Guest Speakers – Geoff & Marie Austin & Garry McNamara. Left on 02/04/23 & returned 03/11/23 – 7 months travelling 20,500 km. Crossed the Nullabor & headed up the coast to Darin, to Mt Isa, Atherton & then inland to Brisbane, Lennox Heads & then Garry headed home & Geoff & Marie stayed on for a while longer with family.
Geoff spoke about the Gloucester tree in Pemberton WA. 200 ft tall tree with a staircase made of spiral pegs climbing 120 steps which he completed.
Garry spoke about Exmouth WA which he expected to be like Port Hedland but found to be completely different. The Information Centre contained a 3 story fully stocked aquarium plus there was   living museum where you could experience a cyclone. The town was established in 1967 by the Americans.
Geoff – Broome WA – beautiful sunsets, camels on cable beach & then headed across the Kimberley & were able to use the temporary crossing erected to cross the Fitzroy River which had been taken out by the floods. A 2 year project for the new bridge to be completed.
Marie – Mt Isa has an underground hospital which was constructed during the war fully equipped with beds/costs & medicine which is now open to the public. The big mine is 5 km long, 1 km wide & mines copper, lead & zinc. A replica mine has been built by miners & is available for tourists to experience.