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Service Above Self

We meet In Person
Mondays at 6:30 PM
Numurkah Golf & Bowls Club
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Numurkah, VIC 3636

Terry Brennan spoke to the club on his background as an A Grade Automotive Engineer. From 1924 to 1998 the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce trained and certified A Grade Automobile Engineers.

Terry, an apprentice with Rod Hurren, undertook the course with requirement, must be over 21 years, minimum of 7 years experience 2 year night school then sit for exam, which required a 70% pass rate.

In general, the candidate is expected to have a knowledge of the construction, operation, diagnosis, maintenance and repair of the various automotive systems and components. The syllabus included, Fitting and Machining, Welding, Electric Arc, Precision Tools and Trade Calculations, Engine Reconditioning, Transmissions, Final Drives, Electrical, Carburetors, Tuning, Adjusting & Diagnosis.

Examination is practical and theory written paper. with a 4 hour and another 8 hour theory exam.

Numurkah had a strong showing of A Grade Engineers, including among others, Doug Grenness, Doug Allchin, Frank Coonerty, Arnold Hern, Russell Blake, Don Chandler, Don Wilson and Adrian Doody. Numurkah had 44 mechanics when Terry started his apprenticeship.



Dr. Jennifer Coller, Cardiology lead G.V. Health, attended Melbourne University in 1997, with elective in fifth year served in Madras, India and Samoa. Returned for internship at RMH, then a year in UK. Returning for cariology training with PhD in Heart Failure at St Vincent's, then G.V. last seven years and in 2021 Cardiology Lead.

Cardiology Disease causes 1 in 4 deaths at a great cost to the Australian economy.

Patient story of a 62 year old women with Heart Failure.

  • complex medical history, heart disease, arterial fibrillation and heart failure.
  • managed by multiple specialists with multiple presentations to E.D.
  • educated around heart failure.
  • fluid retention.
  • clear action plan devised.
  • advanced care planning.
  • no recent hospitalisations.

Outpatient consultation at G.V. Health consultation suites with establishment of two outreach clinics, consultations 1000/year. Specialties: heart failure, AF/arrhythmias,  interventions, congenital heart disorder. Connected Cardiology with monthly outreach clinics focus on heart failure and echocardiography fortnightly.

Rapid Access Atrial Fibrillation Clinics with aim to early review of E.D. presentations.                      Cardiac Ambassadors Project with aim co-ordination of care.                                                                      Heart Failure Collaborative with aim to reduce heart failure re-admissions.

300,000 in Australia with Heart Failure 1.5% of population.                                                                Symptoms - breathlessness, fatigue, waking up in night with very short breath, feeling breathless when lying down, swollen ankles.


The Rotary Club of Numurkah just held a very successful 15th annual Environment & Heritage trip into the High Country at Frys Flat, with a chilly Bluff Hut being our lunch stop destination on Saturday. Lots of work goes on behind the scenes to ensure all goes smoothly so well done to all involved.


John Watson guest speaker spoke on Incitec Pivot and his involvement.

Pivot was formed in 1919 as a phosphate co-operative producing superphosphate with farmers only as shareholders, farmers initially purchasing shares at $10.

In 1997, corporate raider Doug Shears began buying shares to gain control of the company, with a move to demutualize the company. At that time, the company had 45,000 farmer shareholders and was the biggest co-op in Australia. Having 3 to 4 directors on his side, he ran candidates for the board to gain control.

John Watson and Allan McCallum ran a campaign opposing David Spears candidates, gaining 75% of votes cast. Chair and Deputy Chair controlled AGM and declared John & Allan lost on a technicality. Taking the case to the Victorian Supreme Court, John & Allan won. Following board meeting John was elected chairman.

New directors were recruited, but management was still a problem. Down the track, the CEO made a financial blunder, with banks moving to declare the company insolvent. Working through this in 2003 Pivot merged with Incitec.

In 2006 Southern Cross Fertilisers was purchased and in 2008 Incitec Pivot purchased Dyno-Nobel explosives business, becoming listed in the top 24 companies on the ASX.

In 2011 John retired. Of note, Incitec Pivot is the only manufacturer of urea in Australia, with Ad Blue now produced for the trucking industry.

The unveiling of the Murray Valley Soldier Settlement Scheme in Numurkah today was a huge success, with many children of the settlement returning back home. Three surviving widows had the honour of unveiling the memorial, with the assistance of the Baulkamaugh Scouts. Three years in the making, the effort was worth it, given the huge smiles from all those who made it. Well done to Stephen Mills and John Watson who got the project off the ground and all those who assisted along the way. 


Fr Joe Taylor as a young priest volunteered to serve in Papua New Guinea. PNG close to Australia, was a Dutch Colony and German Colony, with Australia administrating from World War II for 60 years before PNG established its sovereignty in 1975.

Based in Southern Highlands, 2,700m high in rugged country. RAAF used area for high level landing and take-off training. 

Population of 5M with 780 different languages with Pidgin the predominant language. Parliament is in three languages, Pidgin, English and Huli.

Job was to set up schools, whilst in PNG he set up four primary schools. Within PNG education is becoming more important with assistance of four Nuns literacy, nutrition and health are emphasised.

In the six years in PNG, Fr. Joe learnt about himself, what is important and what is not important.

Beautiful country, with population rapidly growing and western clothing being adopted.


The Rotary Club of Numurkah 42nd Annual Art & Craft Exhibition held in the Numurkah Town Hall over the weekend 11th to 14th March was an outstanding success with excellent attendance.


Claire Birch, Community Engagement Officer from Indigo Power, spoke to the club on community energy in our region.

Power hubs are organised and run by volunteers with the aim of 100% renewable energy.  Groups formed to carry out a variety of projects in type and size.

Benefit to communities include enabling equal access to the benefit of renewable energy, whilst combating and improving economies in regional towns. Projects provide a lasting legacy for future generations and provide management in times of emergency and disaster.

Community Power Hubs collaborate and support community engagement for communities to organise and implement renewable energy projects that benefit communities.

Projects underway in the North East include EV chargers and community storage batteries


Margaret Crisp spoke to the club on Bushfire Recovery following the devasting bushfires in Upper Murray in 2019/20.
Rotary and Lions proved to be flexible in getting into areas, with over 100 hay trucks, in a convoy, providing feed.
After feed, the next problem was fencing to contain the livestock. Team spent 4 1/2 weeks in area before Blaze Aid and Uniting Church fencers arrived.
Teams spent 18 months in Cudgewa recreational reserve where in the area, 308,242 hectares were burnt, 55 residences destroyed, over 200 buildings destroyed and over 18,000 head of cattle lost.
Over 10,000 volunteer hours spent fencing, book packs provided for school students, Albury Wodonga Health case management supported families in crisis. Bushfire Recovery Victoria, Red Cross, Salvation Army, Uniting Church are some of the organisations helping people move on.
It became apparent that Rotary needs a dedicated Recovery Committee, learning from impact of past disasters.

Nicole Wells, Community Development Officer with NCN Health, spoke to the club about the Farm Community Connect Project.
Project managed by Deakin University with partnerships Moira and Strathbogie Shires.
Farm Community Connect Project supports farmers and farming families many who have lost connection and do not seek support, as well as supporting women and children.
Isolation and remoteness causing 56% Victorian farmers feeling they could cope.
Aim of project is to build resilience, develop social networks and foster a sense of belonging.
Intention is to deliver social events, family fun days and on farm workshops.
Rotary can support Farm Community Connect by volunteering support at activities and events, promote activities, catering at events and activities.

Community Bus Fundraising Launch Saturday 26th February in Newman Square Numurkah.

Geoff Austin spoke to the club giving an overview of the aviation industry.
After 16 years with Virgin, Geoff has now been retired for 4 years.
Aviation Industry heavily regulated by CASA, Civil Aviation Safety Authority. All segments of the industry, flight crew, cabin crew, engineering and flight control must be qualified for their respective duties.
Flight crew undergo a license test every six months. Cabin crew trained to be competent in an emergencies, skilled in people management and trained in martial arts.
Planes are certified every day by licensed engineers.
One hour before take off, flight crew undertake flight planning, consider the weather, loads and decide how much fuel. They then undertake a physical inspection then in the flight deck do a 30 minute system check. The cabin crew inspect all equipment in the cabin before take off. Ground staff, luggage handlers, fuel handlers all attend to their duties to enable plane to take-off.


Jacque Phillips, CEO of NCN Health spoke to the club on Aged Care Services.

NCN Health has four residential aged care facilities. Pioneer Lodge and Karinya in Numurkah, Irvine House in Cobram and Banawah in Nathalia.

Short term respite offered in residential aged care facilities as well as transitional care beds in hospitals for up to 18 weeks.

What is offered: Home Care Packages, Home Support, Planned Activities Groups, In home Respite and Career Support available as well as a Retirement Village - Gwandalan Court in Numurkah. 

Residential aged care short stay respite up to 63 days per year offered.

Commonwealth Home Support offers support at home for those over 65 years with careers, housework, personal care, meals, transport, shopping, allied health and social support available..

Home Care Packages with four levels. Must be assessed by My Care, referrals will be made, free assessment with Aged Care Assessment Services.

Australian Government subsidised Aged Care Homes, residents contribute to cost if they can afford to do so. Financial assessment is only valid for 120 days.

Basic daily fee is $53.56 per day. Some accommodation costs paid in full by the Government with a means test based on your income and assets. Accommodation costs can be paid in lump sum, daily or combination of both.

You can apply for as many homes as you like, all providing, all care needs, doctor, transport and social activities.

You choose a Home Care Service Provider that is right for you. Government pays provider on four package levels, Basic, Low Care, Intermediate and High Care. You are expected to contribute up to three levels.


Entries to the 42nd Annual Art & Craft Exhibition closing this week.
Entry forms available at Community Learning Centre, Library, Home Hardware and at Art Show Raffle sellers at IGA.


Squish Davis conducted an entertaining Trivia Quiz, with results in 3rd Place: "Scratch Maker" and "Bikers Plus One" Tables, 2nd Place: "Yes" Table, 1st Place: "Distinction" Table.



Mark McNamara got into photography by necessity in real estate. Enrolled in a Night Photography Class at TAFE to develop skills. 
Focused on taking local photos over the last 18 months. Allows camera to source available light, either street light or moonlight, does not use flash.
Using a power point presentation Mark showed some of his "Numurkah in darkness" photos which he has posted on Facebook during COVID pandemic to be an uplifting distraction.
Numurkah Australia Day 2022 with Rotarian Squish Davis leading the town band and Lou Hamon master of ceremonies. Arts, Culture / Environment Project Award recipient Rotary Art Show, Event of the Year Rotary Love Your Sister Dinner. Katunga Football Netball Club Organisation of the Year and joint Citizens of the Year Deb Fowler and Jeff Stanyer.

Zoe Ludington, guest speaker, spoke to the club about herself and setting up a physiotherapy clinic, Spark Physio Co, in Numurkah.
Attended school in Numurkah and Nathalia, always interested in sport, and when suffering an injury considered physiotherapy as a career.
Enrolled  at Charles Stuart University Albury, graduating after four years with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy with distinction.
Moved to Melbourne working at different clinics to gain experience, started Pilates classes, and was head physio with Whittlesea Soccer Club. Worked as a sports physio with Volley Ball Association.
Wed Nick Ludington 2 days prior to first COVID lockdown. During pandemic worked reduced hours.
Pursuing her dream, to open her own clinic, Zoe and Nick considered several towns after investigating services offered. 
In July 2020 settled on Shepparton and Numurkah, working 2-3 days in Numurkah, and several days in Shepparton.
Originally a one man show, business grew in Numurkah and offered Pilates, now employ a receptionist, physiotherapist and a massage therapist.
Pilates has grown with Reformer Pilates, aiming to reduce musculoskeletal pain, improve posture and balance. Traditional Classes  full body strengthening/stretching class. Tailored Classes  individualised programs developed to meet the need of each client. Pre and post-natal classes also available.
Now have 100 Pilate clients a week, with 15 physio consultations a week.
Business sponsors tennis and football clubs.
Hopefully expand to neighboring towns.
Grateful for town support and hope to give back to the community.

Induction of new member Michael Tymensen by President Gary Phillips, pictured with sponsor Kate Hodge and Michael Tymensen.

Ivan Routley, using a pictorial presentation, spoke to the club highlighting the changes to orchards.
Stages are preparing the soil, planting with the assistance of machinery, protection of plantings with milk cartons, erection of trellis, training of plantings on trellis.
New irrigation pumps installed, powered by diesel generator awaiting power connection.
Self propelled platforms instead of ladders.
No longer supply cannery, all fruit now goes to fresh fruit market with higher returns.


PRESIDENT GARY PHILLIPS welcomed members and our guests, Lions Club members, to the annual combined first meeting of the New Year held in the Numurkah Bowls clubrooms due to heat.

Gary thanked Geoff Holmes for organising the meal with thanks to Geoff Holmes, Gary Phillips and Ivan Routley as chefs.

The meal and fellowship was enjoyed by all present.



A relaxed evening on a beautiful night at the home of Rex Shields and Judy McDonald. After nibbles and drinks an entertaining floor show of "Celebrant in training", secretary Jennifer Rodger, presided over the renewing of vows on their 50th Wedding Anniversary, "played" by our hosts Rex and Judy.

A gourmet meal of ham, chicken, salmon and salads followed by pavlova, fruit salad and trifle dessert, was enjoyed by all.



Janine Connolly spoke to the club on her visit to India in 2020, the first time leaving Australia. After daughter Jade finished a two week surgical course in Ooty, India, Jade was joined by her mother Janine and brother Tim for an eleven day tour of India.

Spending time in Southern India,  Sindita, Karnantaka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, then flew to Delhi in the north for three days visiting the "Golden Triangle" of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

Travelled by car, boat, jeep safari and houseboat, visiting Agra Fort, Taj Mahal, Jaipur the pink city and Amber Fort, and Great Backwaters - 900km of waterway.

If travelling by car must have, good brakes, good horn and good luck, and watch out for the cows.



Presentation of Club Officers for 2022/2023 by President Elect Rex Shields.

President: Rex Shields.

Immediate Past President: Gary Phillips.

President Elect: Julie Andrew.

Secretary; Jennifer Rodger.

Treasurer: Stephen Mills.


Youth: Michelle (Squish) Davis.

International: Kate Hodge.

Foundation: Geoff Austin.

Vocation: Chris Hardham.

Club Service; Gary Phillips.

Community: Julie Andrew.

Public Relations: Lou Hamon.

Michelle Squish Davis guest speaker Rotary meeting.
Squish advised club that she had completed her Masters of Music Therapy with Melbourne University. In 2022 will be teaching at Numurkah Primary School for two days each week and Verney Road Primary, Shepparton two days each week.
Squish then continued as guest speaker explaining that Music Therapy is a research base allied health profession in which music is used to actively support people to improve health, functioning and well-being.
It can help people of all ages to manage their physical and mental health and enhance their quality of life.
You don’t need to be musical to take part in or benefit from music therapy. Qualified music therapists plan and provide musical experiences for their clients. Each session is tailored to the needs and goals of the client.
Music Therapy improves mental health and well-being, reducing stress, improving memory, speech, communication, social skills, body movement, co-ordination and physical function.
Music Therapy is used in hospitals, schools, palliative care facilities, aged care homes, prisons and detention centres.
Squish had the members on their feet moving to the beat of a drum and providing words describing Rotary with which Squish composed and sang a song celebrating Rotary.



Abhinay (Aby) Dolar newly appointed Director Clinical Services NCN Health Numurkah, was guest speaker.

Born in India, mother a nurse. Trained in India and spent 2 years as an industrial nurse. Emigrated to Australia working at Toowoomba where he undertook further studies for Bachelor of Nursing, then moved to McKay Base Hospital for 4 years, spending some time relieving staff in smaller hospitals under McKay Base.

Moved to Melbourne for business studies. MBA, working at Royal Melbourne Hospital. Returning to India to marry. Moved to Adelaide for 1 year, then to a management position at Ceduna for 2 years, managing aged care, ED and ward.

Offered management role in Coober Pedy, operating an Oodnadatta clinic. Moved to Ballarat for 4 years then Royal Melbourne Hospital as managing director of vaccination hub. Administering 2,500 vaccines a day.

From RMH moved to Numurkah after good reports.

Entry forms for the Rotary Club of Numurkah 42nd Annual Arts & Craft Exhibition are now available.
Offering $10,000 in prize money the exhibition will be staged in the Numurkah Town Hall from Friday 11th March to Monday 14th March 2022.
Entry forms are being posted to last year's exhibitors and are available from the Numurkah Visitor Information Centre and Numurkah Library.
Forms can also be found on the club's Facebook page and Website.
The Exhibition will be subject to State COVID-19 restrictions and directives.

Returned Friday week after 4 months, 3,000km, 2,200 litres of fuel and 112 nights in van.
Set off early July for South Australia with aim to travel to Cape York. Lockdowns, border restrictions and entry permits restricted travels to Northern Territory.  Showing photos of trip, headed up Stuart Highway to such places as Finke River National Park, Gibba Plains, Devils Marbles, Tennant Creek.
Camping is magic with beautiful sunsets and great scenery. Harsh environment with corrugated roads with communication by satellite phone from high places. Encounted hundreds of vans as onto Katherine Gorge with a canoe trip along the river, Mataranka hot springs, Butterfly Gorge, Roma Gorge, Ayers Rock.
 Oldest living organism, stromatolite 3-4 billion years old, caught attention, as did petroglyphs rock carvings.

Bernie Cook grew up with beehives in the backyard of the family home. He took charge of his first hive at just 11 years of age. With over 40 years experience of caring for hives both in the backyard and on a commercial scale, he is the quintessential ‘bee whisperer’. Bernie is larger-than-life, empathic and full of stories. He is in his element when helping others experience the magical synergy between humans and bees.
Kim Carter became fascinated with bees when a neighbour’s swarm took up residence in her back yard 15 years ago. Kim has now been beekeeping for 5 years and is totally hooked. Kim is an artist and teacher who loves learning about these amazing creatures and sharing that knowledge with others.
Bernie and Kim have studied Permaculture Design and have incorporated bees as an intrinsic part of their garden system.
In January they established a company "The Art Of Bee-ing". Mission statement is"Bring bees and people together". The business creates mentoring and educating bee-keepers.
It is estimated that one third of all food consumed by humans has been pollinated by a bee. So protecting our pollinators by creating a bee-friendly garden is a move towards protecting our own food security.
Kim with her daughter has produced a colouring book, and the business is partnering with Numurkah Community Learning Centre with a range of products and training courses.
Bees are disappearing for several reasons. Colony collapse due to disorder and varroa mite, the increase use of pesticides, climate change, with bees temperature sensitive, and loss of habitat, particularly through bushfires.
Aim is to inspire people to welcome bees into their home by creating a bee friendly garden with plant diversity, plants with lots of colour, do not use pesticides, use of local native plants and provision of water.

Chris Matthews told the club about herself and Duncan McPherson purchasing Dubuque at auction in 2013, with Duncan working full time over four years restoring the inside rooms.
Originally built in 1887 by John Claude Trengrove and his wife Sara Jane.
John was born in Cornwall, being brought to Australia as an infant settling in Geelong. John served as an apprentice in a drapery business, sent to London, then he moved to America, where he met and married Sara Jane Barnett. The couple came to Australia after the great fire of Chicago, where they lost all their possessions. 
In 1887 they moved to Numurkah and built what was to be their family residence, Lakeview, now known as Dubuque, and established the business Brown & Corke.
The house has 13ft ceilings, each room took two weeks to wash down the walls. Baltic pine ceilings with pressed metal ceiling, with a different pattern in each room. Noted to be the first house in Numurkah to have fly screens.
A lot of time, effort and love has gone into the restoration of Dubuque and it is with great pride she has been opened up to the greater community so that they can appreciate the house in all its glory.
Now open to the public as a "Bed and Breakfast", where bookings can be made for accommodation or small functions.


Fizz Mayberry spoke to the club about his involvement with KidsFix Rally.

In 1998 participated in a Camp Quality Rally with a 1962 Pontiac wagon. Present Commodore last nine years. All donations go to the cause, with members of rally paying own expenses as well as car expenses. Originally Camp Quality had 5 on staff with 2 paid employees. After 15 rallies it had grown to 132 paid staff. Decided to do their own thing, starting a foundation dedicated to support sick and disadvantaged kids. First rally in 2013, from 2014 to 2020 raised over $750,000, with Board receiving requests for projects each year, with five selected.

Rally provides an instruction "Bible" with directions but no maps.

Last 2 years still fundraising as committed to projects, although no rally was able to be held.

Numurkah hospital has been the recipient with a children's playground and portable ultrasound equipment.

Other recipients have been Broken Hill Hospital, Gympie Hospital, Dental Outreach, Western Area Hospital NSW, Shoalhaven Hospital, Milton Ulladulla Hospital, Latrobe Regional Hospital, Dubbo Base Hospital, Bendigo Health.

Make many life-long friends, with participation the reward.


Utilising "Share Screen" on Zoom, Lou Hamon embarked on a voyage of discovery as he demonstrated to members the ClubRunner Rotary Club of Numurkah website, explaining its features and resources.

Marissa Daly, Communication Officer with NCN Health was guest speaker via Zoom.
Grew up in Kilmore at Assumption College where her parents were boarding masters, had access to school facilities.
Spent weekends with friends at Berrigan, where her parents later bought and renovated an old church in 1990, moving to Berrigan in 1995.
Gained an arts degree at Monash University, then headed off to France for 2 years as an au pair. 
Returning to Australia working as a journalist with Southern Riverina News in Finley. Role of newspaper important and the role of a journalist has its responsibilities.
Moved to Mackay in Queensland, where she loved the weather, working as a communications officer in a agency for remote nursing.
February last year returned and joined NCN Health as communications officer.
Purpose is to bring the three campuses together, aligning communications, pamphlets, websites etc. The task to bring three together as one.
Positive of COVID pandemic is it has brought staff together facing the challenges of the pandemic.
Role is to develop a strategic strategy of forming relationships with communities, although difficult with social distancing at the moment.

Clare Keenan, CEO Moira Shire, spoke to the club on the "Rise of ISIS in the Middle East".
Employed by Accuweather in the United States met with 4 Dubai business men in Las Vegas seeking agents to expand business in the Middle East.
In 2012 went to Qatar, working from the Libya TV offices. At that time hard line Islamic parties commenced creating uprising and revolution, with many ex-pats planning to leave. With temperatures rising to 50 degrees Ramadan commenced with alcoholic parties, as alcohol not consumed during Ramadan. Ramadan a time for family and feasting.
Friends deported, texts censored so after 12 months returned home to Barcelona.
Enticed back to Jordan to work for Arab 24 Media, the largest anti-ISIS propaganda media outlet with 200 men in the war zones.
The Islamic State, or ISIS, is a militant organization that emerged as an offshoot of al Qaeda in 2014. It quickly took control of large parts of Iraq and Syria, raising its black flag in victory and declaring the creation of a caliphate and imposing strict Islamic rule.
Clare was moved to Aqada for safety, then Istanbul then moved to Australia.
Clare told her fascinating story of her experience working in the Middle East, with detail and humour, engrossing a captive audience.

Wayne Limbrick commenced by updating the club on Umoja Orphanage, Kenya. Completion of second house held up with COVID. House will accommodate 12-14 children, bringing the total of children at Umoja to 25-26. Children are safe and well. Wayne & Pam had planned to visit this year, but more likely next year, when painters will be required to finish the second house.
Wayne then spoke about being a Moira Shire Councilor.
Always interested in the community, serving on various community organisation committees, in 1990's served as a councilor on Nathalia Shire.
Considered time was right to stand for Moira Shire, and was elected number three of the nine councilors.
Having been involved with local tourism for 25 year, serving as Western Moira chair, was frustrated with consultation by Moira Shire.
Wayne's main concerns were water security, changing land use, impact of waste management. Easy to sit back and complain, but felt need to be pro-active. Campaigning during COVID required a different approach.
Challenge in first 6 months, a baptism of fire, spending 3-4 days a week, research, reading, meetings.
Major Shire projects in hand include Multi Sports Complex Yarrawonga, Yarrawonga Library, Numurkah Flood Mitigation Plan, which with the appointment of a project manager is now proceeding. A $25M project which will take some time.
Tourism Advisory important to local communities, need to lobby Government on water management, need to be more responsible with waste and resource management. As contamination is high, introduction of 4 bin system to get glass out of other bins.
Aim in 4 year term is to improve consultation process, it is a two way process. Council should be respected.

Carl Walters from Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority was guest speaker.
The Catchment Authority guides efforts to ensure land and water resources are protected and enhanced as well as improving the region’s social wellbeing, environmental quality and productive capacity in a sustainable manner.
The Broken Creek has had issues.
Catchment Authority responsible for delivery of irrigation water and quality of water in the Broken Creek water supply.
Broken Creek fed from channel system from Murray River with a flow rate of 400-500 ML/d daily.
Environmental water added from Goulburn and Murray Rivers. Water quality improving in Broken Creek with creek kept fresher with flows.
During winter reverts to natural state with low levels exposing mud flats, flows restored with irrigation.
Ongoing removal of barriers to fish passage. Mechanical clearing not allowed, by keeping water flow and quality improving, weeds kept under better control.

Due to lockdown another virtual meeting via Zoom led by President Gary Phillips.

Wendy Raleigh from Orange Door was guest speaker. Wendy grew-up in Undera then spent 30 years in Queensland, 26 years policing.
2015 Royal Commission into Family Violence made 227 recommendations, which have been accepted by Government.
Findings were that agencies were struggling to support women and children, with victims not knowing where to go for services, and perpetrators were not kept in view. Victims often having to re-tell, and relive their traumatic experience over and over again to different agencies. 
2016 Road Map to Recovery aim was to keep families together.
Orange Door aim is to provide safe consistent approach with one visible entry point with a  wholistic, integrated approach.
28th April opened doors in Shepparton, serving 5 LGA, Moira, Mitchell, Strathbogie, Shepparton and Murrindindi, at 210 Corio Street Shepparton.
Staff of 65 building to 80.
Out Posting of staff planned to child care health service, and other services.
In Reach: Agencies will use building to assist clients, such as legal aid, financial services, mental health services.
Six agencies set up in Orange Door working together to provide a service no longer fragmented.
Screening/Triage Team work out predominant factor which could be housing, health, finance.
Assessment Teams plan referrals and case management.
Practice Leaders provide insight and overview.
60% referrals from police, remaining referrals from professionals.
Unique service with six work-forces coming together in the one space.

Guest Speaker Nick Raleigh spoke to the club on Go Farm, an Australian owned agriculture investor and developer.
Purpose is to improve Australian agriculture, create wealth for investors, generate a positive impact for properties, communities and industries.
Aim to select, acquire and develop each asset.
In Victoria, the Murray above the choke, offers lower water risk, lower development costs and more headroom for development.
Strategy is to aggregate, re-configure, re-position and develop.
Development process entails, property, water, soil, people, to develop production and profitability.
Go Farm has one of southern Australia largest, most secure and low cost portfolios of irrigated land and water.
Proposed crops in Moira Shire include almonds, mandarins and broccoli.
Institutional investors and their managers are now awakening to the opportunities in the Murray Valley and Goulburn Valley, with pace of investment gathering momentum.

District Governor Nominee David McPherson presented a Paul Harris Award to Jacque Phillips.
Jacque joined the Numurkah Rotary Club in 2009 and served as President 2017.
Stephen Mills was presented with a Sapphire pin.

The Jack Duncan Vocational Service Award was presented to Debbie Oliver.
Debbie Oliver is in her fifth year as principal of Numurkah Primary School. As principal Debbie has implemented various initiatives around teaching and learning, student well-being, and generally fostering a desire to learn in all students.

The Col McPherson Community Service Award was presented to John Decker, pictured with Community Service Director Julie Andrew and Duncan McPherson.
John has dedicated the last 44 years as a member of the Numurkah SES unit, with a desire to help his local community, he has attended hundreds of incidents. John has been involved in the mentorship of the L to P driving program for 10 years.

District Governor Nominee David McPherson inducted Gary Phillips as President 2021-22, pictured with Past President Jennifer Rodger.
In her President's Report Jennifer Rodger summed up the year by saying "Our results this year have exceeded expectations and are reflective of a combined effort and couldn't have been achieved without the involvement of each and every member, and for that, you all have my eternal appreciation and gratitude".
In his incoming President's Address Gary said it was a humbling experience, and indeed a privilege and great responsibility.
His aim is to nurture club and re-engage with the community, exploring ways to serve our community together.

Kellie King and Daniel House were guest speakers from Housetide Support Services.
Kellie King introduced herself, living in Numurkah for 10 years with two children with disabilities. Struggled to access support services.
Daniel House, based in Albury with 15 years involvement in aged care, disability support, youth and homelessness. Starting in February 2019, now have seven respite houses and 12 vehicles.
Some of services offered:
  • In Home Self Care - Assistance in the home with showering, feeding, household duties and more.
  • Assistance In The Community - Assistance with trips to the shops, cinema or just getting pampered.
  • Appointments - Assistance with transport to and from appointments and attendance if required.
  • Short Term Accommodation - 24 hour overnight respite care. Either in home or out of home.
  • Holiday Assistance - 24 hour assistance from day trips to extended holidays.
Seven Respite Houses provide double beds, WIFI, Netflix, ducted heating and cooling and outdoor activities. Houses available for adults and kids on weekdays, weekends, short term. medium term and long term.
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