extra emphasis outlining the herons.
Photographic Award won by Dennis Rickard from Numurkah with “Misty Sunrise”.
I love the gentle serenity shown here. Compositionally the mirrored trees are perfectly placed and the varied shades in the sky gives depth to the piece.
Commended by the judge; “Nearly a Dozen” Helen Gibson, Taminick, “Burst of Colour” Marcia Greig, Nathalia, “Sand Hill” Glenys Jones, Glenhuntly, “The Bull” Dawn Macdonald, Jerilderie, “Autumn Interlude” Do Noble, Doveton, “Waiting for Customers” Carolyn Marrone, Kangaroo Flat, “Granite Hill” Geoff Paynter, Bendigo, “Macrocarda Bud” Vida Pearson, Haddon, “Billies Tea” Kaye Rossignoli, Shepparton, “Village Series” Janet Tett, Yarrawonga.
Numurkah Home Hardware Award, “Still Life- Waratahs” by Vida Pearson, Haddon, Louis Hamon Pharmacy Award “Let’s Take A Walk” by Marcia Greig, Nathalia,
Numurkah Medical Centre Award “Eagle Tree” by Margaret Connell, Barooga. Numurkah Bakery Award “Ready to Go” by Kaye Rossignoli, Shepparton.
Dou Larkin Refrigeration Award “Pecking Order” by Kaye Rossignoli, Shepparton.
Peter Cox & Sons Regional Artist Award  “Double Delight” by Ann Christy, Picola.
Craft judge Claire Reid commented on the quality of the entries and the manner they had been displayed in the exhibition.
CODE A : Section 1 of Fibres Threads or Beads
Sponsored by Cardwells Coaches
Winner:  426 Barb Dealy, Numurkah. Hardanger Embroidery
Highly Commended: 478 Christina Tanti, Numurkah.  “The Lady of the Manor”
 CODE A:  Section 2 of Fibres, Threads or Beads
Winner: 436 Martine Few, Numurkah. “The Ode.”
Highly Commended: 427 Barb Dealy, Numurkah. Filet Darning, “The Peacock.”
CODE B : Quilt Award.
Sponsored by Ragg Denn
Winner: 439 Goulburn Valley Quilters. “ Bright Stars”
Highly Commended:   482 Yvonne Visser, Numurkah. “Girls Day Out”
CODE D: Section 1 of The CRAFT AWARD for Hand Craft.
Sponsored by Pendlebury Sand & Gravel
Winner: 405 Margaret Blackburn. Burramine South.  Blue Jacket for a Baby
CODE D : Section 2 of the Craft Award for Machined Craft.
Sponsored by Kevmar Tuning.
Winner: 499 Susan Varapodio, St. Germains. Ladies Short Top
CODE  E: Beanie Award.
Sponsored by Bendigo Bank
Winner: 515 June Dempsey.
Winner:  Linda Watson with “Moomba”
Highly Commended: Margaret Canobie with “Lest We Forget”.
Raffle won by Marg. Andrew, Numurkah.
Peoples' Choice Award: Jan Long "Raking".
Rotary Club President Mark McNamara said the diversity and quality of artwork, craft and photography on display was only possible by the support of the artist and exhibitors themselves, which was hugely appreciated by the viewing public.
Photos of prize winning entries and exhibition display can be viewed in "Photo Albums" on right hand side of home page under "Art & Craft Exhibition 2015"


Ern Trembath, judge at the Rotary Club of Numurkah 34th Annual  Art & Craft Exhibition cited the exhibition as “the best art show in country  Victoria”. Ern a judge and exhibitor at exhibitions throughout the country, including 'Australia’s Top Ten Painters Exhibition' to open in Canberra next week, thanked Rotary for mounting the exhibition. Ern praised Rotary Clubs throughout the state for mounting exhibitions which made Victoria the arts state of Australia.
Ern commented on the high standard of the exhibits and congratulated the club in the way the exhibits were displayed.
Hon. Wendy Lovell MP officially opened the exhibition, congratulating the artists for their outstanding exhibits on display for the enjoyment of others.
The exhibition attracted large viewing crowds throughout the weekend, and record sales were made. Favourable comments on the presentation of the display were passed on during the weekend, following the refurbishment of the display stands.
The exhibition displayed 284 art entries from Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales, throughout Victoria as well as local entries.
Of these 51 were sold during the weekend.
There were also 36 photographic entries, and over 100 art entries on display.
Art judge Ern Trembath announced the following winners, with his comments.  
Best in Show Award: “Marmalade Mania” #21 by Lorraine Burns, Cheltenham. Ern commented that it is an excellent painting, colour balance, harmony, perspective and presentation go hand in hand to make this a worthy winner.
Runner Up Award: #150 “Waiting for Tide Rise” by Walter Magilton, Warrandyte. Great tonal portrayal of a very busy subject. Subtle and quiet area in foreground gives your eye a rest from the detail in the rest of the painting, commented judge Ern Trembath.
Highly Commended Water Colour Award: #117 “Possums” by Jan Long, Eagle Point. “A soft tonal range created atmosphere to this painting. Great presentation, a very talented artist”.
Highly Commended Pastel Award: won by #241 “Kakadu Dreaming” by Nancy Thurley, Glen Iris. “The water looks wet which is difficult to do in a painting. I love the play of light on the lily pads and strength of colour throughout the subject”.
Highly Commended Oil Award won by #92 “The French Window” by Glen Hoyle, Langwarrin. “You feel like touching the sandstone wall to find out if it is real or not. The shadows on the wall intensify the light enough to give it a third dimension”.
Regional Artist Award won by #135 “Moonacullah Tree” by Dawn Macdonald, Jerilderie. “Hard subject to paint, a mixture of warm and cold colours make it read well with the soft background”
Photographic Award #328 “Travellers” by John Teague, Grahamvale. “Wonderful atmospheric photograph, good balance – horses are in perfect position. I love the small branch on top left corner, it fits in so well.
Commended #118 “Dusty Work” by Jan Long, Eagle Point, #253 “A Dusty Day’s Work” by Marie Weeks, Glen Waverley, #175 “Early Morning in the Wetlands” by Geraldine Muenchow, Kadina SA. #128 “History at Timaru” Deborah Lynch, Mooroopna. # 183 “Bendigo Bush Spring” by Geoff Paynter, Bendigo.
Commended Photography #329 “Mellow Days” by John Teague, Grahamvale, #334 “Chinese Garden” by Kate Watts, Junortoun, #322 “Docklands Sunset” by Dennis Rickard, Numurkah.
Diverse Builders Award: “Waves and Rocks” by Jan Long, Eagle Point.
Guardian Pharmacy Award: “Gum Trees” by Glen Hoyle, Langwarrin.
Numurkah Medical Centre Award: “Our Beautiful Country” by Rhonda Willoughby, Kerang.
Numurkah Bakery Award: “Hello Possum” by Katherine Lohse, Mooroopna.
Doug Larkin Refrigeration Award: “Numurkah Courthouse” by Salvatore Trigila, Coburg.
Peter Cox & Sons Award: “Abiding – Cobram” by John Taylor, Cobram.
Peoples Choice Award: "Dusty Work" by Jan Long.
The craft section entries were judged by Fiona Carruthers, the winners with comments were:
CODE A : “Fibres Threads or Beads:, sponsored by Reapers Hairdressing. Winner: 405 Fruit and Flowers. Sally Boothey. Numurkah. This work using gold work, beading and stump work shows beautiful detail and fine even stitches. Highly Commended: 425 Hardanger Table Runner. Barb Dealy. Numurkah.
CODE B : “Quilt Award”. Sponsored by Ragg Denn.
Winner: 433 The Farmers Wife. Margo Hendy.  Naring .
This quilt which is hand pieced shows excellent colour choice, very accurate stitching and the finished piece sits very flat.
Highly Commended:   456 Remember When. Yvonne Visser.
                                        434 The Colonial Quilt. Margo Hendy.
CODE C: “Small Quilt Award”. Sponsored by Graham Byron Seeds.
Winner: 453 A Burst of Spring.  Olinda Poulton. Shepparton.
This work in this quilt is beautifully executed and the 3D flowers are delightful.
CODE D: “Craft Award”. Sponsored by Graham Byron Seeds.
Winner: 427 Crocheted Baby Shawl. Martine-Anne Few,  Numurkah.
This crocheted shawl for a baby shows an evenness of tension, a nice colour choice and feel for its purpose.
Highly Commended: 477 Baby’s Jacket. June Dempsey. Numurkah.
CODE E: “Teddy Bears Award”. Sponsored by GrainCorp Oils.
Winner: 408 Brown Bear. Caitlin Bourchier. Numurkah.
This Brown Bear has attitude. It catches the eye and is nicely made. Highly Commended: 460 Childs Jumper. Susan Varapodio. St Germains.
The establishment of a Dental Clinic at the new Numurkah Hospital is the beneficiary of the exhibition, receiving all proceeds from the Rotary Club.
President of the Rotary Club of Numurkah Geoff Holmes thanked the exhibitors, sponsors and the viewing public for making the exhibition such a success.