Lily Harrison guest speaker


Lilly Harrison with Link, spoke to the club about assistant animals.

Assistance Dogs are trained to help their human who is living with a disability. They respond to needs that are specific to their human’s disability by using their advanced skills. This allows their human to engage in activities that may otherwise have been too difficult or challenging.

Dogs help with depression, anxiety, mental health, PTSD, physical disability.

These dogs carry over all the benefits of a loving pet and, with their added training, are able to provide this support both at home, and out in public spaces.

Public need to understand when a dog has a vest on, it is invisible and not to be distracted or patted.

Dogs can be any breed with the right temperament.

Lily undertook 40 hours training with Link which involved basic obedience, ability to cope with traffic and crowds then class training, learning how to interact with handler and their needs.

Legally a medical device but to handlers a member of the family.


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Combined Services Dinner


Mark Nordbye, Royal Flying Doctor Service coordinator spoke to the Combined Services Dinner, hosted by the Numurkah Lions Club.

 The Royal Flying Doctor Service is one of the largest and most comprehensive aeromedical organisations globally, providing extensive primary health care and 24-hour emergency service to people who live, work, and travel across the 7.69 million square kilometers of Australia.

Patient transport service was launched in Numurkah in October, following launches in Heathcote then Rochester, and currently developing eight sites.

Mark Nordbye, Community Transport Coordinator, advised the service has 270 registered clients in Numurkah and has conducted 660 transports.

The service is free to clients over 65 years with a Pension or Health Card, transporting clients to medical appointments in a 100km radius. The service enables clients to keep their independence and remain in their homes for as long as they are able.

Staffed by volunteer drivers, the service started with 4 and now has 12 with two SUV cars and a bus.

Service expanding to Cobram.


Combined Services Dinner 2023-05-22 14:00:00Z 0

Michelle "Squish" Davis guest seaker

As the scheduled guest speaker cancelled, Squish, as chair for the meeting stepped in and challenged the club with a Sporcle Countries of the World Map Quiz.
Map of the world with 197 countries screened with the challenge to members to name as many countries as possible in 15 minutes.
 Geoff Holmes then Kate Hodge acting as scribe on the computer program.
The members were able to name 88 countries in the nominated time.
An enjoyable last minute fill in program.

Michelle "Squish" Davis guest seaker 2023-05-15 14:00:00Z 0

Grant Power guest speaker

Grant Power spoke to the Rotary Club about his military service.
On enlisting, introduced to a new lifestyle, after a while begin to flow into routine, then introduced to bush life.
Chose infantry and became a cargo specialist responsible for forwarding equipment and supplies.
First deployment, on HMAS Tobruk, to Samoa for 3-4 months to assist with recovery after a tsunami. Local people positive in the rebuild.
On return sent to PNG for recovery after a volcano erupted, providing humanitarian aid.
On return to Darwin sent to Ashmore Reef to locate boat people and transfer them to Christmas Island. 
Return trip of two weeks turned into four with engine failure.
Posted as an instructor, putting through nine platoons, before posted to HMAS Adelaide and Pearl Harbour. On return left the military.
Experiences overseas open your eyes to how lucky we are to live in Australia.

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Darcy Brennan guest speaker


Darcy Brennan, a former Numurkah resident, spoke to the Club.

Family moved to Numurkah in 1940 when aged 2 years. Father died in 1946 and family moved to Melbourne for 12 months before returning to Numurkah. Family home retained in Numurkah till 2017.

Darcy a pharmacist had interests in pharmacies in Numurkah, Shepparton and Melbourne.

Joined the Rotary Club of Footscray in 1986, serving in many roles and revised history of the club.

The Club established the Rotary Club of Footscray Community Trust—in conjunction with the James Flood Trust, funds were derived from the sale of collector’s item, motoring publications, with the annual interest donated to local charities and formation of Western Region Aged Care. With the sale of the facility the foundation has $6M invested with annual donations of $240,000 being made.

Darcy expressed his desire to see a foundation established in Numurkah, with the Rotary Club undertaking a leading role in establishing, administering and seeking donations.

Numurkah has many outstanding attractions such as steam engine, farm machinery display, POW Plantation and local hospital. The foundation could contribute to further amenities and attractions.


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Phil Seager Antartic trip

Guest Speaker – Phil Seager with a photo presentation of his recent trip to Antarctica with Fiona on a cruise Aurora Expeditions via South Georgia & the Falkland Islands. This was Phil’s 3rd trip to Antarctica as he has always been fascinated by the continent that is the same size as Australia or USA.

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Induction of Colin Steel and Sue Church 2023-04-17 14:00:00Z 0

Visit to David Hodge.

The Rotary Club visited David Hodge's vintage tractor collection.

David thanked the owners of the vintage cars for bringing their cars for display.

David spoke on his father's dedication to the Rotary Club of Numurkah over 46 years. Graham's priorities were family, farming and Rotary. Maintaining 100% attendance, Rotary was a great part of his life.

David then spoke of his tractor collection, detailing there history of the Lanz Bulldog tractor. The Lanz Bulldog was a series of tractors manufactured by Heinrich Lanz AG in Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Production started in 1921 with the Lanz HL, and various versions of the Bulldog were produced up to 1960, one of them being the Lanz Bulldog D 9506John Deere purchased Lanz in 1956 and started using the name "John Deere Lanz" for the Lanz product line. A few years after the Bulldog was discontinued the Lanz name fell into disuse. The Lanz Bulldog was one of the most popular German tractors, with over 220,000 of them produced in its long production life. The name "Bulldog" is widely used in Germany as a synonym for tractors even today, especially in Bavaria.

David spoke on the history of the other tractors in his collection, a 1938 John Deere, Jim Powel's Ferguson and a 1936 Bulldog among them.

Visit to David Hodge. 2023-04-02 14:00:00Z 0

4WD Trip 2023

Good Hope Flat on the Buckland River was a well chosen destination for the Rotary Club of Numurkah’s annual high country trip this weekend. Great food, spectacular scenery and good company meant that this worthwhile fundraiser was another success for our club. Well done to all those that made it happen and to all those that supported it.

4WD Trip 2023 2023-04-02 14:00:00Z 0

Bec I'anson guest speaker

Bec I'Anson, counsellor with NCN Health spoke to the club.
Whilst undertaking a business administration course at RMIT, undertook a placement at the Heidelberg Magistrates Court, after three months offered a traineeship as Deputy Registrar involving the scheduling of the hearings and running the court.
Loved interaction with people, and the variety of people and issues.
Moved to Regional Victoria in Shepparton, as growing up in the country, wanted the country lifestyle for her young family.
Position involved supporting victims of violent crimes, ensuring rights and interests of victims was respected and protected.
Unfortunately, job involved long days and lots of time travelling.
Moved to Moira Shire as a youth worker, supporting youngsters in schools.
Has been with NCN Health for 10 years as a counsellor in the Community Health Centre, supporting clients with many issues, and filling a service gap, providing next step after doctor's consultation to help and achieve good health outcomes.
As a counsellor, listen more than talk, becoming a health and lifestyle coach.
In 2012 set up own business, which is developing and growing.

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Renee McDermott's induction. 2023-03-20 13:00:00Z 0

Faye Holmes guest speaker.

Faye Holmes guest speaker to Rotary meeting.
Looking back on her teaching career, Faye said she was proud of achievement in bringing to children, and parents, food, health and wellbeing.
Programmed meal preparation, budget, planning of meals through programs devised by herself such as, "Healthy Cooking" and "Mimi Master Chef" involving children in food.
Many children do not know how to use kitchen utensils and are not a participant in meal preparation at home.
Trained children to overcome lack of basic skills and introduced variety in food and meals, not exposed to at home.
Parents seem to not understand that children will take on board new skills.
Children disengaged in families, losing connection to basic skills.
Ideally teach how to get back to engaging children and families in a healthy life.

Faye Holmes guest speaker. 2023-03-20 13:00:00Z 0

43rd Annual Art & Craft Exhibition

The Rotary Club of Numurkah 43rd Annual Art & Craft exhibition was held in the Numurkah Town Hall from Friday 10th to Monday 13th March, attracting excellent exhibits, appreciated by a large public attendance.
Rotary Club President Rex Shield welcomed everyone at the official opening Friday night, thanking them for their attendance. Rex also thanked the exhibitors for such a wide and diverse collection of art and craft including photography on display.
Rex thanked the organising committee led by Chris Sutton and acknowledged the contribution of Lou Hamon who served as chairman of the committee for 27 years, ensuring the longevity and high standard of the exhibition.
The exhibition was officially opened by Rotary District Governor David McPherson who congratulated the Rotary club for such an outstanding exhibition.
Art judge, Ross Paterson, before announcing and commenting on the art entries congratulated the Rotary Club on the longevity of the exhibition, which he considered to be the best art show in regional Victoria with its wide selection of work in a wide variety of styles and medium. Ross then announced the winners in each section.
Jeff Buzza from Home Hardware and Timber, the major sponsor, spoke on behalf of the sponsors saying once again he marvelled at the skill of the artists and their willingness to put themselves out there to face our criticism.
Best in Show was awarded to “Still Life with Fruit” by Glen Hoyle from Langwarrin. Ross said, “The artist has utilised tonal values and colour to achieve the necessary illusion of well arranged fruit and transparent plastic wrapping”.
Runner Up was “Garden Memories” by Do Noble from Doveton. “A well-designed work, exemplary in its use of colour gradation to attain a poetic feeling”.
Best Oil was “Summer Colour, Harcourt” by Geoff Paynter from Bendigo. “A painting of excellent mood, light, and skilful colour mixing to attain the essential feeling of summer”.
Best Watercolour was “Morning Light, Prague” by Glen Hoyle from Langwarrin. “This painting is a stand-out, with its excellent design and the very clean, lucid washes of varying tone and intensity – all used to obtain a work of mood and feeling.”
Best Pastel was “Eye On the Job” by Marianne Scarvelis from Murchison. “A work of action and very appropriate colour on a grey-toned paper base, utilising tone and colour with some skill to fulfill the work”.
Best Acrylic was “The Red Tea Pot” by Maryann Jenkins, Echuca. “A lovely decorative painting with great use of colour and composition”
Kevin Davis Regional Artist Encouragement Award was “Still Life” by Norma Bailey-Ramsay, Tocumwal. “A lovely, aesthetic painting arrangement of still life form”.
Moira Art & Culture Inc. Encouragement Award was “The Lonely Dog” by Geoff Lugg, Numurkah. “Geoff uses his own unique way of interpreting to his paintings, and his use of strong edges, contrast of tone and texture, all combine to enhance”.
Highly Commended:
Peter Moulton, Mulwala, “Summer Storm”.
Bev Williams, Numurkah “The Colours of Autumn”.
Jeanette Graham, Strathmerton “A Road to Somewhere”.
Photographic Award was “The Bike” by Dennis Rickard, Numurkah. “A beautiful, produced work of art, quite simple in concept, yet well balanced and unified by the textured stone wall.”
Runner Up Photography Award “After the Harvest - Numurkah” by Gavin Parkinson. “The photographer’s patience and excellent timing to capture “this instance in time” is quite remarkable.”
Claire Reid, Craft Judge commented on the wide variety of craft forms in announcing the winners.
Best Craft Entry was David Saxton “Singer Sewing Machine Tractor”. “Using repurposed found objects to create a tractor with moving parts, was amazing”.
Quilt Award Margaret Andrew with “Rajah Arrived”. “Margaret has reimagined with Australian colouring a quilt created in 1849 by convict women”.
General Craft was awarded to Lorna Colmer, Nathalia “Shire Horse”. “A needle felted shire horse beautifully felted over a frame and use of varied fleece”.
Knitting and Crochet Award was Fiona Carruthers, Numurkah “Between the lines Diamonds”. “Stranded cotton crochet in a diamond pattern. Movement and colour change as the item is draped is stunning”.
Ceramic and Pottery Award Wendy Lee, Brigalong, “Small Vase”. “Beautifully balanced glaze in a duck egg blue glaze.”
Chris Sutton, chair of the Art & Craft Committee of the Rotary Club of Numurkah said “The club was incredibly pleased with the standard of work on display, the support of local sponsors, and the attendance numbers during the weekend.

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Cate Eddy guest speaker

Cate Eddy, Principal of Numurkah Secondary College spoke to the club as guest speaker. Brough up in a stable, loving family on an Invergordon orchard. As a child enjoyed summer, swimming and bike riding.

Educated Invergordon Primary School and Numurkah Secondary College, encouraged to enter university. Settled in Melbourne and graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science. Having great memories of school, teaching came to mind at the end of the course.

Married and travelled around Australia, working on farms. Returned to University and graduated with a Diploma of Education, returning to district and teaching at St. Mary's, with heart in public education taught at Wanganui for 27 years. Netball a big part of her life.

In 2013 with unpredictability of orchard business, pulled out the trees, and enlarged the farm.

Loved helping people, particularly the young, assisting with family problem or physical or mental illness, and building relationships.

Moved to Numurkah Secondary College as Assistant Principal, and after one year appointed Principal.

Changes at school have seen the development of greater opportunities in choice. Goal is to make NSC the school of choice for local families. Options for students include traineeships, or Bendigo or Melbourne University. The trade area important part of program.

Recruited well, with nine teachers commencing this year.

Proud to be a former High School student and proud to be back as Principal.


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43rd Art & Craft Exhibition 2023-02-28 13:00:00Z 0

Visit to Routley Orchard

Rotary met at Routley Orchard where Ivan and son Andrew took members on a tour of the orchard, before returning to the Golf Club for a BBQ dinner.

Situated on five farms of a total of 430 acres, 22,500 plum and nectarine trees have been planted, with proposed expansion to 550 acres with apples and cherries.


Visit to Routley Orchard 2023-02-27 13:00:00Z 0

Geoff Holmes - Community Service

P.P. GEOFF HOLMES - incoming community services director raised the prospect for ideas for projects next year, seeking to share the load and responsibility with new ideas from club members and public. Each table was asked to discuss and write down ideas.
Suggestions already received included:
  • Solar bollards along walking track.
  • Revamp structure at Kinnaird Wetlands.
  • R.V. Campsite signage of towns amenities.
  • Board walks at Kinnaird Wetlands.

Geoff Holmes - Community Service 2023-02-20 13:00:00Z 0

Certificate of Appreciation

Rotarian Kate Hodge presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Karen and Adrian Ford for opening their garden during the Open Garden Weekend organised by Rotary.

Certificate of Appreciation 2023-02-13 13:00:00Z 0

Shelagh Curmi guest speaker

Shelagh Curmi, Regional Manager, Goulburn Broken, Trust for Nature spoke to the club on its visit to Kinnaird's Wetland.
Trust for Nature works in partnership with voluntary private landowners to permanently protect their land through Conservation Covenants. These agreements, attached to the Title of the land, ensure the native plants and wildlife upon it have the opportunity to flourish with protection forever. Even if the property is later sold, the covenant remains attached to the title.
After a Conservation Covenant has been agreed, the regional teams are available to provide stewardship support to landowners. They can offer advice, land management skills and information on matters like species identification and government incentives.
216 properties covering 9,000 hectares in Goulburn Broken Region have conservation covenants

Shelagh Curmi guest speaker 2023-02-13 13:00:00Z 0
Wilma Crowther Induction 2023-01-30 13:00:00Z 0

Australia Day 2023

Rotary Club of Numurkah was nominated for three awards, at the Numurkah Australia Day Ceremony, as well as providing the BBQ Breakfast..

Australia Day 2023 2023-01-25 13:00:00Z 0

Phil Seager guest speaker


Chair & Guest Speaker - Phil Seager. Recently travelled to the Elvis Festival in Parkes which attracts thousands of visitors. Toured “The Dish” facility & shared a physics trick he learnt. Phil displayed photos of their recent trip with friends to the south island of New Zealand. After flying to Queenstown they travelled via bus & a helicopter to get them to Lake Manapouri to board a 30 meter boat which catered for 32 passengers for a week. Captain James Cook surveyed the area back in 1772 on the “Resolution” which was 34 meters long & catered for 72 sailors. The captain, cook & numerous crew members had to be replaced during the trip due to Covid. Gumboots were required to trek through the mud as the area receives between 3 – 8 meters of rain. Phil & Fiona finished off the trip with another week in NZ before returning home.

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Louise Hall Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker – Louise Hall. In 2019 her daughter Charlotte was diagnosed with Lebrunes Syndrome which is a genetic disorder that was first discovered in 1995. Charlotte was only 9 at the time. They were living in Townsville but decided to relocate back home to Numurkah for family support. Lebrunes Syndrome is a bit like Parkinsons, & Charlotte has tremors on her left side. The disease often causes cysts to develop & blow up which need to be surgically removed. Trial treatment is currently being undertaken with Zebra fish in the UK. There is limited funding for treatment as the condition is so rare. A family trip to the Gold Coast is scheduled in March thanks to Make A Wish. Charlotte is about to commence secondary school with SMOTA & they have been putting down flat ground in places for her plus grab rails & a support worker to assist her where necessary. Charlotte is living her life, having fun & her favourite thing is talking to people so if anyone spots Louise & Charlotte down the street, please stop to say hello.

Louise Hall Guest Speaker 2023-01-16 13:00:00Z 0

New Year BBQ with Lions Club

The first meeting of the year, the annual get together with the Numurkah Lions Club.
A hot evening but it was well attended with approximately 70 Lions, Rotarians & Partners enjoying a 2-course meal at the Bowls Club.

New Year BBQ with Lions Club 2023-01-09 13:00:00Z 0

Donation to St Vinnies Christmas Appeal

On behalf of the Rotary Club of Numurkah treasurer Stephen Mills presented $800 raised at the Club's Christmas Break Up to St Vinnies Christmas Appeal.
Donations of gifts from St Joseph's Primary School, Church of Christ, Uniting Church and St John's Catholic Church will enable St Vinnies to distribute gifts to local families and children plus a voucher so that they can but something special.
In accepting the donation from Rotary Annette Cope expressed appreciation to Rotary.
Pictured Rotary treasurer Stephen Mills, Annette Cope St Vinnies and Fr. Jochin Joy.



Donation to St Vinnies Christmas Appeal 2022-12-12 13:00:00Z 0

Open Garden Certificates of Appreciation.

Rotarian Kate Hodge presented Certificates of Appreciation to the gardeners who opened up their gardens for the Open Garden Weekend.
Sue Church and Colin Steel, Linda and John Watson. David Roberts and Adrian Ford were apologies.

Open Garden Certificates of Appreciation. 2022-12-12 13:00:00Z 0

Christmas Break Up 2022

The Rotary Club of Numurkah held their Christ Break Up meeting at the home of Judy McDonald and Rex Shields.
Donations collected amounting to $595 to be donated to St Vinnies Christmas Appeal.

Christmas Break Up 2022 2022-12-12 13:00:00Z 0

Les Lawrence Shield

The annual bowls competition between the Rotary Club of Numurkah and Rotary Club of Nathalia returned after a hiatus due to COVID.
Hosted by Numurkah, the Rotary Club of Nathalia took home the Les Lawrence Shield.

Les Lawrence Shield 2022-12-05 13:00:00Z 0

Donny Sofra and Craig Brown guest speakers          

Donny and Craig spoke to the club about the inundation of Kaarimba and district, following the Loch Gary debacle.
Early 1900's levee constructed along Goulburn River to protect lower river plains, with the construction of Loch Gary to regulate the flows down the river.
When flood levels reach 10.6m at Shepparton, practice is to pull bars within 24 hours at Loch Gary. This should have taken place early Sunday but through lack of communication, delayed till late afternoon, by which time it was unsafe to pull the bars.
Could have been avoided, with water breaking through the levee and flooding crops and houses.
After levee failed, sandbagging by the small community commenced, the number of volunteers increased rapidly with the Waaia Football Club members and others joining.
On Monday evacuation order issued for Kaarimba. Volunteers increased to over 100, filling 17,000 bags in 4 days. Bags also sent to Barmah, Picola and Nathalia.
The Rotary Club of Numurkah took on the task of feeding the volunteers, which was gratefully accepted.

Donny Sofra and Craig Brown guest speakers 2022-11-28 13:00:00Z 0
Open Garden Program 2022-11-21 13:00:00Z 0

Historical Society visit.

On behalf of the Numurkah Historical society Jeff Blackley welcomed members of the Rotary Club of Numurkah and Historical Society members. Planned to be an outdoor meeting but held indoor due to the weather.

The Historical Society has undergone many changes over the last 4 - 5 years.

The Society is proud of its work in updating displays with the addition of a tool shed, police cells, witness box, railway display, laundry, bathroom, upstairs costume display, dairy shed.

This year the Society has collaborated with other organisations such as Rotary and RSL with the Soldier Settlers Memorial, Numurkah Secondary College year 8 and 9 local history elective with tours and visits, a Society bus tour and walking tour of historical points of interest, with a brochure produced, and Show Us Your Wheels with displays and cobber cars.

The museum has been visited by school groups, S.A. historical group, reunion groups from High School. Cemetry walks are well attended, and people researching family history.

In 2025 Numurkah and Wunghnu celebrate their 150 year celebration on gazetting as towns. The Society is keen to mark the occasion and will soon call a public meeting of organisations and groups to gauge interest and form a committee to plan the event.

The Historical Society is planning to undertake the placement of plaques on historical sites.


Historical Society visit. 2022-11-21 13:00:00Z 0

Rotary 43rd Annual Art & Craft Exhibition

Entry forms for the Rotary Club of Numurkah 43rd Annual Arts & Craft Exhibition are now available.
Offering $10,000 in prize money the exhibition will be staged in the Numurkah Town Hall from Friday 10th March to Monday 13th March 2023.
Entry forms are being posted to last year's exhibitors and are available from the Numurkah Visitor Information Centre and Numurkah Library and Numurkah Home Hardware.
Forms can also be found on the club's Facebook page and Website.
Rotary 43rd Annual Art & Craft Exhibition  2022-11-17 13:00:00Z 0

Sally Rose & Trudi Pratt guest speakers

Sally Rose, Deputy Municipal Recovery Manager with Greater Shepparton Council, and Trudi Pratt Emergency Management Co-ordinator with Greater Shepparton City Council, and Moira Shire, spoke to the club about the response, relief and recovery undertaken with the floods in Shepparton and Moira.
Incident Contril Centre (ICC) set up for such events and disasters as the emergency management control point. Staffed 24 hours by all agencies with people skilled in the event, responding to intel. Council's role is to support the agency, not respond until requested. Unless requested to assist council is not funded.
Next process is the establishment of MICC (Municipal Incident Control Centre), taking instruction from ICC to get systems in place to follow requests from ICC.
Flood different to previous floods, with overland flooding joining river flooding. Emergency Centres were set up in Shepparton and Tatura (either side of the Goulburn River), with up to 400 people housed. Staffed by council, St John's Ambulance, Salvation Army and Service Clubs, providing needs and services to those displaced. Moira Shire has 31 relief centres.
Learning from what we know, what we have done, and what we need to do to facilitate recovery.
Moira minor to moderate flooding, a Murray River event.

Sally Rose & Trudi Pratt guest speakers 2022-11-14 13:00:00Z 0

Clive Deetles guest speaker

Clive Deetles, site manager of GrainCorp was guest speaker.
Clive, a chemical engineer, has been with GrainCorp for 2 years. Born in Zambia, resided and worked in U.K., U.S., and Singapore, working 10 years with Nuplex/Allnex a resin manufacturer, 10 years with Monsanto and 11 years with Unilever.
GrainCorp was founded in 1917 and has $8M in sales and 2,380 employees, biggest division in Grain on east coast. Numurkah factory in Oilseeds division.
Resource local canola seeds producing oil, refined then blended, with canola meal used for cattle feed.
1979 began crushing operation in Numurkah, in 2012 acquired Riverland, in 2015 $30M expansion of capacity and in 2018 expanded seed crushing capacity.
  • GrainCorp has added 2 million tons of new equipment.
  • GrainCorp together with CSIRO and V2food established a $4.4M plant-based protein research.
  • Auscol collects cooking oils and convert to renewable oil.
  • GrainCorp and Loam Bio, collaboration on soil carbon.
  • From Surf to Turf funding boost for fertilisers.
  • Injected $30M into AgTech.
Committed to net zero carbon emission by 2050.
Community Foundation has granted $30,000 to local Numurkah organisations.
FY22 result in great safety, good production values with energy use down 6%.
Forward focus is sustainability, innovation and optimising logistics.

Clive Deetles guest speaker 2022-11-07 13:00:00Z 0

Garry McNamara Guest Speaker.


Rotarian Garry McNamara was guest speaker, filling in at the last minute when scheduled guest speaker was unable to attend due to floods.

Garry previously spoke to the club about his army service, this time speaking about being a jockey.

Prior to army, wanted to be a jockey, left school early for a job at Deloraine Racecourse stables. First job was cleaning the boxes. Apprenticed as a jockey, then called up for National Service.

Returning to Ulverstone stables, riding and breaking horses in. After marriage moved to Ballarat, then a stud farm learning about breeding horses.

Moved to Brisbane and joined the army.


Garry McNamara Guest Speaker. 2022-10-24 13:00:00Z 0

Fr Jophin Joy guest speaker


Fr. Jophin Joy parish priest in the Numurkah and Nathalia Catholic Parishes was guest speaker.

Fr. Jophin grew up in a middle-class farming family in India, farming 5 acres mixed crops, relying on physical labour due to hills.

At the age of 15 years began orientation at a seminary. Three years orientation, then three years Bachelor of Theology. Believed that he could help others by joining priesthood. After ordination first posting was to a Pilgrim Centre then 2011-15 assistant priest and from 2015-20 a parish priest.

Sought to go to Australia for pastoral ministry but had to wait 2 years before borders opened. Arriving in Melbourne with a fellow priest, taken to Bendigo then moved at Shepparton as assistant priest. Now parish priest for Numurkah and Nathalia Parishes.

Every day a new experience with language and culture. Well supported by parishioners in his new role

Challenges, with the grace of God, he can face.


Fr Jophin Joy guest speaker 2022-10-17 13:00:00Z 0

Json Stevenson guest speaker.


Jason Stevenson, proprietor of Stevenson Fabrications spoke to the club.

Grew up on a farm in Naring, wanting to be a stock agent, was advised by father to get a trade. Attended Numurkah High School technical wing, then apprentice for 8 years in Shepparton in vehicle manufacturing.

Rented a shed in McDonald Street opposite GrainCorp, and established business Stevenson Fabrications.

Employ a staff of 15, predominately working for big companies including GrainCorp with 2 employees doing maintenance work. Fresh Milk Holdings another big company with 13,000 cows in barns, and Numurkah Solar Farm with 23 staff on-site and managing 120 employees during construction.

Pressure on small business is recruiting full time staff, relying on Secondary College for engagement of apprentices. Within workshop have to be versatile with big and small jobs. Installed a $300,000 laser cutter, and now a folding machine.

Looking to expand to a block on the highway, as running out of room in McDonald Street.


Json Stevenson guest speaker. 2022-10-10 13:00:00Z 0

Kushaal Kishore guest speaker


Kushaal Kishore spoke to the club about his life journey.

Boin In Fiji, raised in a small country town, after graduating at High School enrolled in University of Suva, interested in medical profession. In 2007 commenced 4-year pharmacy course. Undertaking elective in Townsville.

Undertook 7 years in retail in Fiji, able to provide point of difference to people with opportunity to interact.

In 2017 moved to work in Harvey Bay then Cobram to finish internship. Fiji degree recognised in Australia but required to do an internship and sit for a Pharmacy Board exam.

Having grown up in a small town, found Numurkah comforting with satisfaction from interacting with locals. Planning to stay as enjoying the country lifestyle and being part of the community. Kushaal considers it a privilege to serve the community.


Kushaal Kishore guest speaker 2022-10-03 13:00:00Z 0

John Rhodes guest speaker.

John Rhodes from the CFA spoke to the club on CFA Property Advice Service.
John has been a CFA member for 40 years, following the footsteps of his father, with son and wife also in the CFA.
CFA provide property advice visit service, whether it be street corner meetings, property site visits, bushfire planning workshops, developing a fire safe plan, community fire guard risks and stay and defend workshops.
New fire danger rating system adopted telling likelihood of CFA stopping a fire.
Moderate: Most fires can be contained. Plan and prepare.
High: Fires can be dangerous. Be ready to act.
Extreme: Fires will spread quickly and be extremely dangerous. Take action to protect life and property.
Catastrophic: If a fire starts and takes hold, lives are likely to be lost. 
CFA recommend preparing an "Emergency Kit" containing photo ID, passport, photos, will, jewelry, insurance papers, medical prescriptions, USB stick containing important files, medicines and first aid kit, battery powered radio and torch, mobile phone with charger.
Prepare property for bush fires by reducing risks. Your guide to survival, have a leave early plan, property assessment of risks.

John Rhodes guest speaker. 2022-09-26 14:00:00Z 0

Omen Nolovu guest speaker.

Omen Volovu, manager homelessness program of Salvation Army was guest speaker to the club.

Malaga House, in Nathalia, was formerly owned and run by the Aboriginal Advancement League but fell vacant when services were transferred to Rumbalara Shepperton.

Homelessness is a human structural challenge caused by domestic violence, finance, relationship breakdowns.

As house prices shot up, social housing reached used by date and not replaced.

Salvation Army acquired Malaga House in Nathalia to be used to shelter women 55 years and above as six out of ten homeless are women.

Women facing challenges from housing crisis, financial crisis, gender gap in wages, and marriage breakdown are offered one year accommodation.

During that time, they are taught life skills and linked to business, assisting in getting jobs. The women find who they are and who they might be.

Malago House has 12 self-contained bedrooms with two living areas. The bedrooms are complete but living areas require dining room sets, TV's.

Aim is to pick them up and walk with them.


Omen Nolovu guest speaker. 2022-09-19 14:00:00Z 0

Paul & Robyn Lindsay guest speakers

 After they married they started with cropping & sheep farming on 2000 acres. In 1999 bought another farm which had a dairy which they farmed with other family members until 2006 & they dissolved the partnership between themselves & bid on farms & assets they wanted. They restarted with 280 dairy cows with 1000 acres plus they leased 500 acres for cropping until 2010 when Paul suffered bowel disease. Over the next 12 months whilst Paul was undergoing treatment Robyn, plus a worker & one of their sons ran the business. In 2011 they were nominated & won Red Sky Dairy Business of the Year for 2010. From 2011 – 2017 they went on to buy another property each year ending up with 5300 acres milking 700 cows. They took on their first visa holder in 2017 to cover staff shortages. Now have 9 visa holders all from Phillipines with Ag Science degrees. Housing is provided by them & eventually most want to bring their families out but there is no guarantee that after 4 years on 482 visas that the visa holders will qualify for residency status. Sam Birrell, local MP to look into the issue.


Paul & Robyn Lindsay guest speakers 2022-09-13 14:00:00Z 0

Mark Peterson guest speaker

Mark Peterson spoke to the club on Bio-Dynamic Farming.
Undertook a farm apprenticeship after schooling in Nathalia. After a visit to a bio-dynamic farm where he was amazed at the quality of the farm and the animals started bio-dynamic farming in 1987.
In common with other forms of organic agriculture, biodynamic agriculture uses management practices that are intended to "restore, maintain and enhance ecological harmony". Central features include crop diversification, the avoidance of chemical soil treatments and off-farm inputs generally, decentralized production and distribution, and the consideration of celestial and terrestrial influences on biological organisms. 
In 2008 launched milk onto market, although more expensive, with most going to health food shops and a quarter to coffee shops.
In a newspaper blind taste test, bio-dynamic milk came out on top.
Bio-dynamic farming enhances the soil and soil structure with humus and organic levels raised.
Producing a sustainable product as the consumer wants a better tasting product.
Bio-dynamic farming under stringent standards with environmental best practices and welfare of animals at a high standard.
Horn Manure 500 is the original biodynamic soil spray and is made from fresh cow manure, buried in cow horns over winter. It is a powerful soil activator helping root development and growth of the plant as well as humus formation in the soil.

Mark Peterson guest speaker 2022-09-05 14:00:00Z 0

Vocational Service Award

Deb Fowler awarded the Rotary Club of Numurkah "Jack Duncan Vocational Service award" by Chris Hardham, Vocational Service Director.

Vocational Service Award 2022-08-29 14:00:00Z 0

Deb Fowler guest speaker

Deb Fowler on previous occasions had spoken to the club on the her work with Bohollow Wildlife Shelter and The Numurkah Community Learning Centre, choosing this time to speak to the club on her role as a community visitor with the Office of Public Advocate.
The Public Advocate is an independent statutory officer, with considerable legislative power to promote and safeguard the rights and interests of people with disability.
Like the Ombudsman, the Public Advocate has significant powers to investigate allegations of abuse of vulnerable Victorians, reporting directly to Parliament.
The Public Advocate was established under the Guardianship and Administration Act 1986 and continues under the Guardianship and Administration Act 2019.
The Public Advocate is supported by around 100 staff and more than 650 volunteers.
OPA's vision is for a just and inclusive society that respects and promotes the dignity and human rights of all people.
OPA's purpose is to promote and protect the rights and interests of people with disability, and work to eliminate abuse, neglect and exploitation.
In all activities and relationships, OPA strives to demonstrate:
Respect: treat everyone equally and with dignity and justice, accept each person's individuality, acknowledge diversity and promote self-determination
Compassion: accept people as they are and understand, acknowledge and have empathy for their circumstances
Inclusiveness: strive to empower all people to contribute and participate
Ethical behaviour: act at all times in a principled and informed manner, treat people fairly, accept accountability and uphold justice
Independence: be free-thinking, unbiased and impartial, and challenge the status quo.
As a community visitor, visits group homes and residential facilities, listens, observes and reports.

Deb Fowler guest speaker 2022-08-29 14:00:00Z 0

Wayne Limbrick guest speaker.

Wayne Limbrick, a passionate and dedicated supporter of Umoja Orphanage in Kenya spoke to the club on his involvement, and gave a 2022 update on the orphanage, using a PowerPoint presentation.
Umoja Orphanage, Kenya, is located south of Mombasa on east coast of Kenya, founded in 2011 and it is a RAWCS project. Wayne and partner Pam have been involved since 2012.
As a member of a volunteer group erected fencing around the farm compound. In 2015 returned and re-wired the fence replacing the rusted wire.
In 2019 returned with grand-daughter, which was a life changing experience for her, whilst there, Wayne was busy teaching locals how to use tools correctly.
2022 update:
  • Chicken shed completed.
  • Tank stand completed, which also provides two levels of accommodation.
  • Employing 7 full time employees plus casuals.
  • Food production for orphanage with excess for sale.
  • Second children's house practically completed.
  • New hydroponic greenhouse almost completed.
  • Second water tower being constructed for solar pump.
  • Workshop established in container.
  • Second house primed and one coat of paint.
Next Step:
  • Install solar pump.
  • Re-fence compound.
  • Final paint of new house.
  • Repaint existing house.
  • More training on tractor.
Wayne and Pam planning to return in October.
"Together we can make a difference".
Wayne Limbrick guest speaker. 2022-08-22 14:00:00Z 0

Dominique Cosgriff guest speaker


Dominique Cosgriff, proprietor and editor "Numurkah Leader" spoke to the club.

A story of a single mum, triumphing over adversity. Attended Shepparton High School, moved to Melbourne, them travelled the world, married, then single mum to two children.

Son a cabinet maker, living at home, daughter in Melbourne, Masters in International Development. Being a single mum hard, but rewarding.

Completed a writing and editing course at TAFE, free-lanced at Shepparton News, other jobs included kitchen-hand, SPC tomato line. Applied unsuccessfully for a job as a journalist at Numurkah Leader, after three months re-interviewed and offered job.

Every day different, meeting lots of people. Ownership of Numurkah Leader offered with plan to purchase in 2020, then COVID hit, with pause in plans. Eventually taking over in March 2021, the beginning of a new chapter.

Right opportunity came at the right time. Accepted role because of local community spirit and terrific team at Leader.

Major hick-up when new CEO of Moira Shire unwilling to accept any article exposing anything about Shire not favorable.

All hell broke loose! Unique job running a small country newspaper, being independent, tenuous position when on own. Moira Shire pulled advertising, but readership rose up in support. A David and Goliath struggle, but community support unbelievable. Broke a rule for newspapers, in not to become the story. Struggle showed staunch community and staff  appreciation of free press.

Since then, one year on things going well. Still loving every minute.


Dominique Cosgriff guest speaker 2022-08-15 14:00:00Z 0

R.I. Regionalisation Project

A.G. Lorraine Greenwood made a presentation on the  Regionalisation pilot scheme, in itself a work in progress, to the combined meeting of Numurkah and Nathalia Rotary Clubs.
Rotary International is considering a project to address membership, public image, communication, leadership and fundraising challenges to help define a more sustainable future for Rotary.
With a membership decline of 24%, to realise our future, change is required. 
Must face challenges of: ageing, attracting and retaining members, public lack of understanding and complex structure.
The project seeks to develop and test a streamlined governance approach to:
  • Allow clubs sharing geography, culture to organise on ways that suit them.
  • Eliminate duplication, to make more responsive and cost effective.
  • Best resources easily accessible to every club.
  • Improve communication to enhance club and member engagement.
  • Grow membership.
  • Attract more community, corporate and government sector support by communicating with one voice.
  • Foster more diverse perspectives in decision making.
  • Enhance leadership and personal development activities to better suit our modern world.
  • Reduce the burden of administration responsibilities placed upon leaders.
The overarching aim of the project is to provide better and more direct support to Rotary clubs through a less layered and more developed contemporary approach.
Principles of Regionalisation structure:
  • Democratically elect Region Council.
  • Area leader elected by 10-25 clubs
  • Any Rotarian can nominate themselves.
  • Representation important - geography, gender.
  • 2-4 year term.
  • Collect best resources to help support each club.
Clubs and Districts to vote on are we interested in taking part in designing Rotary for the future.

R.I. Regionalisation Project 2022-08-08 14:00:00Z 0

Craig Beamish guest speaker

Craig Beamish, Ambulance Victoria Team Manager at Numurkah spoke to the club about community AED.
AED's save lives of patients with cardiac arrest. CPR and defibrillators important, as longer wait the brain cells start to die off.
Cardiac arrest is often unexpected. For every minute a patient doesn’t get CPR/defibrillation, their chances of survival fall by 10%.
External defibrillators designed for community members to use with minimal training. Internal computer analysis rhythm and instructs actions to be taken.
Currently 16-18 defibrillators registered in Numurkah with only one accessible 24 hours at the Senior Citizen Club.
GoodSAM is a free global smartphone app that alerts responders to someone nearby in cardiac arrest. GoodSAM is linked to the Triple Zero (000) communications centre, so as soon as an ambulance is dispatched, a GoodSAM alert will notify responders.
How does it work?
How to help a stranger in cardiac arrest? It’s easier than you think.
  1. A Triple Zero call (000) triggers an alert to be sent to a GoodSAM Responder.
  2. The responder is told the location of the patient and the nearest available defibrillator (AED).
  3. At the same time, the closest available ambulance is simultaneously sent to the patient, and in some parts of Victoria, the fire brigade is also dispatched.
  4. Meanwhile, the GoodSAM Responder can provide CPR and, if possible, make use of the nearest available defibrillator. This gives the patient a greater chance of survival. 

Craig Beamish guest speaker 2022-08-01 14:00:00Z 0

Paul Arnel guest speaker.


Paul Arnel, principal St Joseph's Primary School, spoke to the club reflecting on the school community over the last two years.

Started on high anxiety, with school closed, called on all resources, issuing lap-tops. Youngest staff members showed prowess with technology and ability to stay connected.

Role of school shifted from academic to social and connectiveness for students and families.

Best possible staff managing own family life, managing students on-line and assisting their families.

Rotated staff through lockdowns, rotating students and families through school.

Families that had been struggling, struggled more through COVID. Tried different strategies to maintain links, providing food hampers, games and social contact, with focus on social aspect.

Frustration towards the end with families sick of home learning.

On return, students had to cope with masks, air-purifiers and cleaning.

A year and a half on, students found it difficult to fit in, extra staff engaged to assist students struggling.

Vigilant in practices, conservative, flexible and adaptive and always hopeful. 


Paul Arnel guest speaker. 2022-07-25 14:00:00Z 0

D.G. Visit

District Governor David McPherson in making his official visit to the club, spoke on his goals for the year.
Rotary Strategic Plan is to increase impact, expand our reach and enhance participants engagement, and development of equality and inclusion.
  • Diversity - welcome people of all backgrounds, cultures, experiences and ideals.
  • Equity - ensure each person has access to resources, opportunities, network and support.
  • Inclusion - create a culture where each person knows they are valued and belong.
 Different Kinds of Rotary clubs:
  • Satellite - members with sponsor club choose their own structure.
  • Passport - members attend any club.
  • Corporate - members work for same employer.
  • Cause-based - members unite to address a particular cause.
Club culture number one reason members leave, care and comfort in club is important.
Rotary born 117 years ago with need to be evolutionary and at times revolutionary.
Partners Project: Wheelchairs for Kids.
David concluded by screening a video presentation by R.I. President Jennifer Jones.

D.G. Visit 2022-07-11 14:00:00Z 0

Stacey & Michael - Deadly Art

– Stacey & Michael operate Deadly Art which displays & sells indigenous artefacts, didgeridoos & art works from local artists including their own. They first opened in March in Meiklejohn Street but have recently moved to Melville Street.
Stacey spoke of her Pop, Cecil Clayton who served in the Australian Army as a Soldier & was a Rat of Tobruk. After he returned from war 9 of his 13 children were taken.
Michael demonstrated an Emu Caller to imitate the mating calls from emus, a whacking stick, digging stick & a Yorta/Yorta walking stick which can be become a weapon. The indigenous motto is “what you take from the land you must use” – no wastage.
An invitation was extended to Michael & Tracey to join next year’s Art Show to display their works.
Michael attempted the digeridoo.

Stacey & Michael - Deadly Art 2022-07-04 14:00:00Z 0

Changeover meeting 2022

A successful Rotary Club Changeover Meeting was attended by 57 members, guests and partners, with District Governor Elect Netta Kirby.
President Gary Phillips delivering the President's Report.
District Governor Elect Netta Kirby presenting a Paul Harris Sapphire recognition to Lou Hamon, with Chris Sutton.
Col McPherson Community Service Award presented to David Geddes by Duncan McPherson with Community Service Director Julie Andrew.
President Rex Shields with incoming board members.

Changeover meeting 2022 2022-06-26 14:00:00Z 0

Jennifer Rodger guest speaker.

Jennifer Rodger spoke to the club on her new vocation as a Marriage Celebrant.
To be a Marriage Celebrant must have completed a Certificate IV in Celebrancy and be registered with the Attorney General's Office. Became official on 17/05/2022.
Celebrants bound by a Code Of Conduct and performance review. There are approximately 10,000 authorised celebrants practicing in Australia, and in 2020 80% of all marriages were conducted by a celebrant.
The Marriage Act became legislation in 1961 and amended in 2017 to provide for marriage equality in Australia. The Marriage Act defines marriage as the union of 2 people to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life.
A marriage occurring in Australia may be solemnised on any day, at any time and at any place. with the marriage registered in the State or Territory where the marriage occurred within 14 days.
Celebrants have an important role not only because of the legal consequence of marriage, but also because of their central significance to the parties.
It is the responsibility of each party to a marriage to satisfy the celebrant that they are free to marry.
A Declaration of No Legal Impediment must be signed by the couple before the celebrant as to their conjugal status and belief and that there is no legal impediment to the marriage. This usually occurs at the wedding rehearsal.
The celebrant liaises with the couple to organise the ceremony and is usually responsible for providing the PA system, and if music is played the necessary copyright obligations.
 A wedding ceremony must have both parties present, a celebrant and two witnesses and takes 20-30 minutes.
Jennifer then conducted a mock wedding ceremony with Rex Shields and Judy McDonald.

Jennifer Rodger guest speaker. 2022-06-20 14:00:00Z 0
Art Show proceeds to Community Bus Appeal 2022-06-14 14:00:00Z 0

Dorothy and Peter Heard guest speakers.

Dorothy and Peter Heard spoke to the club about the history of the Numurkah Town Band.
As far back as 1883 Numurkah had brass bands, but in 1903 musician John Tracey moved to Numurkah and was asked to form a band of young students which a debut as the Numurkah Town Band in 1904, playing at a dance in the Mechanics Institute.
Prior to TV, the band provided entertainment and amusement for the town, In 1908 a band rotunda was built for the band to perform concerts monthly. The rotunda has been moved and modified several times, since.
In 1909 the band made 106 appearances. During World War I the band played at the railway station for departing troops. 1939 band was in recess during World War II, reforming under George Paterson in 1949 with new grey uniforms.
Highlights of those years were the massed band competition with up to a dozen bands competing. The band has had many band masters including George Paterson after the war, Col McPherson, Arthur Smith and present leader Isobel Hodge, the longest serving as director of music with Michelle Davis as assistant.
Membership has fluctuated going down to 10, then 5 in 2007, presently 25. Spasmodic attendances and shortage of money have always been a problem, with Moira Shire, Rotary & Lions and business houses assisting, and regular Bunnings BBQs held, to raise funds to repair old or purchase new instruments.
Initially the band rehearsed in various shops and venues. In 1883 the Railway Hotel built a dinning room which was later purchased for $200 in 1977 and moved to current site. Unfortunately the hall became a target for vandalism. When the Shire amalgamated, Moira Shire took over ownership and increased security.
Peter has been a member for 60 years with lots of memories, with many highlights and some sombre days.
Numurkah Town Band exists to serve the community by providing entertainment and opportunity for locals to join and learn.

Dorothy and Peter Heard guest speakers. 2022-06-06 14:00:00Z 0

Davis Forman guest speaker.

David Forman guest speaker having grown up in Molyullah near Benalla with a love of rural communities. Home schooled and at age 16 commenced training as a diesel mechanic. Mechanics core of being, buying a Honda motorbike when 14 years old.
After a year farming joined Hauslers in Shepparton, wanting a change from mechanics to retail became salesman, spare parts for 6 years at Peter Hill Honda.
Eventually purchasing the business, a large undertaking with long hours but fulfilling a passion to own own business.
Business employs 10, with the last few years challenging, but able to continue trading as deemed an essential business.
Supply a problem, although on-line sales not a problem, as able to back-up and service what is sold.
Service what we sell, there for the long term.
Changed name of business to Peter Hill Power to enable business to sell other brands as well as Honda.

Davis Forman guest speaker. 2022-05-23 14:00:00Z 0

Fay Scadden guest speaker

Fay Scadden was guest speaker talking to the club on the Nathalia Boarding Kennels & Cattery.
Established in 2000 by Maddy Kiel, leased in September 2016 and purchased April 2017 by Fay, husband David and daughter Vanessa.
Main Services: Dog boarding (150), cat boarding (50), doggy day care and doggy day out and BYO. Dog training, grooming and boarding pocket pets - rabbits, birds, pigs, guinea pigs.
Sub Services: Taxi service for boarding customers with Shepparton pick-up 2 days a week and Echuca pick-up 2 days a week. Photographs and Play-n-vaccine.
Kennels are open plan socialization, with 12 staff, 2 full time, 3 part time, 3 casual and 2 newbies.

Fay Scadden guest speaker 2022-05-17 14:00:00Z 0

Terry Brennan guest speaker.

Terry Brennan spoke to the club on his background as an A Grade Automotive Engineer. From 1924 to 1998 the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce trained and certified A Grade Automobile Engineers.

Terry, an apprentice with Rod Hurren, undertook the course with requirement, must be over 21 years, minimum of 7 years experience 2 year night school then sit for exam, which required a 70% pass rate.

In general, the candidate is expected to have a knowledge of the construction, operation, diagnosis, maintenance and repair of the various automotive systems and components. The syllabus included, Fitting and Machining, Welding, Electric Arc, Precision Tools and Trade Calculations, Engine Reconditioning, Transmissions, Final Drives, Electrical, Carburetors, Tuning, Adjusting & Diagnosis.

Examination is practical and theory written paper. with a 4 hour and another 8 hour theory exam.

Numurkah had a strong showing of A Grade Engineers, including among others, Doug Grenness, Doug Allchin, Frank Coonerty, Arnold Hern, Russell Blake, Don Chandler, Don Wilson and Adrian Doody. Numurkah had 44 mechanics when Terry started his apprenticeship.


Terry Brennan guest speaker. 2022-05-09 14:00:00Z 0

Dr Jennifer Coller guest speaker

Dr. Jennifer Coller, Cardiology lead G.V. Health, attended Melbourne University in 1997, with elective in fifth year served in Madras, India and Samoa. Returned for internship at RMH, then a year in UK. Returning for cariology training with PhD in Heart Failure at St Vincent's, then G.V. last seven years and in 2021 Cardiology Lead.

Cardiology Disease causes 1 in 4 deaths at a great cost to the Australian economy.

Patient story of a 62 year old women with Heart Failure.

  • complex medical history, heart disease, arterial fibrillation and heart failure.
  • managed by multiple specialists with multiple presentations to E.D.
  • educated around heart failure.
  • fluid retention.
  • clear action plan devised.
  • advanced care planning.
  • no recent hospitalisations.

Outpatient consultation at G.V. Health consultation suites with establishment of two outreach clinics, consultations 1000/year. Specialties: heart failure, AF/arrhythmias,  interventions, congenital heart disorder. Connected Cardiology with monthly outreach clinics focus on heart failure and echocardiography fortnightly.

Rapid Access Atrial Fibrillation Clinics with aim to early review of E.D. presentations.                      Cardiac Ambassadors Project with aim co-ordination of care.                                                                      Heart Failure Collaborative with aim to reduce heart failure re-admissions.

300,000 in Australia with Heart Failure 1.5% of population.                                                                Symptoms - breathlessness, fatigue, waking up in night with very short breath, feeling breathless when lying down, swollen ankles.


Dr Jennifer Coller guest speaker 2022-05-02 14:00:00Z 0

4WD Trip 2022

The Rotary Club of Numurkah just held a very successful 15th annual Environment & Heritage trip into the High Country at Frys Flat, with a chilly Bluff Hut being our lunch stop destination on Saturday. Lots of work goes on behind the scenes to ensure all goes smoothly so well done to all involved.

4WD Trip 2022 2022-04-04 14:00:00Z 0

John Watson guest speaker.


John Watson guest speaker spoke on Incitec Pivot and his involvement.

Pivot was formed in 1919 as a phosphate co-operative producing superphosphate with farmers only as shareholders, farmers initially purchasing shares at $10.

In 1997, corporate raider Doug Shears began buying shares to gain control of the company, with a move to demutualize the company. At that time, the company had 45,000 farmer shareholders and was the biggest co-op in Australia. Having 3 to 4 directors on his side, he ran candidates for the board to gain control.

John Watson and Allan McCallum ran a campaign opposing David Spears candidates, gaining 75% of votes cast. Chair and Deputy Chair controlled AGM and declared John & Allan lost on a technicality. Taking the case to the Victorian Supreme Court, John & Allan won. Following board meeting John was elected chairman.

New directors were recruited, but management was still a problem. Down the track, the CEO made a financial blunder, with banks moving to declare the company insolvent. Working through this in 2003 Pivot merged with Incitec.

In 2006 Southern Cross Fertilisers was purchased and in 2008 Incitec Pivot purchased Dyno-Nobel explosives business, becoming listed in the top 24 companies on the ASX.

In 2011 John retired. Of note, Incitec Pivot is the only manufacturer of urea in Australia, with Ad Blue now produced for the trucking industry.

John Watson guest speaker. 2022-04-04 14:00:00Z 0

Soldier Settler Memorial

The unveiling of the Murray Valley Soldier Settlement Scheme in Numurkah today was a huge success, with many children of the settlement returning back home. Three surviving widows had the honour of unveiling the memorial, with the assistance of the Baulkamaugh Scouts. Three years in the making, the effort was worth it, given the huge smiles from all those who made it. Well done to Stephen Mills and John Watson who got the project off the ground and all those who assisted along the way. 

Soldier Settler Memorial 2022-04-01 13:00:00Z 0

Fr Joe Taylor Guest speaker


Fr Joe Taylor as a young priest volunteered to serve in Papua New Guinea. PNG close to Australia, was a Dutch Colony and German Colony, with Australia administrating from World War II for 60 years before PNG established its sovereignty in 1975.

Based in Southern Highlands, 2,700m high in rugged country. RAAF used area for high level landing and take-off training. 

Population of 5M with 780 different languages with Pidgin the predominant language. Parliament is in three languages, Pidgin, English and Huli.

Job was to set up schools, whilst in PNG he set up four primary schools. Within PNG education is becoming more important with assistance of four Nuns literacy, nutrition and health are emphasised.

In the six years in PNG, Fr. Joe learnt about himself, what is important and what is not important.

Beautiful country, with population rapidly growing and western clothing being adopted.


Fr Joe Taylor Guest speaker 2022-03-28 13:00:00Z 0

Claire Birch guest speaker.

Claire Birch, Community Engagement Officer from Indigo Power, spoke to the club on community energy in our region.

Power hubs are organised and run by volunteers with the aim of 100% renewable energy.  Groups formed to carry out a variety of projects in type and size.

Benefit to communities include enabling equal access to the benefit of renewable energy, whilst combating and improving economies in regional towns. Projects provide a lasting legacy for future generations and provide management in times of emergency and disaster.

Community Power Hubs collaborate and support community engagement for communities to organise and implement renewable energy projects that benefit communities.

Projects underway in the North East include EV chargers and community storage batteries


Claire Birch guest speaker. 2022-03-21 13:00:00Z 0

42nd Annual Art & Craft Exhibition

The Rotary Club of Numurkah 42nd Annual Art & Craft Exhibition held in the Numurkah Town Hall over the weekend 11th to 14th March was an outstanding success with excellent attendance.

42nd Annual Art & Craft Exhibition 2022-03-16 13:00:00Z 0
42nd Annual Art & Craft Exhibition 2022-03-07 13:00:00Z 0

Margaret Crisp guest speaker.

Margaret Crisp spoke to the club on Bushfire Recovery following the devasting bushfires in Upper Murray in 2019/20.
Rotary and Lions proved to be flexible in getting into areas, with over 100 hay trucks, in a convoy, providing feed.
After feed, the next problem was fencing to contain the livestock. Team spent 4 1/2 weeks in area before Blaze Aid and Uniting Church fencers arrived.
Teams spent 18 months in Cudgewa recreational reserve where in the area, 308,242 hectares were burnt, 55 residences destroyed, over 200 buildings destroyed and over 18,000 head of cattle lost.
Over 10,000 volunteer hours spent fencing, book packs provided for school students, Albury Wodonga Health case management supported families in crisis. Bushfire Recovery Victoria, Red Cross, Salvation Army, Uniting Church are some of the organisations helping people move on.
It became apparent that Rotary needs a dedicated Recovery Committee, learning from impact of past disasters.

Margaret Crisp guest speaker. 2022-03-07 13:00:00Z 0

Nicole Wells guest speaker

Nicole Wells, Community Development Officer with NCN Health, spoke to the club about the Farm Community Connect Project.
Project managed by Deakin University with partnerships Moira and Strathbogie Shires.
Farm Community Connect Project supports farmers and farming families many who have lost connection and do not seek support, as well as supporting women and children.
Isolation and remoteness causing 56% Victorian farmers feeling they could cope.
Aim of project is to build resilience, develop social networks and foster a sense of belonging.
Intention is to deliver social events, family fun days and on farm workshops.
Rotary can support Farm Community Connect by volunteering support at activities and events, promote activities, catering at events and activities.

Nicole Wells guest speaker 2022-02-28 13:00:00Z 0

Community Bus Launch

Community Bus Fundraising Launch Saturday 26th February in Newman Square Numurkah.

Community Bus Launch 2022-02-26 13:00:00Z 0
Numurkah Community Bus Project 2022-02-22 13:00:00Z 0

Geoff Austin guest speaker

Geoff Austin spoke to the club giving an overview of the aviation industry.
After 16 years with Virgin, Geoff has now been retired for 4 years.
Aviation Industry heavily regulated by CASA, Civil Aviation Safety Authority. All segments of the industry, flight crew, cabin crew, engineering and flight control must be qualified for their respective duties.
Flight crew undergo a license test every six months. Cabin crew trained to be competent in an emergencies, skilled in people management and trained in martial arts.
Planes are certified every day by licensed engineers.
One hour before take off, flight crew undertake flight planning, consider the weather, loads and decide how much fuel. They then undertake a physical inspection then in the flight deck do a 30 minute system check. The cabin crew inspect all equipment in the cabin before take off. Ground staff, luggage handlers, fuel handlers all attend to their duties to enable plane to take-off.

Geoff Austin guest speaker 2022-02-21 13:00:00Z 0
Community Bus Project Launch 2022-02-17 13:00:00Z 0

Art & Craft Exhibition entries closing.

Entries to the 42nd Annual Art & Craft Exhibition closing this week.
Entry forms available at Community Learning Centre, Library, Home Hardware and at Art Show Raffle sellers at IGA.

Art & Craft Exhibition entries closing. 2022-02-14 13:00:00Z 0

Jacque Phillips guest speaker

Jacque Phillips, CEO of NCN Health spoke to the club on Aged Care Services.

NCN Health has four residential aged care facilities. Pioneer Lodge and Karinya in Numurkah, Irvine House in Cobram and Banawah in Nathalia.

Short term respite offered in residential aged care facilities as well as transitional care beds in hospitals for up to 18 weeks.

What is offered: Home Care Packages, Home Support, Planned Activities Groups, In home Respite and Career Support available as well as a Retirement Village - Gwandalan Court in Numurkah. 

Residential aged care short stay respite up to 63 days per year offered.

Commonwealth Home Support offers support at home for those over 65 years with careers, housework, personal care, meals, transport, shopping, allied health and social support available..

Home Care Packages with four levels. Must be assessed by My Care, referrals will be made, free assessment with Aged Care Assessment Services.

Australian Government subsidised Aged Care Homes, residents contribute to cost if they can afford to do so. Financial assessment is only valid for 120 days.

Basic daily fee is $53.56 per day. Some accommodation costs paid in full by the Government with a means test based on your income and assets. Accommodation costs can be paid in lump sum, daily or combination of both.

You can apply for as many homes as you like, all providing, all care needs, doctor, transport and social activities.

You choose a Home Care Service Provider that is right for you. Government pays provider on four package levels, Basic, Low Care, Intermediate and High Care. You are expected to contribute up to three levels.


Jacque Phillips guest speaker 2022-02-14 13:00:00Z 0

Trivia Night


Squish Davis conducted an entertaining Trivia Quiz, with results in 3rd Place: "Scratch Maker" and "Bikers Plus One" Tables, 2nd Place: "Yes" Table, 1st Place: "Distinction" Table.


Trivia Night 2022-02-07 13:00:00Z 0

Mark McNamara guest speaker

Mark McNamara got into photography by necessity in real estate. Enrolled in a Night Photography Class at TAFE to develop skills. 
Focused on taking local photos over the last 18 months. Allows camera to source available light, either street light or moonlight, does not use flash.
Using a power point presentation Mark showed some of his "Numurkah in darkness" photos which he has posted on Facebook during COVID pandemic to be an uplifting distraction.
Mark McNamara guest speaker 2022-01-31 13:00:00Z 0

Numurkah Australia Day 2022

Numurkah Australia Day 2022 with Rotarian Squish Davis leading the town band and Lou Hamon master of ceremonies. Arts, Culture / Environment Project Award recipient Rotary Art Show, Event of the Year Rotary Love Your Sister Dinner. Katunga Football Netball Club Organisation of the Year and joint Citizens of the Year Deb Fowler and Jeff Stanyer.

Numurkah Australia Day 2022 2022-01-26 13:00:00Z 0

Zoe Ludington Guest Speaker

Zoe Ludington, guest speaker, spoke to the club about herself and setting up a physiotherapy clinic, Spark Physio Co, in Numurkah.
Attended school in Numurkah and Nathalia, always interested in sport, and when suffering an injury considered physiotherapy as a career.
Enrolled  at Charles Stuart University Albury, graduating after four years with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy with distinction.
Moved to Melbourne working at different clinics to gain experience, started Pilates classes, and was head physio with Whittlesea Soccer Club. Worked as a sports physio with Volley Ball Association.
Wed Nick Ludington 2 days prior to first COVID lockdown. During pandemic worked reduced hours.
Pursuing her dream, to open her own clinic, Zoe and Nick considered several towns after investigating services offered. 
In July 2020 settled on Shepparton and Numurkah, working 2-3 days in Numurkah, and several days in Shepparton.
Originally a one man show, business grew in Numurkah and offered Pilates, now employ a receptionist, physiotherapist and a massage therapist.
Pilates has grown with Reformer Pilates, aiming to reduce musculoskeletal pain, improve posture and balance. Traditional Classes  full body strengthening/stretching class. Tailored Classes  individualised programs developed to meet the need of each client. Pre and post-natal classes also available.
Now have 100 Pilate clients a week, with 15 physio consultations a week.
Business sponsors tennis and football clubs.
Hopefully expand to neighboring towns.
Grateful for town support and hope to give back to the community.

Zoe Ludington Guest Speaker 2022-01-24 13:00:00Z 0

Induction of Michael Tymensen

Induction of new member Michael Tymensen by President Gary Phillips, pictured with sponsor Kate Hodge and Michael Tymensen.

Induction of Michael Tymensen 2022-01-24 13:00:00Z 0

Ivan Routley Guest Speaker

Ivan Routley, using a pictorial presentation, spoke to the club highlighting the changes to orchards.
Stages are preparing the soil, planting with the assistance of machinery, protection of plantings with milk cartons, erection of trellis, training of plantings on trellis.
New irrigation pumps installed, powered by diesel generator awaiting power connection.
Self propelled platforms instead of ladders.
No longer supply cannery, all fruit now goes to fresh fruit market with higher returns.

Ivan Routley Guest Speaker 2022-01-17 13:00:00Z 0

Combined Meeting with Lions Club

PRESIDENT GARY PHILLIPS welcomed members and our guests, Lions Club members, to the annual combined first meeting of the New Year held in the Numurkah Bowls clubrooms due to heat.

Gary thanked Geoff Holmes for organising the meal with thanks to Geoff Holmes, Gary Phillips and Ivan Routley as chefs.

The meal and fellowship was enjoyed by all present.


Combined Meeting with Lions Club 2022-01-10 13:00:00Z 0
Wishing all a Happy New Year. 2021-12-29 13:00:00Z 0

Christmas Dinner Meeting

A relaxed evening on a beautiful night at the home of Rex Shields and Judy McDonald. After nibbles and drinks an entertaining floor show of "Celebrant in training", secretary Jennifer Rodger, presided over the renewing of vows on their 50th Wedding Anniversary, "played" by our hosts Rex and Judy.

A gourmet meal of ham, chicken, salmon and salads followed by pavlova, fruit salad and trifle dessert, was enjoyed by all.


Christmas Dinner Meeting 2021-12-13 13:00:00Z 0

Janine Connolly guest speaker.


Janine Connolly spoke to the club on her visit to India in 2020, the first time leaving Australia. After daughter Jade finished a two week surgical course in Ooty, India, Jade was joined by her mother Janine and brother Tim for an eleven day tour of India.

Spending time in Southern India,  Sindita, Karnantaka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, then flew to Delhi in the north for three days visiting the "Golden Triangle" of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

Travelled by car, boat, jeep safari and houseboat, visiting Agra Fort, Taj Mahal, Jaipur the pink city and Amber Fort, and Great Backwaters - 900km of waterway.

If travelling by car must have, good brakes, good horn and good luck, and watch out for the cows.


Janine Connolly guest speaker. 2021-12-06 13:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Numurkah AGM


Presentation of Club Officers for 2022/2023 by President Elect Rex Shields.

President: Rex Shields.

Immediate Past President: Gary Phillips.

President Elect: Julie Andrew.

Secretary; Jennifer Rodger.

Treasurer: Stephen Mills.


Youth: Michelle (Squish) Davis.

International: Kate Hodge.

Foundation: Geoff Austin.

Vocation: Chris Hardham.

Club Service; Gary Phillips.

Community: Julie Andrew.

Public Relations: Lou Hamon.

Rotary Club of Numurkah AGM 2021-11-29 13:00:00Z 0

Michelle Squish Davis guest speaker

Michelle Squish Davis guest speaker Rotary meeting.
Squish advised club that she had completed her Masters of Music Therapy with Melbourne University. In 2022 will be teaching at Numurkah Primary School for two days each week and Verney Road Primary, Shepparton two days each week.
Squish then continued as guest speaker explaining that Music Therapy is a research base allied health profession in which music is used to actively support people to improve health, functioning and well-being.
It can help people of all ages to manage their physical and mental health and enhance their quality of life.
You don’t need to be musical to take part in or benefit from music therapy. Qualified music therapists plan and provide musical experiences for their clients. Each session is tailored to the needs and goals of the client.
Music Therapy improves mental health and well-being, reducing stress, improving memory, speech, communication, social skills, body movement, co-ordination and physical function.
Music Therapy is used in hospitals, schools, palliative care facilities, aged care homes, prisons and detention centres.
Squish had the members on their feet moving to the beat of a drum and providing words describing Rotary with which Squish composed and sang a song celebrating Rotary.


Michelle Squish Davis guest speaker 2021-11-22 13:00:00Z 0

Abhinay Dolar guest speaker


Abhinay (Aby) Dolar newly appointed Director Clinical Services NCN Health Numurkah, was guest speaker.

Born in India, mother a nurse. Trained in India and spent 2 years as an industrial nurse. Emigrated to Australia working at Toowoomba where he undertook further studies for Bachelor of Nursing, then moved to McKay Base Hospital for 4 years, spending some time relieving staff in smaller hospitals under McKay Base.

Moved to Melbourne for business studies. MBA, working at Royal Melbourne Hospital. Returning to India to marry. Moved to Adelaide for 1 year, then to a management position at Ceduna for 2 years, managing aged care, ED and ward.

Offered management role in Coober Pedy, operating an Oodnadatta clinic. Moved to Ballarat for 4 years then Royal Melbourne Hospital as managing director of vaccination hub. Administering 2,500 vaccines a day.

From RMH moved to Numurkah after good reports.

Abhinay Dolar guest speaker 2021-11-15 13:00:00Z 0

42nd Annual Art & Craft Exhibition

Entry forms for the Rotary Club of Numurkah 42nd Annual Arts & Craft Exhibition are now available.
Offering $10,000 in prize money the exhibition will be staged in the Numurkah Town Hall from Friday 11th March to Monday 14th March 2022.
Entry forms are being posted to last year's exhibitors and are available from the Numurkah Visitor Information Centre and Numurkah Library.
Forms can also be found on the club's Facebook page and Website.
The Exhibition will be subject to State COVID-19 restrictions and directives.

42nd Annual Art & Craft Exhibition 2021-11-11 13:00:00Z 0
Paul Harris Fellowship presented to Lorraine Greenwood 2021-11-08 13:00:00Z 0

Phil Seager guest speaker.

Returned Friday week after 4 months, 3,000km, 2,200 litres of fuel and 112 nights in van.
Set off early July for South Australia with aim to travel to Cape York. Lockdowns, border restrictions and entry permits restricted travels to Northern Territory.  Showing photos of trip, headed up Stuart Highway to such places as Finke River National Park, Gibba Plains, Devils Marbles, Tennant Creek.
Camping is magic with beautiful sunsets and great scenery. Harsh environment with corrugated roads with communication by satellite phone from high places. Encounted hundreds of vans as onto Katherine Gorge with a canoe trip along the river, Mataranka hot springs, Butterfly Gorge, Roma Gorge, Ayers Rock.
 Oldest living organism, stromatolite 3-4 billion years old, caught attention, as did petroglyphs rock carvings.

Phil Seager guest speaker. 2021-11-08 13:00:00Z 0

Bernie Cook & Kim Carter Guest Speakers

Bernie Cook grew up with beehives in the backyard of the family home. He took charge of his first hive at just 11 years of age. With over 40 years experience of caring for hives both in the backyard and on a commercial scale, he is the quintessential ‘bee whisperer’. Bernie is larger-than-life, empathic and full of stories. He is in his element when helping others experience the magical synergy between humans and bees.
Kim Carter became fascinated with bees when a neighbour’s swarm took up residence in her back yard 15 years ago. Kim has now been beekeeping for 5 years and is totally hooked. Kim is an artist and teacher who loves learning about these amazing creatures and sharing that knowledge with others.
Bernie and Kim have studied Permaculture Design and have incorporated bees as an intrinsic part of their garden system.
In January they established a company "The Art Of Bee-ing". Mission statement is"Bring bees and people together". The business creates mentoring and educating bee-keepers.
It is estimated that one third of all food consumed by humans has been pollinated by a bee. So protecting our pollinators by creating a bee-friendly garden is a move towards protecting our own food security.
Kim with her daughter has produced a colouring book, and the business is partnering with Numurkah Community Learning Centre with a range of products and training courses.
Bees are disappearing for several reasons. Colony collapse due to disorder and varroa mite, the increase use of pesticides, climate change, with bees temperature sensitive, and loss of habitat, particularly through bushfires.
Aim is to inspire people to welcome bees into their home by creating a bee friendly garden with plant diversity, plants with lots of colour, do not use pesticides, use of local native plants and provision of water.

Bernie Cook & Kim Carter Guest Speakers 2021-10-25 13:00:00Z 0
Katrina Donaldson presented with certificate of appreciation. 2021-10-18 13:00:00Z 0

Chris Matthews Guest Speaker

Chris Matthews told the club about herself and Duncan McPherson purchasing Dubuque at auction in 2013, with Duncan working full time over four years restoring the inside rooms.
Originally built in 1887 by John Claude Trengrove and his wife Sara Jane.
John was born in Cornwall, being brought to Australia as an infant settling in Geelong. John served as an apprentice in a drapery business, sent to London, then he moved to America, where he met and married Sara Jane Barnett. The couple came to Australia after the great fire of Chicago, where they lost all their possessions. 
In 1887 they moved to Numurkah and built what was to be their family residence, Lakeview, now known as Dubuque, and established the business Brown & Corke.
The house has 13ft ceilings, each room took two weeks to wash down the walls. Baltic pine ceilings with pressed metal ceiling, with a different pattern in each room. Noted to be the first house in Numurkah to have fly screens.
A lot of time, effort and love has gone into the restoration of Dubuque and it is with great pride she has been opened up to the greater community so that they can appreciate the house in all its glory.
Now open to the public as a "Bed and Breakfast", where bookings can be made for accommodation or small functions.

Chris Matthews Guest Speaker 2021-10-18 13:00:00Z 0

Fizz Mayberry Guest Speaker


Fizz Mayberry spoke to the club about his involvement with KidsFix Rally.

In 1998 participated in a Camp Quality Rally with a 1962 Pontiac wagon. Present Commodore last nine years. All donations go to the cause, with members of rally paying own expenses as well as car expenses. Originally Camp Quality had 5 on staff with 2 paid employees. After 15 rallies it had grown to 132 paid staff. Decided to do their own thing, starting a foundation dedicated to support sick and disadvantaged kids. First rally in 2013, from 2014 to 2020 raised over $750,000, with Board receiving requests for projects each year, with five selected.

Rally provides an instruction "Bible" with directions but no maps.

Last 2 years still fundraising as committed to projects, although no rally was able to be held.

Numurkah hospital has been the recipient with a children's playground and portable ultrasound equipment.

Other recipients have been Broken Hill Hospital, Gympie Hospital, Dental Outreach, Western Area Hospital NSW, Shoalhaven Hospital, Milton Ulladulla Hospital, Latrobe Regional Hospital, Dubbo Base Hospital, Bendigo Health.

Make many life-long friends, with participation the reward.


Fizz Mayberry Guest Speaker 2021-10-11 13:00:00Z 0

Lou Hamon guest speaker

Utilising "Share Screen" on Zoom, Lou Hamon embarked on a voyage of discovery as he demonstrated to members the ClubRunner Rotary Club of Numurkah website, explaining its features and resources.

Lou Hamon guest speaker 2021-09-27 14:00:00Z 0

Marissa Daly guest speaker.

Marissa Daly, Communication Officer with NCN Health was guest speaker via Zoom.
Grew up in Kilmore at Assumption College where her parents were boarding masters, had access to school facilities.
Spent weekends with friends at Berrigan, where her parents later bought and renovated an old church in 1990, moving to Berrigan in 1995.
Gained an arts degree at Monash University, then headed off to France for 2 years as an au pair. 
Returning to Australia working as a journalist with Southern Riverina News in Finley. Role of newspaper important and the role of a journalist has its responsibilities.
Moved to Mackay in Queensland, where she loved the weather, working as a communications officer in a agency for remote nursing.
February last year returned and joined NCN Health as communications officer.
Purpose is to bring the three campuses together, aligning communications, pamphlets, websites etc. The task to bring three together as one.
Positive of COVID pandemic is it has brought staff together facing the challenges of the pandemic.
Role is to develop a strategic strategy of forming relationships with communities, although difficult with social distancing at the moment.

Marissa Daly guest speaker. 2021-09-20 14:00:00Z 0

Clare Keenan guest speaker.

Clare Keenan, CEO Moira Shire, spoke to the club on the "Rise of ISIS in the Middle East".
Employed by Accuweather in the United States met with 4 Dubai business men in Las Vegas seeking agents to expand business in the Middle East.
In 2012 went to Qatar, working from the Libya TV offices. At that time hard line Islamic parties commenced creating uprising and revolution, with many ex-pats planning to leave. With temperatures rising to 50 degrees Ramadan commenced with alcoholic parties, as alcohol not consumed during Ramadan. Ramadan a time for family and feasting.
Friends deported, texts censored so after 12 months returned home to Barcelona.
Enticed back to Jordan to work for Arab 24 Media, the largest anti-ISIS propaganda media outlet with 200 men in the war zones.
The Islamic State, or ISIS, is a militant organization that emerged as an offshoot of al Qaeda in 2014. It quickly took control of large parts of Iraq and Syria, raising its black flag in victory and declaring the creation of a caliphate and imposing strict Islamic rule.
Clare was moved to Aqada for safety, then Istanbul then moved to Australia.
Clare told her fascinating story of her experience working in the Middle East, with detail and humour, engrossing a captive audience.

Clare Keenan guest speaker. 2021-08-16 14:00:00Z 0

Wayne Limbrick guest speaker.

Wayne Limbrick commenced by updating the club on Umoja Orphanage, Kenya. Completion of second house held up with COVID. House will accommodate 12-14 children, bringing the total of children at Umoja to 25-26. Children are safe and well. Wayne & Pam had planned to visit this year, but more likely next year, when painters will be required to finish the second house.
Wayne then spoke about being a Moira Shire Councilor.
Always interested in the community, serving on various community organisation committees, in 1990's served as a councilor on Nathalia Shire.
Considered time was right to stand for Moira Shire, and was elected number three of the nine councilors.
Having been involved with local tourism for 25 year, serving as Western Moira chair, was frustrated with consultation by Moira Shire.
Wayne's main concerns were water security, changing land use, impact of waste management. Easy to sit back and complain, but felt need to be pro-active. Campaigning during COVID required a different approach.
Challenge in first 6 months, a baptism of fire, spending 3-4 days a week, research, reading, meetings.
Major Shire projects in hand include Multi Sports Complex Yarrawonga, Yarrawonga Library, Numurkah Flood Mitigation Plan, which with the appointment of a project manager is now proceeding. A $25M project which will take some time.
Tourism Advisory important to local communities, need to lobby Government on water management, need to be more responsible with waste and resource management. As contamination is high, introduction of 4 bin system to get glass out of other bins.
Aim in 4 year term is to improve consultation process, it is a two way process. Council should be respected.

Wayne Limbrick guest speaker. 2021-08-02 14:00:00Z 0

Carl Walters guest speaker.

Carl Walters from Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority was guest speaker.
The Catchment Authority guides efforts to ensure land and water resources are protected and enhanced as well as improving the region’s social wellbeing, environmental quality and productive capacity in a sustainable manner.
The Broken Creek has had issues.
Catchment Authority responsible for delivery of irrigation water and quality of water in the Broken Creek water supply.
Broken Creek fed from channel system from Murray River with a flow rate of 400-500 ML/d daily.
Environmental water added from Goulburn and Murray Rivers. Water quality improving in Broken Creek with creek kept fresher with flows.
During winter reverts to natural state with low levels exposing mud flats, flows restored with irrigation.
Ongoing removal of barriers to fish passage. Mechanical clearing not allowed, by keeping water flow and quality improving, weeds kept under better control.

Carl Walters guest speaker. 2021-07-26 14:00:00Z 0

Zoom Meeting

Due to lockdown another virtual meeting via Zoom led by President Gary Phillips.

Zoom Meeting 2021-07-19 14:00:00Z 0

Wendy Raleigh Guest Speaker

Wendy Raleigh from Orange Door was guest speaker. Wendy grew-up in Undera then spent 30 years in Queensland, 26 years policing.
2015 Royal Commission into Family Violence made 227 recommendations, which have been accepted by Government.
Findings were that agencies were struggling to support women and children, with victims not knowing where to go for services, and perpetrators were not kept in view. Victims often having to re-tell, and relive their traumatic experience over and over again to different agencies. 
2016 Road Map to Recovery aim was to keep families together.
Orange Door aim is to provide safe consistent approach with one visible entry point with a  wholistic, integrated approach.
28th April opened doors in Shepparton, serving 5 LGA, Moira, Mitchell, Strathbogie, Shepparton and Murrindindi, at 210 Corio Street Shepparton.
Staff of 65 building to 80.
Out Posting of staff planned to child care health service, and other services.
In Reach: Agencies will use building to assist clients, such as legal aid, financial services, mental health services.
Six agencies set up in Orange Door working together to provide a service no longer fragmented.
Screening/Triage Team work out predominant factor which could be housing, health, finance.
Assessment Teams plan referrals and case management.
Practice Leaders provide insight and overview.
60% referrals from police, remaining referrals from professionals.
Unique service with six work-forces coming together in the one space.

Wendy Raleigh Guest Speaker 2021-07-12 14:00:00Z 0

Nick Raleigh guest speaker

Guest Speaker Nick Raleigh spoke to the club on Go Farm, an Australian owned agriculture investor and developer.
Purpose is to improve Australian agriculture, create wealth for investors, generate a positive impact for properties, communities and industries.
Aim to select, acquire and develop each asset.
In Victoria, the Murray above the choke, offers lower water risk, lower development costs and more headroom for development.
Strategy is to aggregate, re-configure, re-position and develop.
Development process entails, property, water, soil, people, to develop production and profitability.
Go Farm has one of southern Australia largest, most secure and low cost portfolios of irrigated land and water.
Proposed crops in Moira Shire include almonds, mandarins and broccoli.
Institutional investors and their managers are now awakening to the opportunities in the Murray Valley and Goulburn Valley, with pace of investment gathering momentum.

Nick Raleigh guest speaker 2021-07-05 14:00:00Z 0

Paul Harris Fellow presentation.

District Governor Nominee David McPherson presented a Paul Harris Award to Jacque Phillips.
Jacque joined the Numurkah Rotary Club in 2009 and served as President 2017.
Stephen Mills was presented with a Sapphire pin.

Paul Harris Fellow presentation.  2021-06-28 14:00:00Z 0

Jack Duncan Vocational Service Award


The Jack Duncan Vocational Service Award was presented to Debbie Oliver.
Debbie Oliver is in her fifth year as principal of Numurkah Primary School. As principal Debbie has implemented various initiatives around teaching and learning, student well-being, and generally fostering a desire to learn in all students.

Jack Duncan Vocational Service Award  2021-06-28 14:00:00Z 0

Col McPherson Community Service Award

The Col McPherson Community Service Award was presented to John Decker, pictured with Community Service Director Julie Andrew and Duncan McPherson.
John has dedicated the last 44 years as a member of the Numurkah SES unit, with a desire to help his local community, he has attended hundreds of incidents. John has been involved in the mentorship of the L to P driving program for 10 years.

Col McPherson Community Service Award 2021-06-28 14:00:00Z 0

Induction of Gary Phillips

District Governor Nominee David McPherson inducted Gary Phillips as President 2021-22, pictured with Past President Jennifer Rodger.
In her President's Report Jennifer Rodger summed up the year by saying "Our results this year have exceeded expectations and are reflective of a combined effort and couldn't have been achieved without the involvement of each and every member, and for that, you all have my eternal appreciation and gratitude".
In his incoming President's Address Gary said it was a humbling experience, and indeed a privilege and great responsibility.
His aim is to nurture club and re-engage with the community, exploring ways to serve our community together.

Induction of Gary Phillips 2021-06-28 14:00:00Z 0

Housetide Support Services

Kellie King and Daniel House were guest speakers from Housetide Support Services.
Kellie King introduced herself, living in Numurkah for 10 years with two children with disabilities. Struggled to access support services.
Daniel House, based in Albury with 15 years involvement in aged care, disability support, youth and homelessness. Starting in February 2019, now have seven respite houses and 12 vehicles.
Some of services offered:
  • In Home Self Care - Assistance in the home with showering, feeding, household duties and more.
  • Assistance In The Community - Assistance with trips to the shops, cinema or just getting pampered.
  • Appointments - Assistance with transport to and from appointments and attendance if required.
  • Short Term Accommodation - 24 hour overnight respite care. Either in home or out of home.
  • Holiday Assistance - 24 hour assistance from day trips to extended holidays.
Seven Respite Houses provide double beds, WIFI, Netflix, ducted heating and cooling and outdoor activities. Houses available for adults and kids on weekdays, weekends, short term. medium term and long term.
Housetide Support Services 2021-06-21 14:00:00Z 0

Informal pizza night.

PRESIDENT JENNIFER RODGER welcomed members to an informal night of fellowship at the Numurkah Bowls Club.
Due to COVID restrictions the planned indoor bowls competition with the Nathalia Rotary Club was postponed to later in the year.
An informal, pizza night was held, followed by a combined board meeting of this year's board and next year's board to discuss disbursements for the year.

Informal pizza night. 2021-06-07 14:00:00Z 0

Numurkah Ukulele Club

GUEST SPEAKER: Numurkah Ukulele Club.

KATE: Established 3 years ago bringing people together with a common interest. Group has 25 members and supports community with performances.

CHRIS: Good for health and wellbeing, relaxes, improves breathing and circulation.

ANNE: 57 performances in 2019, with COVID only 3 via Zoom in 2020. Have performed in Numurkah, Cobram, Nathalia, Strathmerton and Shepparton, mainly at aged care facilities.

The club entertained members with a medley of numbers.

Numurkah Ukulele Club 2021-05-17 14:00:00Z 0

Club Assembly

President Jennifer and President Elect Gary using the white board listed what the club does and what the club could do.
Listed under "Would Like To Do" were:
Golf Day.
Environmental - clean up lake.
Welcome to Numurkah function.
Business information board at free camping sites.
Drive showcasing district to medical students.
Social Activities: visit zoo, BBQ's.
Vocational Site Visits.
With Shire hold public meeting on lake.

Club Assembly 2021-05-10 14:00:00Z 0

Jacque Phillips guest speaker.

Jacque Phillips CEO NCN Health was guest speaker. NCN moving from COVID reactionary to vaccination. Hesitancy was real but demand increasing. NCN Cobram a vaccination centre able to do 200 per day. G.V. Health centre at McIntosh Centre at Shepparton Showgrounds. For over 50, two jabs, 12 weeks apart. Flu vaccine 2 weeks prior or after.
Under 50 preferred vaccine Pfizer with prioritized vaccination. Under 50 can consent for Astra Venica, an informed personal choice.
NCN Strategic Plan: 1.7% aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders. 18.3% born overseas. 12.1% language other than English. 47 median age with 25% 65+. Close knit community 74.8% . 7.4% diabetics. 32% obese, 22% smokers. 11.8% experiencing stress. 55% not physical exercise.
Over 3 campuses NCN Health has 116 aged care beds with 95 - 100% occupancy. 34 acute beds with 2 operating theatres.

Jacque Phillips guest speaker. 2021-05-03 14:00:00Z 0

Half Penny key rings presented by Garry McNamara

In a nice gesture, Garry McNamara presented each member with a half penny coin, minted in the year of the members birth, which he had fashioned into a key ring. Pictured with Lorraine Greenwood. Thanks Garry.

Half Penny key rings presented by Garry McNamara 2021-04-26 14:00:00Z 0

Garry McNamara Guest Speaker

Garry McNamara acted as chairman and guest speaker.
Left school early and became an apprentice jockey, on becoming too big worked on race courses.
In 1972 called up for National Service, although wanting to drive large vehicles was taught how to cook.
On discharge worked in racing industry in Ballarat for 12 months, then Brisbane for 3 months before enlisting in Army.
Posted to Townsville promoted to Lance Corporal, posted to Portsea for 2 years. Completed a clerk administration course and posted to Army Reserve in Hobart for 2 years and promoted to Sergeant. Next post was Lithgow ammunition's depot. Promoted to Staff Sergeant and posted to Bendigo, promoted to Warrant Officer and posted to Broadmeadows, after 3 years posted to Port Moresby PNG for 2 years.
Promoted to Warrant Officer 2 and posted to Canberra, then Darwin for 2 years in Armored Regiment, finishing in Defence Public Service at Lavington for 4 years.

Garry McNamara Guest Speaker 2021-04-26 14:00:00Z 0

Vocations Night

Chairman John Watson introduced three members who spoke on their vocation.
Desired to take up nursing, but not to be, staying home to care for sister. Change of direction with secretarial work, then another change to computerised book-keeping. Husband died of cancer at 57 years. Met Rex Shields, which was interesting and moved to Numurkah. Still doing books for son's business.
Chairman John Watson introduced three members who spoke on their vocation.
Grew up in Katunga on a dairy farm. Graduated from Bendigo Teachers College, first school Knox Park, brand new but no resources, Yarragon Park before heading off overseas for 12 months. Returned to teaching at Heatherdale, met Ross and moved to Selby. Spent 9 years away from teaching with family, returning to Kalista then 141/2 years at Wandin Yallock before returning home. Relief teaching at Numurkah Secondary College retiring at the end of last year.
Grew up in Western Suburbs of Melbourne, completed Year 12 in 1999, graduated with a Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Education. In 2005 came to Numurkah as Drama and Music teacher at Numurkah Secondary College, living the first 12 months with Dorothy & Peter Heard. Took 12 months leave returning 3 days and NSC and 2 days Guthrie Street Primary School. Then commenced 5 days at Numurkah Primary School, at present 4 days with 1 day studying Masters of Music Therapy.
Stressed the importance in having children read and engage in conversation. Music Therapy is a tool in mental health, youth and aged care.
Vocations Night 2021-04-19 14:00:00Z 0

Love Your Sister

Love Your Sister featuring Samuel Johnson presented by the Rotary Club of Numurkah with snack box dinner prepared by Numurkah Secondary College students.

Love Your Sister 2021-04-18 14:00:00Z 0


Malcolm Watt chair RYPEN - Rotary Youth Program for Enrichment, first became interested in RYPEN a weekend program for young people in 1990. 
Teenagers today benefit greatly from opportunities to develop "life skills" and motivation to help them cope with the challenges of a very competitive future.
Pressure is put on students to perform academically and their results are the benchmark of success. However other skills are needed for the next stage of a student's growth, be that further education or the workplace.
During an intensive residential weekend, young people aged approximately 14 to 16 years will develop increased motivation, improved life skills, better self-image, pride in themselves and an understanding of setting and achieving goals.  At the same time, participants are interacting with peers from different backgrounds, and different parts of our district, improving their teamwork skills and having fun!!  All this done in an informal atmosphere, where questions and debates are encouraged.
Waranga Basin was the venue for the weekend camps from 1991 to 1995. Now in its 31st year, and 27th year at Lake Nihacoote.
This year 21 students from 12 clubs attended, with incredible feedback.
Chairman Allen read a letter from Nathan, one of two students sponsored by the Rotary Club of Numurkah.
Learnt so many new skills, try everything and teamwork. Rock climbing wall a challenge, made new friends, thoroughly enjoyed the camp, only dislike was leaving.

RYPEN 2021-04-12 14:00:00Z 0
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Lesley Hills guest speaker

Lesley Hills, born in Yorkshire, nearly a "local" after 27 years in Deniliquin. In 1991 spent a year in Sydney, returning 18 months later to a dairy farm in Blighty.
Three years ago fell in love with yoga and trained as a Laughter Yoga Leader. Has sessions at two aged care facilities, a pre-school and a community group, youngest 3 years, oldest 103 years.
Multitude of health benefits from laughter exercises. 10 minutes of continuous laughter equivalent of 30 minutes on a rowing machine. Laughter for health and wellbeing improves mental and physical health, lowers stress levels, improves lung capacity and regulates blood pressure.

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41st Annual Art & Craft Exhibition

The 41st Annual Art & Craft Exhibition was officially opened by Rotary District Governor Bruce Anderson, who congratulated the Rotary Club of Numurkah for staging an excellent exhibition.
The art judge, Geoff Paynter, commented on the diversity, creativity and the technical abilities displayed by the artists.
Geoff announced the winners in each section he had selected with comments on the artwork.
Best in Show was awarded to Tim Redfern from Mulwala, “Jukaliatas”, “Large, impressive image with an interesting interchange of shape and line, based on natural forms”, were Geoff’s comments.
Runner Up was “Impression” by Sally Sidebottom from Tallygaroopna. Geoff commented “Spontaneous feel to this painting, strong contrasts with shape and colour”.
Best Watercolour awarded to Be Gosler  with “Fun in the Sun”, “Creative interpretation, good use of watercolour medium”.
Best Oil was “Tranquil Autumn” by Do Noble from Doveton. Geoff’s comments “Reads well, good impression, with soft use of colour”.
Best Pastel awarded to Linda Finch from Donvale with “Waiting for a Friend”. “Great use of pastel - broad in application. Subject based, which carries well”.
Best Acrylic was “summer Waratahs” by Melanie Jamieson from Finley.
Best Pencil was awarded to “Leucadendron” by Louise Adams from Temora. “ A creative image with excellent execution”.
Best Regional Artist was Janet Tett from Yarrawonga with Mystic Mountains”. “Great overall in use of colour and creative interpretation”.
Moira Arts & Culture Inc. Encouragement Award was awarded to Victor Casha from Cobram with “Playing Hide & Seek”. “Technically well done with a sentimental attachment”.
Photographic Award was awarded to Dennis Rickard from Numurkah with “Patterns”. “Great contrast, with natural patterns.”
Claire Reid was the craft judge stating precise skill was very evident – the entries were judged on the skill of the craftsperson, not just their aesthetic qualities. Claire also noted contributors to the show continue to display ever improving skills.
The winners were:
Fibres.Threads and Beads Award was awarded to Margaret Blackburn from Burramine South with a mauve crochet beaded milk jug cover. “This piece is exquisitely delicate and precise”.
Quilt Award was awarded to Ann Fagan from Katunga. Tribute to William. The quilt is a tribute
 To William a fabric and furnishings designer. Ann has used elements of his designs with close attention to detail in maintaining points and seam intersections.
Craft Award was awarded to Vita Janssens from Koonoomoo with “Violet China Painted Plate”. “A delicate combination of back and foreground elements as well as a subtle wash”.
Best Craft Entry was awarded to Ann Fagan for her quilt “Tribute to William”.
Chairman of the Art & Craft Committee of the Rotary Club of Numurkah said “the club was incredibly pleased with the standard of work on display and the attendance numbers during the weekend. A team effort from members ensured the exhibition was such a success under COVID requirements”.
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The World's Longest Taxi Fare

Peter Heard spoke to the club on "The Worlds' Longest Taxi Fare" an account of his grandfathers brother Charlie Heard driving Miss Ada Beal and two companions to Darwin and back in 1930.
Charlie Heard was born in Rochester and at 18 served with AIF in France, settled in Geelong in 1928 and established a taxi business in 1930 with a Hudson tourer.
Accepting the fare, Charlie modified the car by fitting extra tanks for petrol and water, spare parts and coconut matting.
Departed June 30, ladies had shopping excursions at every stop. In Port August Charlie fitted extra springs, staying overnight at hotels, stations or set up camp. Charlie had organised petrol to be at designated spots during the trip, and used a compass to keep on course. 
By the time they reached Alice Springs, people had heard, by bush telegraph, of the excursion, and came out to greet them.
Katherine to Darwin usually undertaken by rail, but Charlie decided to continue by car. Reached Darwin with hot baths and comfortable beds. After several days commenced return trip via Brisbane and Sydney.
On fifth day reached NT, Queensland border, then onto Brisbane and the east coast. Travelling along the Pacific Highway to Sydney Final leg through Gippsland to Melbourne and Geelong.
The Hudson weighed 3 tons, travelled 7,003 miles, used 505 gallons of petrol and only had one puncture over the trip lasting 3 months.
Out of proceeds Charlie purchased a garage, passing away in 1951.

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Geoff Limper & Bruce McEwan

GEOFF LIMNER & BRUCE MCEWAN from the Rotary Club of Box Hill Central spoke on "Operation Cleft" which provides free cleft lip and cleft palate repair surgery for underprivileged children in Bangladesh.
More than 5,000 children are born with  cleft lip or cleft palate each year. Through the generous support of Rotary Clubs, over 12,000 cleft repair surgeries since inception of the program in 2005.
Geoff presented Paul Harris Fellowships to John Watson and Linda Watson for their generous support of the program.

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Wilow Hoskin guest speaker.

Wilow Hoskin told of her "most amazing" year in Finland as a Rotary Exchange Student.
Using a power point and video presentation Wilow showed pictures of her 12 months in Finland.
Lived in a town of 8,000 with two host families.
Due to COVID could not undertake much travel, but visited Lapland in winter, ice-sating and skiing, -18 degrees. Visited again in summer, no snow but hiked.
Summer sun does not set, winter sun does not rise.
Schools are set up for 3 year levels. Attended a traditional high school dance, similar to our deb balls,
Favorite food: reindeer soup, blueberry pie, bread cheese & cloudberries, black pudding.

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Jeff Blackley guest speaker.

Jeff Blackley, president of the Numurkah Historical Society was guest speaker.
The Numurkah Historical Society has been part of the Numurkah Community since 1964.
The vision of the Historical Society is to be a vibrant welcoming organisation committee to preserve artefacts and records of the past for current and future generations.
Using a power point display Jeff showed artefacts and links to the past providing background stories.
  • Aim: To collect, store and/or display and use for research.
  • Society is a Public Records of Victoria Place of Deposits.
  • Record interviews with older members of the community provide insight into our past.
  • Window into History collate artefacts to share our history.
  • Share specific research information with public.
At the moment: stocktaking, digitising of the collection, labelling of display items, regular change of displays with more permanent displays in other rooms, permanent record of our servicemen, opening up of the breezeway to the public, setting up a railway pergola, opening up a tool shed.
How you can help: visit, spread the word, donate items, join the Society, helping with displays or cataloguing.
History is about people, locations and artefacts etc, used to tell the story of people and how they lived and interacted.

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Cemetery Walk

Rotary members met at the Numurkah Cemetery for a Cemetery Walk led by Bernadette Steward, secretary of the Numurkah Wunghnu Cemetery Trust.
The evening commenced with a BBQ.
Numurkah Cemetery established in 1883 and has 8,000 graves. In 1978 Lawn Cemetery established, which is nearly full, but trend is towards cremation.
Community consultation to be held on future expansion and development.
Right of Interment Holder has say on use of plot and erection of memorial.
Role of Trust at funerals to ensure correct person is being buried. During COVID ensure capacity restrictions and recording of attendees.
Bernadette then led a walk through the cemetery with fascinating stories of the graves, particularly those relating to the early history of Numurkah, with one unannounced visitor.

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Australia Day 2021

In lieu of a regular meeting Rotary Club members provided the BBQ at the Numurkah Australia Day Celebrations.

Photos courtesy Mark McNamara.

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First meeting of 2021 at Golf Club 2021-01-18 13:00:00Z 0

Combined meting with Lions Club


Traditional first meeting of the year combined with Lions Club at Numurkah Bowls Club.

Lions Club president Keith Nicholl welcomed members, wishing all a happy new year.

A delicious meal was served by the Lions Club, in a relaxed evening of fellowship.



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Entry forms for the Rotary Club of Numurkah 41st Annual Arts & Craft Exhibition are now available.
Offering $10,000 in prize money the exhibition will be staged in the Numurkah Town Hall from Friday 5th March to Monday  8th March.
Entry forms have been posted to last year's exhibitors and are available from the Numurkah Visitor Information Centre and Numurkah Library, and Cobram Visitor Information Centre.
Forms can also be found on the club's Facebook page and Website.
Exhibition subject to Sate COVID-19 restrictions and directives.


Christmas Break-Up

Glorious weather, excellent  company and a delicious gourmet dinner prepared by Gary Phillips, Geoff Holmes an Fay Holmes with salads and desserts supplied by members, made for a fitting climax to a year like no other.
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Robyn Sprunt & Catherine Church guest speakers

Robyn Sprunt Manager Primary Health and Catherine Church Director of Clinical Services from NCN Health Numurkah on local experience with COVID-19.
Community Testing Clinic:
  • Daily testing of symptomatic clients. Over 1,000 tests since June.
  • Re-usable masks, 4,000  distributed to vulnerable community members.
  • Shepparton outbreak 14th October testing team supported Shepparton.
Communication is the key:
  • Clear and concise messaging.
  • CEO daily updates.
  • Department huddles.
  • Letters to clients.
  • Phone calls to clients.
  • Facebook information..
  • Information sessions at local pharmacies and pamphlets and information in stores,
Impact on Community:
  • Increase in anxiety, fear and worry.
  • Increase incident of mental health issues.
  • Increase in family violence.
  • Decrease in routine health screening.
  • Less theatre presentations.
  • Increase in social isolation.
Continued service and support:
  • All services have been maintained.
  • Alternate models of care - telehealth.
Group based activities:
  • All group based activities ceased.
  • Alternate models of care explored.
  • Clients more socially isolated.
  • Increase in mental health concerns.
  • Increase in support - counselling/psychology.
Supporting the community:
  • Food hampers.
  • Newspaper deliveries.
  • Blood test in the home.
  • Flu vaccination in community.
  • Linking clients with services.
Moving to COVID Normal:
  • Group based services return.
  • Increase in face to face service.
  • Visiting outreach services.
Aged Care:
  • Visitors return.
  • Outings recommenced.
  • Group activities recommenced.
  • Volunteer program recommence.
Mental health and wellbeing:
  • Caring for both residents and staff.
  • Balancing new normal.
  • Daily screening of residents.
  • Monthly COVID swabbing of staff.
  • Outbreak management plans in place.

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Club AGM

The AGM of the Numurkah Rotary Club was chaired by Gary Phillips.
Election of office bearers for 2021-2022 by ballot.
  • President: Gary Phillips
  • Secretary: Jennifer Rodger
  • Treasurer: Jeff Buzza.

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Back "home" in Bistro 2020-11-23 13:00:00Z 0

Sonia Strahan guest speaker

Sonia Strahan Prostrate Cancer Specialist Nurse with G.V. Health as guest speaker.
Position funded by the "Biggest Blokes Lunch" a fundraiser for men's health which has grown from 90 to 700 attendees over the years.
After 15 years as a palliative care nurse Sonia in 2014 took on the role of Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse based in the Peter Copulus Cancer and  Wellness Centre at G.V. Health.
Looking after men being diagnosed and treated for prostate cancer.
Men when diagnosed know little about the disease. The nurse ensures patients are well-informed about their diagnosis and treatment opportunities. Patients have a high level of anxiety and stress, a nurse is in an optimum position to support the men and their partners by providing information on treatment and become primary point of contact.
Estimated 220.000 living with prostate cancer with only 16,000 diagnosed. Early diagnosis essential as 3,000 dying each year.
Service provides coordinated approach to pre and post operative care locally whilst surgery in Melbourne. Have good working relationship with Melbourne hospitals. 
With another nurse appointed, now cover every day of the week.
Implore men to have yearly check ups with their local G.P.

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Cathy Booth Guest Speaker.

Cathy Booth, spoke on her founding of Umoja Orphanage in Kenya.
Started from nothing, in 2011 holidaying in Kenya was impacted by the poverty and the need for a children's home, returned three times before purchasing 15 acres of land after many meetings in Kenya.
134 volunteers, mostly Rotarians, backbone of project, raising money step by step.
Except for houses, everything built by volunteers. First structure was a caretaker's house in 2014 commenced building the first house, which was finished and ready to receive children in 2016. In 2018 commenced fundraising for second house, a family home, not a dormitory.
Orphanage is involved with community assisting in medical treatment and workshops in agriculture.
Proceeds from farm cattle and chickens and vegetable gardens providing funds for orphanage.
Children have been abandoned or sexually abused and chosen by Government Department to attend orphanage.
Last year drought followed by floods lost crops. COVID-19 Safari Business had no clients, sponsorship decreased.
Seeking contributions towards second home and sponsorship of children. Slowly the farm is recovering and able to sell harvest.
In Kenya every 15 seconds a child is orphaned, with 2 million orphans. Vulnerability of orphaned children to abuse.
Pride in staff.
"We are achieving the extraordinary".
Chairman John Watson with guest speaker Cathy Booth via Zoom frpm Queensland.

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Colleen O'Hara guest speaker

Colleen O'Hara spoke on The School of St Jude in Tanzania.
Gemma Sisia graduated with a Dip. Ed. in Armidale NSW and in 1995 flew to Uganda and on safari to Tanzania. Returning home Gemma opened a bank account to pay for the education of a student, then with donations from Rotary started a East Africa Fund.
In 2002, opened The School of St Jude with 3 students and a big dream to provide a free, high quality education to children living in poverty. Today St Jude's is a pioneering leader in charitable education within Africa, educating 1,800 students across three primary and secondary campuses,  achieving among the top results in the region, and support hundreds of graduates through tertiary education.
In Tanzania 74% of children will not be enrolled in secondary education, an adult averages 5.8 years of schooling.
70% of the population live on les than $2 a day with over 12 million Tanzanians living in poverty. Education can lift an entire population out of poverty, creating stable and growing economies. For every year of education a child receives, their adult earnings can increase by an average of 10%.
80% 0f St Jude's graduates' families overcome extreme poverty.
St Jude's empower their students to transform their community, challenge the status quo and find solutions for the 12 million Tanzanians living in poverty.

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Josh Brear guest speaker

Josh Brear currently working with Australian Border Force as an Inspector. Role to inspect border cargo and people providing security for Australia, acting as a "gatekeeper".
In 1990 joined the Air Force for ten years before joining maritime security, monitoring cargo, cargo vessels and crews entering Australia.
In 2015 ABF evolved from Custom service providing coast watch and maritime surveillance.
ABF functions 24/7 co-operating with other agencies such as Department of Defense and supporting law enforcement agencies under Home Affairs.
Duties include collection of excise for Commonwealth.
Government policy changes means adaptation of policy on the run, not without challenge.
Focus getting people and cargo in and out of the country, holding, detention or allow people to arrive.
Not without risk, with intelligence push risk out with a more considered approach.
COVID-19 has thrown up challenges.

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Silver Presidential Citation.

District Secretary Chris Sutton presented a Silver Presidential Citation to Past President Lorraine Greenwood acknowledging the achievements of the Rotary Club of Numurkah during Lorraine's year as President.

Silver Presidential Citation. 2020-10-12 13:00:00Z 0

This week's meeting.

Rotary Club of Numurkah meeting 12th October was held in person at the Numurkah Golf & Bowls Club and also on Zoom.

This week's meeting. 2020-10-12 13:00:00Z 0

Jenny Green Guest Speaker

Jenny Green lost her 26 year old daughter to suicide. Not wanting other families to suffer as she did the Rock It Foundation was formed.
The Rock It Foundation, helps those in need of immediate psychiatric treatment by paying for their psych appointments right away instead of being on the public systems waitlist potentially causing a lot more pain.
As her daughters passion was pole dancing a fundraising gala is organised.
This pole dancing extravaganza is in memory of Jacklyn Louise Williams, who on September 28th 2017 took her own life. Jacklyn was an extremely talented dancer and in honour of her, multiple dancers from all across Victoria came together to put on a show to raise funds for the Rock It Foundation.
The aim is to raise awareness of mental health and stop suicide.
Jenny asked members to make time to ask are you OK. Covid is making people go into their shells with no interaction. Step into their shoes for a day and be there for them.

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Rotary meet at Golf Club

t’s been a long time between drinks for the members of the Rotary Club of Numurkah who are meeting outdoors at the Golf Club tonight.. With COVID-19 restrictions the Golf Club can accommodate 10 indoors or 50 outdoors. The staff at the Golf Club were excellent hosts.

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Leah Farnham guest speaker.

Celebrating "Lift the Lid" Mad Hat day for mental health, Leah Farnham from Headspace in Shepparton was guest speaker.
Leah Farnham has an eight year involvement with Headspace Shepparton which works with 12 - 25 year olds providing early intervention.
1 in 5 youth experience a health issue: Anxiety 15-20%. Substance Misuse 10%, Depression 7%.
Impact of poor mental health: Poor school or work attendance, Social withdrawal or isolation. Adopting negative coping strategies.
Adolescence a period of great change. change in the way we think, change in relationships, change in the way we feel.
Normal for adolescents to argue for sake of arguing, jump to conclusions, be self-centred, constantly find fault in adults, be overly dramatic.
Signs of depression: unexplained or prolonged feelings of sadness, sadness or anger, mood swings,  change in behaviour.
Headspace is youth friendly looking after physical health, mental health, alcohol and drug dependence, vocation and education.
Managed by G.V. Health, only address mild to moderate conditions, valuing youth and family involvement.

Leah Farnham guest speaker. 2020-09-28 14:00:00Z 0

Josh West guest speaker

Josh West was born to parents addicted to drugs, adopted by foster parents at 6 months.
Suffering Asperger's Syndrome picked on at school. Met grand parents at 18 years
Commenced playing basketball at 19 years, had tried other sports but basketball became his passion, playing with Australian Paralympic Team, Australian Boomerangs. Team members are able bodied but with intellectual disabilities. Captain of the team has travelled the world, Japan, America, South America, Turkey and Italy.
Team is not sponsored, all paid from own pocket. Basketball has changed his life, giving him focus and meeting some wonderful friends.
Now coaching, plays several days a week and trains in Melbourne 5 - 7 times a year when allowed. Zoom training during COVID.
Success in life goes back to foster parents who gave him a second chance at life.

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Geoff Holmes guest speaker.

As guest speaker Geoff Holmes conducted an entertaining quiz from recent articles featured in the Numurkah Leader. 

Winners received prizes from Geoff's vegetable garden.


Geoff Holmes guest speaker. 2020-09-14 14:00:00Z 0

Alice Glachen guest speaker.

Alice  a member of the Rotary Club of Albury Hume, Director of Capital Fundraising Campaign for Albury Hilltop Accommodation Centre, part of Fight Cancer Campaign.
Hilltop providing motel style accommodation for regional cancer patients.
Background, grew up in a Rotary family, an exchange student then followed father as a Rotarian. Husband and herself owned Beacon Lighting in Albury and served as Mayor of Albury. Following sale of business joined Hilltop as Fundraising Director.
Planned December launch, then bushfires, then when smoke settles COVID, cancelling media events.
Need for accommodation for regional community, over $1M raised during the planning of Stage 1 which is now complete. Cost $5,122,129, budget $5,400.00.
Large rooms providing sanctuary and safety in comfortable quality rooms. A home away from home. Caters for all ages, space for children, library, community board room.
Over 56,000 room nights available, over 2,700 families assisted, occupancy now nearing capacity.
32 Local Government Areas in footprint with Moira #1 user.
Stage 2 in planning with additional 10 suites, library and quiet room, gymnasium. laundry, an additional admin. area.
Stage 2 Cost & Funding. Cost $3,808,000, Commonwealth Government $1,904,000, Cash on hand $1,134.796, with a shortfall of $769,204.
Preliminary planning for stage 3.

Alice Glachen guest speaker. 2020-09-07 14:00:00Z 0

Trudi Pratt guest speaker

Trudi Pratt guest speaker.
Trudi Pratt Emergency Management with City of Greater Shepparton and Moira Shire, responsible for emergency planning and relief.
Background as a trained nurse and a soldier.
Covid pandemic not a typical emergency such as flood, fire and wind events. Covid an unseen enemy.
Moira Shire spread over a large area without vast congregation of people thus not compacted by Covid, with only one case, which was someone out of town.
Typical day, attend meetings and planning if an out break, Understanding legislation from two states.
Sate border shut down causes no end of problems with permits.
Preparing for a Class 1 or Class 2 Emergency involves planning evacuation and movement of people to ensure safety with closure of channels or roads and the setting up of relief centres.
Meeting with local organisations with need to listen and engage with local people.
Advance warning of installation and test of temporary levees at Nathalia for maintenance. SES volunteers trained in sand bagging.

Trudi Pratt guest speaker 2020-08-31 14:00:00Z 0

D.G. Bruce Anderson visit.

D.G. Bruce ensured the club he  will try and visit in person, prioritising those not visited in person.
  • District Conference current plan is Wangaratta March 18-20. Options include a May date or Conference with District Handover if unable to proceed.
  • Baton Relay to celebrate 100 years of Rotary in Australia and New Zealand. If unable to proceed will pass on to AG to reach each club.
  • District project to celebrate 100 years of Rotary is an immunisation campaign in the Pacific Region.
  • Membership levels discussed with reasons for decline from 44 to 35, mental health, expecting too much, not educating members, business commitments, death and age. Bruce commented harder to keep everyone engaged and active in larger clubs.
  • District to revamp programs such as RLI with introduction of a Basic Introduction to Rotary, which would be less confronting to new members, with RLI for more experienced members.
  • Review of club; good emphasis on youth, community, website. Club in good shape,
  • Constitution and By-Laws are comprehensive, keep up to date.
  • Role of District is to help clubs to do what they do best.
Marilyn introduced the "Partners Project"
Partners Project - Rotarians Against Malaria.
Mascot "Aussie the Mozzie".
To mark 100 years of Rotary in Australia and New Zealand publish a booklet celebrating achievement of each club with short history and a current picture of club, with a project to mark R100 in community.

D.G. Bruce Anderson visit. 2020-08-24 14:00:00Z 0

Virtual Tour of Werribee Open Range Zoo

Another innovative and entertaining meeting organised by President Jennifer.

A virtual tour of Werribee Open Range Zoo with our guide taking members on a drive through the park, describing the animals encountered.

Tour prompted much conversation from members regarding the animals later in the meeting.


Virtual Tour of Werribee Open Range Zoo 2020-08-17 14:00:00Z 0

Fancy Dress Night.

Squish began the night with a musical quiz, "Name the Tune". the tunes played on her melodica.
The members were then divided into "Break-out Rooms".
Room #1 Chris Hardham, Ross, Lou, Terry and John
Update on members activities including ladder accidents.
Room #2 Gary, Ivan, Jennifer and Kate.
Talked rubbish!
Room #3 Allen, Chris Sutton and Rex.
Poems and music. "Don't worry everything going to be alright". Kate quoted a poem by Tammy Muir and Chris sang a song with her ukulele .
Room #4 Sally, Lorraine and Stephen.
Lorraine quoted from "Tale of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens.
"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way—in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only"
Link to Tammy Muir's poem as quoted by Kate.

Fancy Dress Night. 2020-08-10 14:00:00Z 0

Club Assembly

The Club Assembly held via zoom on Monday 3rd August was an opportunity to talk about moving forward within the confines we are in.

Club Assembly 2020-08-03 14:00:00Z 0

Nicole Wells guest speaker.

Nicole Wells community Development Officer with NCN Health was guest speaker at zoom meeting.
Difficult to access farming community with current restrictions as support services unable to undertake face to face consultations.
Women are home schooling as well as farm duties, and farmers will not access support until too late. Nicole wishing to work with community groups to be more innovative and proactive.
Farmers first to lend a hand to neighbours, hope to build on this to help themselves.
Farmers are not doing well with depression, stress, high anxiety and transitioning to other fields as worn down.
Hope to build capacity to resilience with conversation to help themselves and family.
A case by case as go through intake to access financial and mental health then to link with relevant consultants.

Nicole Wells guest speaker. 2020-07-27 14:00:00Z 0

Paul Quinane guest speaker.

At two months, son Ned tested positive to Down Syndrome. A scary time, but further tests showed no issues with heart.

Ned brought an enormous amount of joy to the family.

In 2014 decided to organise a bike ride to create awareness on World Down Syndrome Day 2st March.

Many offers of help from friends keen to ride, with a parents support car.

With 3 weeks notice organised ride from Cobram to Mulwala, Yarrawonga, Chiltern, Wangaratta, Benalla, Shepparton, Numurkah Cobram. BBQ at finish to celebrate. Encouraged to make it an annual event. Now riding the route in reverse in order to avoid strong head winds. Raised over $17,000 for Cobram Special School and Down Syndrome.

Established a Facebook page 321 Ride for Down Syndrome.

On a personal note after 23 years in munitions manufacture became Business Services Manager for PALS, supporting others with needs.



Paul Quinane guest speaker. 2020-07-13 14:00:00Z 0

Bernadette Steward Guest Speaker.

Bernadette Steward secretary of the Numurkah Wunghnu Cemetery Trust gave an interesting talk on the history of Numurkah and the Numurkah Cemetery.
Wunghnu Cemetery established in 1879 and contains graves of Numurkah residents before the Numurkah Cemetery was established in 1883.
Entrance erected in 1909, and recently refurbished.
The Numurkah Lawn Cemetery was created in 1978, with enough ground for 3 years before expansion required.
Bernadette organises "Cemetery Walks" illustrating the history of the cemetery and its past residents.
Photos of Numurkah 1888 were shown.
Bernadette Steward Guest Speaker. 2020-07-06 14:00:00Z 0

Changeover Meeting 2020



The Rotary Club of Numurkah Changeover Dinner for 2020, held at the Numurkah Golf Club was a changeover with a difference.
Due to COVID-19 limit restrictions only the previous board members and the incoming board members attended, with other club members joining the meeting by Zoom.
President Lorraine Greenwood delivered her President's Address Annual Report outlining the activities for the year.
Community Service Director Julie Andrew presented the Col McPherson Community Service Award to Adam Drust.
Vocational Service Director Sally Rose presented the Jack Duncan Vocational Service Award to Anna Corazza.
President Lorraine presented the President's Award to A.G. Chris Sutton.
Incoming President Jennifer Rodger was inducted at 2020-2021 President by A.G. Chris Sutton.
Incoming President Jennifer Rodger oulined her vision for the club.
President Jennifer introduced the 2020-2021 Board.

Changeover Meeting 2020 2020-06-29 14:00:00Z 0

Tinja Nakki Farewell

Tinja Nakki Farewell.
The Rotary Club of Numurkah held a farewell for exchange student Tinja Nakki at the home of Kylie & Wayne Jackson. Tinja from Finland has spent the last 12 months with the Rotary Club as a Rotary Exchange Student.
Kate Hodge on behalf of the club spoke on the delight of having Tinja with us for the last 12 months and thanked the host families Renee, Bruce and Tenille for the first six months and Kylie Wade and Cody for the last six months.
Both families expressed the pleasure they had in welcoming Tinja into their homes and families.
Due to COVID-19 restrictions Tinja missed out on many events and experiences, but assured all she was returning home, not thinking of the experiences she missed, but the experiences she enjoyed.
Tinja's personality and charm delighted all she met, and was a wonderful ambassador of Finland and the Rotary Youth Exchange program.
The club wish Tinja all the best in her life's journey.

Tinja Nakki Farewell 2020-06-21 14:00:00Z 0

Members Dinner Parties

Suggested and organised by President Lorraine, the club held several dinner parties, hosted by club members with small numbers attending.
19 Rotarians attended plus 5 partners. The hosts were Terry and Pam, Judy and Rex, Phil and Fiona, and Lorraine.
An enjoyable evening was had by all members who participated, as the photos show.

Members Dinner Parties 2020-06-15 14:00:00Z 0

Guest Speaker Leanne Rawson

Leanne Rawson spoke via Zoom on the concept of a Numurkah parkrun.
Event is for whole family, started in England in 2004 and Australia in 2011.
Leanne explained she was a single mother and a P.E. teacher at St Mary of the Angels.
Ex runner and Little Athletics coach
Investigated a Numurkah parkrun over 2 to 3 years.
Reasons for Numurkah, Love of Exercise, Location, Fitness, Social and Obesity issues.
Why? Create a healthier and happier activity, Inclusive fun, Different way to stay active, Free community led social focus, Prams children and dogs on leads allowed and wheelchair accessibility.
Held in a public open space.
Not a race, 5km event for walkers, joggers, runners and spectators.
Event would start on a Saturday at 8am finishing at 9am with option of post event coffee and catch up.
Start date TBC, June 22nd the earliest.
Would commence in Rose Gardens, across wooden bridge along walking track to steel bridge then to carpark, back to Kinnairds Road then return to Rose Gardens.
Registration online, once registered can do any event anywhere.
Cost of $7,500 to establish event, covers all expenses for establishing for lifetime of event and AED defibrillator.
Volunteers required, five from Rotary for first 2 months.

Guest Speaker Leanne Rawson 2020-06-01 14:00:00Z 0

President Elect Jennifer Rodger Guest Speaker

President Elect Jennifer Rodger was guest speaker at the club's Zoom meeting. Using a Power point presentation Jennifer revealed the results of the online survey of members and her plans for the next Rotary Year,
There was a positive result to meetings and content, with improvement in planning, involvement and monitoring of members highlighted.
More social and fun activities with more local community service projects with closer communication were also highlighted in the responses
Jennifer then detailed her plans for activities next Rotary year.

President Elect Jennifer Rodger Guest Speaker 2020-05-25 14:00:00Z 0

Annette Cope Guest Speaker

Annette Cope was guest speaker to the Numurkah Rotary Club online Zoom meeting.
Annette Cope Treasurer of St Vincent de Paul Conference spoke to the club via Zoom.
St Vines is part of the Catholic Church assistance for people who need help with shop and conference available for those with specific needs. Shop staffed by volunteers.
Funds from shop support conference.
Conference meet with people in need using funds from shop and appeals. $100,000 assistance given annually to local needs. Food, clothing and fuel assistance provided with vouchers, do not give money.
Emergency assistance given for house fires, domestic violence. medical treatment, transport for medical appointments and funerals. All assistance confidential with cases documented.
COVID-19 assistance to solve needs with contacts available.
Most are genuine and help given to solve problem. Generally there to help with a hand-up not a hand-out.
Support required for shop with goods, (which have to be quarantined) or financial with money banked into local bank account.

Annette Cope Guest Speaker 2020-05-17 14:00:00Z 0
Rotary Brochure 2020-05-14 14:00:00Z 0

Dominique Cosgriff guest speaker

At the club's Zoom meeting Dominique spoke to the club about her role as journalist with the Numurkah Leader.
Gained diploma in professional writing and editing. born a writer, always told stories. Worked at Shepparton News writing and editing but with global financial crisis all work disappeared. Part time at Uniting Care as media rep for 4 years, then worked as a kitchen hand.
Applied for position at Numurkah Leader bur unsuccessful and worked on tomato line at SPC.
Numurkah Leader phoned for an interview - the rest is history!
Best job ever had, accepted into the community which was well suited. People best and worst part of anything. Quickly learnt communities are self-supporting, that keeps the town going.
With COVID-19 all sporting events cancelled which contributed 75% of paper content.
Do need occasional car chase or ambulance chase because that is news.
Numurkah Leader has never not published its weekly edition in 120 year.
Local paper is the only place you get local focus. Numurkah Leader here to sell the story of Numurkah.
Sports Profile and Cuppa stories hard responsibility but learning the common denominator is hard work.
Advertising keeps the doors open and government advertising on Covid-19 helps.
Believe in the power of free press.
Pride in our work.


Dominique Cosgriff guest speaker 2020-05-11 14:00:00Z 0
Rotary online Zoom meeting 2020-05-04 14:00:00Z 0

Drought Relief Cosmetics

As part of the Drought Relief Project the Rotary Club of North Balwyn donated boxes of cosmetics for distribution by the Rotary Club of Numurkah.
President Lorraine wrote to Nth Balwyn Rotary.
Thank you so much for obtaining the hair products and organising to deliver them to us last Thursday. We are astounded by the amount you sent and know they will be greatly appreciated by the recipients. They were certainly well received by staff at each of the schools.
We had a very busy day on Friday, delivering all the boxes to a number of different places.
* We gave 10 boxes of each type to the secondary school; they are preparing packs to send to families and the hair shampoo, etc can be included in them.
* Eight boxes of each type went to the catholic primary school; they will be given to school families in need.
* We made up 80 gift bags, each containing a shampoo, conditioner and hairspray, for the primary school - they will add to them for Mother's Day if possible.
Otherwise they will give them out when the students return to school. We also gave the primary school eight boxes of each product for distribution.
* All the remaining boxes were given to the Community House. The products will be distributed to families in need through the House, the Learning Centre
and from the home of one of the coordinators.
Drought Relief Cosmetics 2020-05-04 14:00:00Z 0


The Rotary Club of Numurkah has launched an Instagram account.

Instagram 2020-04-25 14:00:00Z 0

Facebook Posts

The Rotary Club of Numurkah Facebook page contains weekly posts reporting on the guest speakers at regular weekly dinner meetings.
In these uncertain times, with meetings suspended, reports will be posted highlighting the club's proud history with "Flash-backs" drawing on the resources of the Photo Album column on our website homepage.
Changeover Meeting 2019, and Business Breakfast featuring Susan Alberti have been posted.
To come, Club's 60th Anniversary Meeting, 4WD Trips, combined meetings with Lions, vocational visits.
The wider community can read these and realise the club is still alive and active.

Facebook Posts 2020-04-04 13:00:00Z 0


The Rotary Club of Numurkah has cancelled its weekly dinner meetings until further notice.
President Lorraine has asked for a scaled down version of the weekly bulletin to be published to keep members connected and informed during this period.
These bulletins will be emailed as usual, and can also be read under "Bulletins" in the panel above.


Bridget Goulding Guet Speaker

Bridget Goulding attended the Drought Relief public meeting and was asked by the North Balwyn Rotary Club to speak to the club giving a first hand account of the challenges facing farmers in Numurkah and district.
Bridget repeated her address for the benefit of the Numurkah Rotary members.
Born in Rotorua, met and married Tim and commenced farming in New Zealand. Inspected dairy farms in Gippsland before choosing irrigation district in north Baulkamaugh. Several good years before a cascade of disasters over two decades. Millennium drought where average rainfall of 16-18 inches was reduced to 3. Lack of Murray River flows forced to refine management. Modernisation of channels took place to rationalise water usage. With the unbundling of water from the land, on the advise of consultants half farmers sold permanent water to buy temporary water after drought.
14% of water owned by investors not connected to the land. Temporary water going to highest bidder with almond trees requiring much of the temporary water. 
Last 2 years of drought man made problems including the Fonterra claw-back.
117 dairy farmers have ceased trade. Drop off of social interaction as all too busy.
2015-2016 season improved and built a new house. Industry in turmoil, but do not regret the move.
Involve in the community with CWA, UDV and delegations to ministers to get message across.
District producing a product of high standard, with demand growing and sustainability improving.
Drought Relief Program is a shot in the arm.

Bridget Goulding Guet Speaker 2020-03-16 13:00:00Z 0
40th Annual Art & Crafdt Exhibition 2020-03-08 13:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Numurkah 40th Annual Art & Craft exhibition

Rotary Club of Numurkah 40th Annual Art & Craft Exhibition.
The Rotary Club of Numurkah 40th Annual Art & Craft Exhibition attracted outstanding entries from around Australia.
At the well attended official opening on Friday Club president Lorraine Greenwood said to those present “you will be amazed and inspired by the outstanding array of exhibits”.
Rotary District Governor Brian Peters spoke on he work of Rotary, locally and internationally, mentioning the Polio Plus campaign to eradicate polio in the world.
Jeff Buzza, the major sponsor from Home Hardware said “Art is important. Looking at the entries some are pleasant, some are spectacular and some even confronting”. He believed each work revealed a little about the artist and maybe what they felt and if we might learn a bit more about how other people see the world and be better off for it. Summing up Jeff said maybe that is why art is important.
Art judge Ben Winspear praised the exhibition as being one of the best regional art shows.
Bed Winspear announced the winning entries, commenting on each art work.
Best in Show was awarded to Ross Paterson “Tumut River”. Ben said this painting has everything going for it, clean colours, accurate tones, a semi-panoramic composition coming together in a synergy that he found compelling.
Runner Up was awarded to Glenn Hoyle “Sunset in Tumut”. The beautiful harmony well composed work kept me coming back for a second and third look.
Best Watercolour was Linda Bryan “First Light”.  The simplification and design were what initially drew me to this work stated Ben.
Best Oil “Forgotten Ledge” by Geoffrey Smith. Ben said this is one of my favourite subjects, dust, bottles, spiderwebs. Making the ordinary, extraordinary.
Best Pastel “Winter Sunrise” by Deborah Lynch. Painted not only with skill and a knowledge of the medium but also with plenty of feeling and sensitivity too.
Best Pencil was awarded to “Boots” by John Stevens. Ben said I’m always pleased when I see a well executed drawing like this, with very good tonal control, composition and a well developed technique.
Best Regional Artist was Judith Waite with “Galah’s”.  This one I chose because of the artists unusual and clever composition of the galah’s flying across the canvas like musical notes. Lots of movement accurately portrayed.
Moira Arts & Culture Encouragement Award was awarded to Bev Williams with “Tradescantia & Tiny Blue Dragonfly”. A delightful little watercolour study of the nature world. Painted with care and intricated detail.
Photographic Award “Bridge in Smoke by Adrienne West. The photographer has pushed the medium and subject almost to abstraction. A work full of intrigue and mood.
Claire Reid the craft judge congratulated the entrants on the quality of their work.
Best Craft Entry was “A Country Journal” by Yvonne Visser.
Fibres, Threads or Beads Award was awarded to Shona Thomas with “Purple Lace Shawl”.
Framed Needlework Award was awarded to Jenny Barnes with “Noah”.
Quilt Award winner was Yvonne Visser with “A Country Journal” Second place was “Dragon Quilt by Patricia Grotaers.”
Craft Award was “Mosaic Tile” by Tonina Hore.
Australiana Award was “Koala” crochet
Rotary Club of Numurkah 40th Annual Art & Craft exhibition 2020-03-07 13:00:00Z 0

Chris Matthews and Duncan McPherson Guest Speahers

Chris Matthews and Duncan McPherson representing "Love Our Lifestyle" were guest speakers.
Love Our Lifestyle was created by combining the Numurkah Chamber of Commerce and Numurkah Tourism. Membership has been declining and last year re-launched LOL with new members and committee. Embracing business, community and tourism, aiming for growth in membership and promotion of shopping events, and community events.
Biggest achievement is the launch of LOL Cards which can be redeemed at local businesses.
Why Leave Town Promotion has different sponsorship levels for businesses, organisations and clubs ranging from $7,500 to $165, community groups from $80.
Benefits include design and advertising assistance for social media, regular social media posts.

Chris Matthews and Duncan McPherson Guest Speahers 2020-03-02 13:00:00Z 0
40th Annual Art & Craft Exhibition 2020-02-28 13:00:00Z 0

Les Lawrence Shield 2020

Annual bowls match between Numurkah Rotary and Nathalia Rotary held at Nathalia Bowls Club. Photo Hazel Boschetti (widow of Les Lawrence) with Lorraine Greenwood, president of the Rotary Club of Numurkah and Anthony Oliver president Rotary Club of Nathalia.

Les Lawrence Shield 2020 2020-02-27 13:00:00Z 0

Samuel Johnson "love Your Sister"

Tickets selling fast for Samuel Johnson "Love Your Sister" dinner. There is only one table left for sale @ $45/ticket. Due to demand tickets are available for purchase @ $20/ticket for viewing from the balcony. This ticket price does not include dinner. Tickets can be purchased from the Numurkah Community Learning Centre. 99 Melville Street.

Samuel Johnson "love Your Sister" 2020-02-20 13:00:00Z 0

Chris Motton Guest Speaker

Chris Motton from the Rotary Club of Kyabram spoke of his Rotary & business experiences.
A member of a 2012 Group Study Exchange visit to Orlando Florida. 14 clubs visited with cultural and vocational activities. Rotary clubs mainly breakfast meetings being professional or social clubs. On return spoke to many clubs on experience and has revisited 5 times.
At the time a young family, growing business, unable to commit to meeting times.
Joined Rotary in 2016 and enjoy putting on Rotary hat in a small friendly club.
Business "Advance Computing" helps businesses and organisations achieve more using I.T.
I.T. workforce will need 81,000 jobs within 15 years. Jobs across 40 companies in three states.

Chris Motton Guest Speaker 2020-02-17 13:00:00Z 0

Georgia Dixon guest speaker

Georgia Dixon sponsored by Rotary club to attend the Canberra Youth Science Forum then onto the London International Youth Science Forum.
The London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF) is a two week residential student event held at Imperial College London & The Royal Geographical Society, with lecture demonstrations from leading scientists, visits to world class laboratories and universities combined with cultural interaction, with 500 students aged 16-21 years old from 70 countries including 36 Australians.
Sightseeing of London and Stonehenge and visits to factory where design and manufacture of A380 aircraft wings and also production line of BMW Mini cars.
Georgia thanked the club for their support.
Georgia Dixon guest speaker 2020-02-10 13:00:00Z 0

Lung Function Spirometry Testing

Kathryn Watson a registered nurse with NCN Health heads the Moira Respiratory Project.
1 in 7 Australians over the age of 40 has Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).
COPD is a progressive lung disease which is the third leading cause of preventable hospitalisations in Australia.
No cure, early diagnosis and management can slow disease.
A quick and easy lung function test performed using a machine called a spirometer measures the amount of air that you breathe in and out of your lungs.
Those who should be tested include smokers, worker in a job exposed to dust, gas or fumes, coughs several times most days, coughing up phlegm or mucus most days, out of breath.
Tests carried out at NCN Health campuses at Numurkah, Nathalia and Cobram and also Yarrawonga Health, with reports sent to doctor or specialist.
Pulmonary Rehabilitation available with one 1-2 hour session a week for 6-8 weeks has been shown to help people breathe easier and improve their quality of life and mood and help stay out of hospital.

Lung Function Spirometry Testing 2020-02-03 13:00:00Z 0
Love Your Sister 2020-01-29 13:00:00Z 0

Numurkah Drought Relief Program

Numurkah Drought Relief Program.
Working with the Rotary Club of Numurkah, the Rotary Clubs of North Balwyn and Balwyn have developed a project to support farmers in our local area.
The main objective are to:
1. Reinvigorate the local economy.
2, Provide metal wellbeing programs.
3. Inspire the region.
The key strategy of the program is for these Melbourne clubs to provide financial support to farming families in Numurkah and district.
Vouchers to be issued by Rural Finance Counsellors.
Vouchers to be redeemed at selected Numurkah businesses.
An information session was held on January 15th..

Numurkah Drought Relief Program 2020-01-21 13:00:00Z 0
Combined meeting with Lions 2020-01-13 13:00:00Z 0

Christmas 2019

The Rotary Club celebrated their Christmas Break Up at the home of Ross and Chris Hardham.

Christmas 2019 2019-12-16 13:00:00Z 0

Numurkah Golf & Bowls Club Sponsorship


KEVIN MOYLAND from Numurkah Golf and Bowls Club presented a cheque for $2000 to President Lorraine Greenwood.

President Lorraine said the kind sponsorship would be used to offer Swimming Pool Family Passes to needy families selected in conjunction with the Primary Schools.


Numurkah Golf & Bowls Club Sponsorship 2019-12-09 13:00:00Z 0

Numurkah Drought Relief Program


Geoff Kneale, Rotary Club of Balwyn North presented the concept of a drought relief program for the district.

Numurkah Drought Relief Program a proven model adapted 8 years ago from a Queensland program, successful in St Arnaud.

Rotary Club of Balwyn North has 68 members, Rotary Club of Balwyn 53 members. have combined on a successful drought program.

Based on a program in Queensland, work with local Rotary clubs.

Provide vouchers to local farmers, redeemable at selected local retailers.

Arrange well-being program of Comedy or Rock Legends.

Other support activities include child book-drive, school excursions, lady pamper packs, hand-made children's toys.

Rural Finance Councillors distribute the voucher.


  • Official engagement between club presidents.
  • Town Hall meeting February 2020
  • Commence voucher planning February.
  • Store signage
  • Distribute to RFC
  • Commence planning community events in February
Roll out in March.

Numurkah Drought Relief Program 2019-12-09 13:00:00Z 0
Combined meeting with Rotary Club of Cobram at Cactus Country 2019-11-27 13:00:00Z 0

Ashleigh Rodger Guest Speaker

Ashleigh Rodger completed last placement of medical degree with a six weeks placement in Samoa in Paediatrics. 
Samoa has declared a state of emergency, closing schools, due to a measles epidemic.
Measles is a highly contagious, with fever, fatigue, cough, runny nose, conjunctivitis and rash.
Serious complications occur in 30% of cases. 90% transmission rate, 9 out of 10 developing measles.
Hospital has limited resources allowing only 2 minutes per patient on ward round.
Audit summary of children admitted to the Paediatric Ward: 86% admitted dehydrated, 65% severe pneumonia, 50% croup. Most children under the age of 1 year with 700 confirmed measles cases. International assistance being sought.
Ashleigh graduates at Deakin University in 3 weeks with first rotation surgery.

Ashleigh Rodger Guest Speaker 2019-11-18 13:00:00Z 0

Swimming Pool Working Bee & BBQ

The Rotary Club held a working bee and BBQ at the Numurkah Swimming Pool, organised by Julie Andrew with a Bendigo Bank grant the First Aid Room was cleaned out and upgraded.
Chefs Geoff Holmes and Gary Phillips provided a tasty meal.

Swimming Pool Working Bee & BBQ 2019-11-04 13:00:00Z 0
Battery Drive 2019-11-01 13:00:00Z 0

Faye Holmes Guest Speaker

Faye Holmes spoke to the club on her concern for some primary school children
Spent many years as Assistant Principal, now retired but now  considers herself a "Fly in - Fly Out" with no responsibilities, but looking at things differently..
Although great things are happening in the world, Australia and Numurkah there have been many changes over the last 10 years. Children growing up before they should, seeing and doing things they should not in disengaged families. Children should be children but are growing up as adults dealing with family stress, agitation and neglect. Many have health issues, anger, lack of ego.
There is a need for family support. The Smith Family and St Vinnies, Lions and Rotary give support.
Many families do not have money for sporting clubs membership, sports uniforms, education trips or camps. 
A child is not born bad, but are being brought up under horrific circumstances.
"Takes a village to raise a child".

Faye Holmes Guest Speaker 2019-10-28 13:00:00Z 0

Jeff Stanyer Guest Speaker

Jeff Stanyer was guest speaker at the combined Rotary Club, RSL Club meeting.

He joined the Navy in 1964 & served for 21 years. The well known Cerberus ship was launched in 1868. It was never used as a combat ship but as a guard ship & was finally towed to Black Rock where she remains today.

 After Federation in 1901 the Commonwealth Navy Force came into existence & took over the Colonnial ships. In 1911 the Australian Navy came into being.

 Jeff joined the Navy in 1964 doing an apprenticeship. His first sea posting was on a destroyer going to Vietnam. He served on a gun line, doing 2, 6 month rotations doing naval bombardment. Jeff recalled his memories of battle on the Hobart Ship & provided an extensive history of the Ships during the WWI, WWII, Malaysian, Korean & Vietnam wars.


Jeff Stanyer Guest Speaker 2019-10-21 13:00:00Z 0


Bill Winters and John Decker spoke to the club on the L2P Learner Driver Program
The L2P Learner Driver Mentor Program was an initiative of the Rotary Club of Sunbury in 2007 with a pilot program. Supported by Government in 2008.
The program provides an opportunity for young people, who face significant barriers, to obtain their drivers licence with the support of a mentor. Program helps a young person to develop their confidence and skills, and assist them in reaching the required 120 hours of supervised on-road experience. With a drivers licence, a young person will have a better chance to access education, training and job opportunities.
Program is community driven with support from agencies such as Berry Street.
John Decker has been a mentor for 8 years, finding it a worthy cause, giving opportunity to young people.

L2P PROGRAM 2019-10-14 13:00:00Z 0

DG Visit and Lift the Lid

Visit of District Governor Brian Peters was celebrated with "Lift the Lid" mad hat day for Mental Health.

DG Visit and Lift the Lid 2019-10-08 13:00:00Z 0
Paul Harris Fellowship - Stephen Mills. 2019-10-08 13:00:00Z 0

Lift the Lid BBQ

Rotary Club of Numurkah BBQ for "Lift the Lid" on mental health.

Lift the Lid BBQ 2019-10-04 14:00:00Z 0

Kitarna Smith guest speaker.


Kitarna Smith a year 10 student at Numurkah Secondary College participated in the 2019 Cultural Kimberley Exchange.

Exchange left a strong impression as part of her, learnt about Australian, its history and its past.

Flew to Broome, then visited a crocodile farm where the group of 9 learn about the history of the Kimberley's, and about crocodiles and their temperament and aggression. Next visited Mt. Anderson Station and the Lilianceane sacred site. Explored the caves with cave paintings. Visited Gee Gee Gorge and the Fitzroy River. Met with indigenous communities sharing their culture and food, told stories of the land and people.

Learnt a lot about regions and its people, which you do not learn at school. Trip was life-changing. Kitarna finished by thanking Rotary for making it possible.


Kitarna Smith guest speaker. 2019-09-30 14:00:00Z 0

1st Baulkamaugh Scout Group visit


Rotarian Jason, Scout Leader of the 1st Baulkamaugh Group welcomed Rotarians, and with assistance of scouts explained the activities and award system of Scouts section.

Cub Leader Judy Stedman with assistance of the cubs explained the activities and award scheme for the Cub section.

Group Leader Stuart Hodge gave a brief overview of the history of the 1st Baulkamaugh Scout Group.

A delicious roast meal, cooked in camp ovens, was served.




1st Baulkamaugh Scout Group visit 2019-09-23 14:00:00Z 0

Linda Ryder Guest Speaker


"Need for Feed" was established by the Pakenham Lions Club in 2006 when founder Graham Cockerell donated and delivered one truck load of hay to farmers burnt out by fire. Only able to deliver 5 bales to each farmer Graham returned determined to help make a real difference.

Over the time "Need for Feed" has been a major supplier of emergency fodder and transport. In last 18months 5,000 requests for assistance with 5 runs including to Queensland floods. with 4 road trains, South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales.

Majority volunteers, with trucks coming from all states. Create depots, not individual drop-offs, with farmers collecting from depots. Used helicopters to deliver during Queensland floods.

Letting people know that someone cares.

Linda Ryder Guest Speaker 2019-09-16 14:00:00Z 0

Ian Murphy Memorial Debate

Second heat of Ian Murphy Memorial Debating Competition with two teams from St Mary's. one sponsored by Nathalia Rotary Club, the other sponsored by Numurkah Rotary Club.
Adjudicators John Watson, Squish Davis and Carolyn Drennan.
Topic of debate: "Worrying Serves No Useful Purpose".
Each speaker has 4 minutes with a warning bell at 3 minutes.
Speaking on behalf of the adjudicators, Squish Davis made the following comments. All speakers spoke well with excellent research, followed structure with good timing. Although made eye contact with audience suggested the speakers relax more and engage with audience rather than being entrenched in their speech.
The winner was the St. Mary's Negative Team.

Ian Murphy Memorial Debate 2019-09-09 14:00:00Z 0


Geoff Limmer P.P. Box Hill Central Rotary Club spoke on "Operation Cleft".
Operation Cleft mission is to provide 1000 free cleft repair surgeries each year to underprivileged children in Bangladesh - enabling them to live normal and meaningful lives.
More than 5,000 children are born with a cleft lip and/or palate in Bangladesh each year.
Children born with a cleft have difficulty feeding, may suffer malnutrition, and are susceptible to ear, nose and throat infections. They are often ostracized and discouraged by the school system, leading to social isolation and depression.
A cleft repair operation gifts the child a smile, restores their dignity, improves their health, and provides the child with a brighter future and an opportunity to achieve their full potential.

GEOFF LIMMER GUEST SPEAKER 2019-09-02 14:00:00Z 0


A.G. Chris Sutton gave a PowerPoint presentation on "Our Rotary"
First club formed in Chicago in 1905, the name Rotary from rotating meetings, the logo represents civilisation movement and service in action.
Structure in 3 parts 1. Our Club, 2. R.I. 3. Rotary Foundation.
1,000 clubs in Australia,
Rotaract 18-30 age group, 10,904 clubs with 200,792 members in 184 countries.
Interact 12-18 years in High Schools 20,372 clubs with 458,556 members in 159 countries.
Inner Wheel - women with connections to Rotary.
Probus active retirees to come together in a club
R.I. Support clubs worldwide.
Avenues of Service: Club Service, Vocational Service, Community Service, International Service and Youth Service.

A.G. CHRIS SUTTON GUEST SPEAKER 2019-09-02 14:00:00Z 0

Paul Quinnane Guest Speaker

Paul Quinnane was guest speaker at a special dinner meeting at PALS. Paul joined PALS 18 months ago after working in munitions. Born in Barooga second child born with Downs Syndrome, thus interest in PALS.
Tr1-State Games in Adelaide, 30 to 40 teams of eight competing in a variety of sports and activities.
2020 - 2021 games to be hosted in Moira and Berrigan Shires with events in Yarrawonga, Barooga and Cobram.
  • Local transition
  • Most PALS clients now funded by the NDIS
  • Typically people have more funding.
  • Increase in 1 to 1 support and small group activities
  • Greater focus on education and work opportunities
PALS Recruiting Disability support workers and volunteers.

Paul Quinnane Guest Speaker 2019-08-26 14:00:00Z 0

Bruce McIntyre Guest Speaker

Bruce McIntyre, District Chair of Youth Exchange spoke to the club on the essentials for success with Youth Exchange for our club. Looking around the room the club had the ingredients for success..
1. Rotary Club involved.
2. President Lorraine on District Youth Exchange Committee.
3. Kate Hodge as a counsellor.
4. Youth Exchange Student.
5. Host Family.
District 9790 home of Rotary Youth Exchange beginning in 1958.
2020 District have 18 outbound students.

Bruce McIntyre Guest Speaker 2019-08-19 14:00:00Z 0

Tinja Nakki Guest Speaker

Tinja Nakki spoke to the club about her homeland Finland.
Finland in Northern Europe has a population of 5.5 million, with Helsinki as its capital, euro is the currency and the country has a president.
Seasons: Winter at beginning of year, long and cold -30 degrees. Spring March to April, Summer short 2 months June-August +20 degrees. Autumn beautiful.
Sports include Ice Hockey (National sport), Soccer, and Finnish games.
Education system 6 year old Preschool, 7 years to 16 years School, followed by Upper Secondary - General or Vocational 3 years, then University.
Food: Rice Bread, fish, fruit pies, reindeer and mash potatoes.
Language: Finnish & Swedish.
Interesting facts: 187,000 lakes, ranked number three as the happiest country in the world, average consumption of coffee per person per year 12k, more saunas than cars,
Family consists of mother, father and older sister.
Inspiration to become an exchange student was love of travel, opportunity to come to the other side of the world.
Interests include different languages, dancing, singing and piano.

Tinja Nakki Guest Speaker 2019-08-19 14:00:00Z 0

Dale Atkins Guest Speaker

Dale Atkins Rotary Club of Eltham spoke to the club on Aquabox.
Aquabox is a project of the Rotary Club of Eltham to provide timely provision of clean water and basic humanitarian aid to disaster areas.
It began in 1990 with the Rotary Club of Wirksworth, U.K.. in 2001 became a project of the Rotary Club of Eltham.
Two Aquabox models, "Family" has the capacity to produce 2,000 litres of drinkable water. Comes with 2 filters, water purifying tablets, taps, strainer, blankets, mosquito nets.
"Aquabox 30" has the capacity to produce 30,000 litres of drinkable water, the equivalent of a petrol tanker of water. Prefilled with 30 filters, 30 packs of water purification tablets.
Factory in Eltham where boxes are packed by volunteers, then stored or shipped overseas.
2.000 boxes shipped last year to Cambodia, Manila, Nepal, South India.
Boxes are now pre-positioned in Philippines and Fiji.
Way forward is to pursue further pre-positioning options, increase funding, review of Aquabox models and continue the life-saving work of Aquabox into the future.

Dale Atkins Guest Speaker 2019-08-12 14:00:00Z 0

Nicole Wells Guest Speaker

Nicole Wells president of Numurkah Community House spoke to the club.
Nicole introduced herself as a "bit of a gypsy" attending 11 different schools and living in 35 different houses meeting and making some beautiful friends. Found people need connection to enhance their self-worth.
Community house at 13 Murray Avenue has a garden in the back-yard where anyone can come in, plant or pick and make it their own.
Out front of house is a free pantry with food for vulnerable people and providing sustainability by reducing waste.
House itself is functional but not inviting needs to be comfortable and homely.
Work planned is the creation of a sand pit for kids and updating the kitchen and convert a storeroom into a walk in pantry.
Food share is available, and the Community House uses Facebook to publicise its activities

Nicole Wells Guest Speaker 2019-08-05 14:00:00Z 0

Julie Andrew Guest Speaker


Julie provided a powerpoint presentation on the history of the Umoja Orphanage in Kenya which is a RAWC project. Julie first went as a volunteer in 2015 with Kate Hodge. Cathy Booth was holidaying in Kenya when she developed the idea of building an orphanage. Julie attended again in 2017 with Steve Mills & Kate Mills to do various jobs including erecting 15 acres of barbed wire around the boundary. It is Cathy’s intention that the project will eventually be self sufficient. They assisted with running a health clinic & assisting at a feeding station which is run by a Hindu family which feeds up to 5000 children weekly. These children often walk up to 15-20km to get the food, when they attended there was only enough food for 4000. Each child received a hot meal & received a bag to take home which contained a bottle of soft drink, banana, big bun & some maise flour & some lollies for the week. Corruption was ripe in Kenya, it is not easy doing business & the Government wants a cut out of all aid work that comes into Kenya. Another tour with volunteers is going over this September. The second house is nearly finished with 12 children currently in the first house. Cathy’s biggest vision is that it is a children’s home until they can go back to their own families if possible, or learn skills rather than being an orphanage. The Government Children’s Department determine which children are placed at the home. An Australian mining company is mining titanium near by & they have made the furniture for the home & have helped with the permaculture courses. The Manager, Patrick, was previously a safari driver & in safari season they hire out their trucks etc for $100 to raise additional funds. All the children are sponsored, cost is $100/month $1200/year.

Another container is nearly ready to be shipped over which is hopefully expected to leave in mid August which holds numerous goods including a tractor, clothing etc.


Julie Andrew Guest Speaker 2019-07-29 14:00:00Z 0

Barb Sinclair Guest Speaker


Barbara Sinclair – Secretary & Treasurer of Numurkah Film Society. Officially began in 2016 & first movie screening in October 16 to coincide with the Foodbowl Festival. Movies screened every month. 127 members & 16 screenings in first year, 141 memberships in 2017, they sourced movie seats from Melbourne for free & they obtained a grant from Shire & were then able to source a new screen from America & with fundraising they have also sourced a new projector. In 2019 membership was down & participants in attending movies were also down they were facing some hard decisions earlier this year. Another grant has been provided by Shire of Moira & other venues for funding for community events. Some extra special events are planned for later on this year. Membership is important to keeping the Society viable. It costs $4,500/year to run the Society. Membership is $25 for a single or $50 for a family for the year. Equipment is available for use by other community groups.

Barb Sinclair Guest Speaker 2019-07-22 14:00:00Z 0
Social Night at Telegraph Hotel 2019-07-15 14:00:00Z 0

Lyn Cooper Guest Speaker


Lyn Cooper. Moira Shire Team Leader, Community & Recreational Development.

Lyn spoke on the Moira Shire Aquatic Facilities Strategy 2018-2027, a 9 year strategy to save our pools.

Stage 1 (years 1-3) focus on operational improvement to increase attendance.

Stage 2 (years 4-6) focus on review of service.

Stage 3 (Years 7-9) undertaking capital investment to meet current and future needs of this community.

Attendances declining, cost per visit Numurkah $14.10, Cobram $11.36, Nathalia $11.79, Strathmerton $31, Yarrawonga $5.

Numurkah pool rated: Community Involvement 30%, Fit for Purpose 40%. Total rating 47.1, needs to be 60+

Last year saw a 23% increase in attendance with 2,746 school students and 282 end of year pool party.

Challenges: Changes to the way we spend leisure in summer, increase in backyard pools, sun safe.

Need to know what will attract people to pool by talking to community groups, community members, schools and swim club.

Time to start the conversation.

Lyn Cooper Guest Speaker 2019-07-08 14:00:00Z 0

Club Changeover 2019

Rotary Club of Numurkah Changeover Meeting. President Stephen Mills gave the Presidential Report and DG Malcolm Kerr inducted Lorraine Greenwood at President.
Community Service Award presented to Duncan McPherson, Vocational Service Award presented to Paul Arnel.

Club Changeover 2019 2019-06-25 14:00:00Z 0

Club Changeover Meeting 2019

Rotary Club of Numurkah Changeover Meeting. President Stephen Mills gave the Presidential Report and DG Malcolm Kerr inducted Lorraine Greenwood at President.
Community Service Award presented to Duncan McPherson, Vocational Service Award presented to Paul Arnel.





Club Changeover Meeting 2019 2019-06-25 14:00:00Z 0

Baulkamaugh Scouts attend Jamboree


Eight scouts and leader Jason Andrew attended the 2019 Murraylands Jamboree at Tailem Bend S.A.

The scouts Rohan, Coby, Gemma, Charlotte, Pim, Jake, Brayden and Tameyh with leader Jason Andrew presented a power point presentation on their experiences at the Jamboree.

Six patrols of six scouts with 4 adult leaders in each troop. 12,000 scouts attended from Australia and International Countries. The site was dusty and rocky.

Activities included The Cube, Bang, Splat, Trade Mall, Shooting, Mud Pit and Market Day with evening performances with fireworks at beginning and end of Jamboree.

Post Jamboree met up with fellow troop members from Melbourne.

Jason was assigned to busing as each day 4,000 scouts left site for day activities.

The scouts thanked the Rotary Club for their support in enabling them to attend this outstanding event in their Scouting Life.


Baulkamaugh Scouts attend Jamboree 2019-06-17 14:00:00Z 0

Certificate of Appreciation

President Stephen presented Julia Arho a Certificate of Appreciation to the Bendigo Bank for their support in renovating the Community Kiosk.



Certificate of Appreciation 2019-06-17 14:00:00Z 0

Meritorious Service Award


Allen Canobie presented award to Lou Hamon. Lou joined Rotary same year in 1987.

Well respected, stable, conservative with a sense of humor Lou has an appreciation of the arts. Leader in Scouting for 45 years,, many years ago produced Apex Bulletin, now producing the weekly Rotary Bulletin. He has brought the club from dark ages with Club Runner and electronic communication thus enhancing the club. Another great passion has been the Numurkah Singers producing 30 shows and has been chair of Art Show for over 20 years. Lou has played a leading part in his church and is a board member of Moira Arts & Culture Inc. Lou received the Order of Australia Medal and the club is proud of his service to the club.


Meritorious Service Award 2019-06-17 14:00:00Z 0

Lindy Crowther & Linda Ball Guest Speakers



1 in 2 Australians struggle with mental health, yet half to not seek help.

80% loneliness is increasing, 2/3 felt lonely, 1/2 did not feel need seek help.

Every day 6 suicides plus 30 attempts at suicide.

"Grow" established in 1957 as "Recovery" is a caring abd supportive, community based organisation which has developed a unique program for improving and maintaining mental wellbeing.

Value of peer support to reduce social isolation. Offers hope, collective wisdom, leadership development, affordable and accessible.

4 essential features: 1. 12 step program, 2. Group Method, 3. Caring and sharing community, 4. Organisational structure.

No cost, anonymous with a two hour weekly meeting with 3-15 members per group.


Linda spoke on her experience. Several breakdowns, but proud to have got through it, difficult life but found people understanding and caring in "Grow".


Lindy Crowther & Linda Ball Guest Speakers 2019-06-03 14:00:00Z 0

Umoja Orphanage Dinner

Cathy Booth, Founder of Umoja Orphanage Kenya, will be in Nathalia on July, 28th and we are arranging a dinner for supporters and those interested in our project, to hear from Cathy, about the project and where it is up to and what is planned for the future. Tickets at $30- are now available on Trybooking following the link below. Tables of 10 are also available if you want to organise a group.
Our Container will have just left Australia for Kenya and it will be a chance for Cathy to thank our supporters who have given so generously toward the Container contents. Ticket price includes a 2 course Roast and sweets Dinner, catered by Nathalia Football and Netball Club and drinks available at bar prices.
Profits from the night will go toward the transport of the Container from the port and to pay for the tractor.
Trybooking link:

Umoja Orphanage Dinner 2019-05-27 14:00:00Z 0

Nadene Donnelly Certificate of Appreciation

President Stephen Mills presented Nadene Donnelly with a Certificate of Appreciation for assistance to the club in producing and printing flyers, tickets etc. for Business Breakfast.

Nadene Donnelly Certificate of Appreciation 2019-05-20 14:00:00Z 0

Geoff Austin Guest Speaker

Geoff Austin flew as a Captain with Virgin Australia
Attended flying school single engine course then twin engine and instrument training. Experience as a charter pilot flying 2,000 hours before airlines consider you. Other sources of pilots Air Force or Cadets.
To keep license tested over 2 day every 6 months with 4 hours in simulator each day. Cover engine failure, engine fire.
Flew 737 on domestic routes short or medium haul. International have up to 16 hours flight, 737 6 hours maximum. Flight of one and a half hours will have fuel for 2 hours Fuel is refined kerosene.
Lithium batteries a big threat as a fire in cargo hold will require an emergency landing. Cabin depressurisation have 15 seconds of useful consciousness. 
Typical routes two way. Holding points over Heathcote and Berrigan.
Captain responsible for departure procedures, landing procedures and arrival procedures.

Geoff Austin Guest Speaker 2019-05-20 14:00:00Z 0

Grant Duffy guest speaker

Grant Duffy was the guest speaker at the Combined Services Dinner hosted by Lions.

Angel Flight is a charity which coordinates non-emergency flights to assist country people to access specialist medical treatment that would otherwise be unavailable to them because of vast distance and high travel costs. All flights are free and may involve travel to medical facilities anywhere in Australia.

Angel Flight, launched as an Australian charity in April 2003, is the initiative of Bill Bristow AM a successful businessman, experienced pilot and very proud winner of the Australian of the Year Award – Queensland 2005.

A third of population live in rural areas where distance and cost of medical treatment is stressful.

46,000 missions in a year with a staff of 3,000 volunteer pilots and 4,000 volunteer Earth Angels.

85% of funding goes to service with no Government funding, service relies on charitable donations.

Patients are referred by doctors or nurses. Assumed patients come from the "back of Bourke" but service available free of charge to anyone outside of capital cities. 

Grant has been a volunteer pilot with Angel Flights for six years.


Grant Duffy guest speaker 2019-05-13 14:00:00Z 0

Cherie Laumen guest speaker.

Cherie spoke about a community agency known as Healesville Interchurch Community Care Inc. (HICCI). HICCI commenced in 1989 when the churches in Healesville felt challenged to address the needs of people in the community struggling to cope with the everyday demands of living, or who, faced with a sudden crisis in their lives.
Started with a small food cupboard in a back room of one of the churches, now operates from a purpose build building..
Committee of Management drawn from the seven churches with five part time professional staff running the three programs with 120 volunteers, last year providing 9.074 services.
Grants received from government, plus support from individuals, service clubs and clients.
Emergency Relief Program provide food hampers and provide practical assistance. Also provides assistance with clothing, education costs and medicine.
Transport & Social Support program assists clients to access services and social activities in the community.
Community Meal program provides a weekly two course dinner which promotes social inclusion in the community.
Cherie concluded by stating she feels blessed to work in her own community doing a job she loves and working with a great team.

Cherie Laumen guest speaker. 2019-05-06 14:00:00Z 0

Thang Danh Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker – Thang Danh. Hometown Mekong Territory in Vietnam. House surrounded by rice fields, his family including 4 siblings grow bananas, coconut & casaba. Parents work in rice fields hard to make a living. During university undertook some army activities, soccer & dancing. Spent 1 year being a research assistant in laboratory growing embryo rice & developed an interest in growing straw mushrooms. After graduation he undertook an internship in Hezava, Israel working in a tomato shade house & then travelled to Tel Aviv, Dead Sea & Jerusalem.  He then returned to Vietnam to start growing mushrooms but unfortunately he burnt the sporn for the mushroom bag so he travelled to Saigon to learn English & then onto Minnesota, USA & where he experienced snow for the first time. Then back to Vietnam as a mushroom technician when a friend introduced him to employment in Australia for Flavourwave & he was accepted & has been here for 6 months where he is a crop care worker required to clip 400 plants per hour. He enjoys the work & is able to make enough to send money back to his family.

Thang Danh Guest Speaker 2019-04-29 14:00:00Z 0

Graham Cocks Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker – Graham Cocks (Bright Rotary Club)
Congratulations to Numurkah for taking on Bowel Cancer Awareness for month of May. Screening tests detect any traces of blood you can’t see. If you see blood, go to your Doctor. Program started in 1981 in Lismore Rotary Club, Graham is the district co-ordinator. 31 clubs in the district are involved, 49 townships & suburbs consist of mostly country clubs. He became a district program in 2008/2009 prior to that only 3 clubs were involved in the district, 14 the next year, now up to 31. Rotary scheme 50% of sales are within age of 50-75 price range which is generally covered by Govt scheme. He suggests scans be done every 12 months rather than every 2 years. 41% return rate on Govt scheme – the aim is to reach 60%. 90% chance of bowel cancer can be cured if detected early. Program is encouraged to utilise pharmacies to sell the scans. Sally Rose to be the club co-ordinator. Club provides the kits to the pharmacy, club collects $1 for each scan sold. Kits only have a 2 year lifespan – check useby dates, sell the older ones first. Kits can be purchased for $18.00 via internet, but in May we are selling for $15.00 each. 4,000 die each year from bowel scan, second to lung cancer. Awareness month is May, price through pharmacy $35-$40. Samples to be put in an envelope & mailed off for testing. Results of testing to be provided to clubs when completed.  Suggest an ad to go into local paper to advertise we have these scans available. Reminder letters sent to all participants each year to remind them to test.

Graham Cocks Guest Speaker 2019-04-15 14:00:00Z 0

Bernadette Steward Guest Speaker

Bernadette Steward as secretary of the Numurkah Wunghnu Cemetery Trust spoke on the Past the Present and the Future.
Numurkah gazetted in 1876 with cemetery gazetted in 1882 with 15 burials in first year. Previously buried in Wunghnu Cemetery.
Trust was formed with original trustees being representatives from each section. Present day Trust has 8 appointed voluntary trustees with chairman appointed for 5 years. The Trust employs a secretary and contractors such as grave diggers.
Trust undertaking improvements with Pavillio restored, thanks to Rotary and Lions, planning a new entrance, new fence and signage.
"Right of Interment" allows that person to decide who can be buried in plot and whether there is to be a head-stone.
Plots can be reserved in general section not in Lawn section.
Lawn Cemetery established in 1978 nearing capacity with land set aside for expansion.
Trust conducting "Cemetery Walks"  giving information on pioneers and their stories.
Change in burials to Green Interments, without coffin and buried upright with no plaque on site. Diverse cultures also requesting different types of burials.
Trust is seeking grants and donations to carry our improvements and expansion.

Bernadette Steward Guest Speaker 2019-04-08 14:00:00Z 0
2019 Business Breakfast featuring Susan Alberti 2019-04-04 13:00:00Z 0
4WD 2019 TRIP 2019-04-02 13:00:00Z 0


Brian from the Rotary Club of Albury West spoke on Rotary Foundation.

The Rotary Foundation transforms gifts into projects that change loves both close to home and around the world.

Donations are invested for three years and the income earned pays for the Foundation's operating and administrative expenses. At the end of three years 100% of every dollar is available for Foundation programs.

$50 - 60,000 available for District Grants.

Examples include Cervical Cancer Vaccination in PNG where 28,000 girls aged 9-13 were vaccinated.

Polio Plus: Afghanistan and Pakistan are the only two polio endemic countries - mainly due to tribal customs.


To recognise the contributions made by individual Rotarians and Friends of Rotary, we have several recognition levels.
  • Centurion: members A$100 annually
  • Paul Harris Fellow US$1,000
  • Paul Harris Society Members US$1000 annually
  • Major Donor Level 1: $10,000, Level 2: $25,000 Level 3: $50,000 Level 4: $100,000 (USD)

Routley's Orchard

Ivan Routley spoke to members on-site at the Routley Orchard in Carrs Road.

Due to cannery reduction in canning fruit intake no longer sustainable so have switched to fresh fruits.

Planted 15 varieties of plums, trees on trellis enabling closer planting thus more profitable.

Marketed through a group, exporting to China. Established a commercial nursery.

Life span of trees 20 - 30 years becoming productive in their third leaf. Picking December to March picking for colour.


Routley's Orchard 2019-03-25 13:00:00Z 0

Rosemary Freeman Guest Speaker


Rosemary Freeman District representative on Australia Rotary Health was guest speaker. 

Australian Rotary Health is governed by a Board of Directors from every District, administered from Paramatta HQ by volunteers.

Aim is to support healthier minds, bodies and communities through research, awareness and education.

Research projects include SIDS, Mental Health, Bowl Cancer, Ross River Fever.

In 1985 $45M granted to research and education programs unique to Australia. 

Major program "Lift the Lid" with 1 in 5 Australians suffer a mental illness every year. $1.7M spent on Mental Health Research.

Small and large grants given to research projects, Mental Health of Young Australians, PTSD PhD Scholarship, Rural Medical Scholarships, Rural and Indigenous Nursing Scholarships, Indigenous Health Scholarships with $2.6M ranted in 2018.

Rosemary spoke at a special meting with The Ride to Conference riders ans support.




Rosemary Freeman Guest Speaker 2019-03-16 13:00:00Z 0

2019 Business Breakfast

Due to unforeseen circumstances the Rotary Club of Numurkah Business Breakfast has been rescheduled to FRIDAY 5th April.

2019 Business Breakfast 2019-03-14 13:00:00Z 0

39th Annual Arts & Craft Exhibition

Rotary Club of Numurkah 39th Annual Art & Craft Exhibition
President of Numurkah Rotary Stephen Mills said at the official opening of the 39th Annual Art & Craft Exhibition “We are consistently amazed at the quality of work on display at our shows, and this year the works are of exceptional standard”
The official opening on Friday 8th March was well attended with entertainment from the Numurkah Ukulele Club providing a pleasant atmosphere with their enthusiastic and engaging performance.
Suzanne Sheed MP Member for Shepparton in officially opening the exhibition said “The value of art to the community cannot be understated. It can entertain us, it can challenge us, it can move us, it can inspire us. It is a record of who we are at a point in time, and – often – it is a signal of who we want to be”.
Art judge Ross Paterson congratulated the artists for entering paintings of such high standard as he announced the awards.
Best in Show was “Bridge over Namoi” by Kasey Sealy from Berowra Heights. Ross commented “Kasey has developed a skill in capably understanding the light, form and mood of the Australian landscape”.
Highly Commended: Walter Magilton “It’s Dry in the Gramps”, Do Noble “Marysville Garden”, Di King “All on a Summers Day”.
Runner Up was “Spanish Onions” by Gregory Smith. “Greg has a great ability to interpret form and light. Beautifully painted and presented”.
Best Watercolour: “Where to Now” by Ann Grogan from Pyramid Hill. “Ann has produced a vitally fresh watercolour.”
Highly Commended: George Deeble “Afternoon Walk”.
Best Oil: “A Bag of Fruit” by Glen Hoyle from Langwarrin. “Great understanding of the subject”.
High Commended: Cheryl Manders “The French Blue Jug”, Heather McKean “Dried Proteas”.
Best Pastel: “Kakadu Dreaming” by Nancy Thurlby from Glen Iris. “Notable is the beautiful gradation in the water reflections”.
Best Regional Artist: “Nasturtiums” by Christine Broersen from Shepparton. “A classical example of a painting which doesn’t require a story or narrative, just light”
Highly Commended: John Stevens “Sand Shoes”, Bev Williams “Torquata Gum Leaves”, Glenda Cornell “Rugged Beauty”.
Moira Art & Culture Inc. Encouragement Award: “Real Estate Building Numurkah” by Geoff Lugg. “A very descriptive version of an architectural study”.
Photographic Award: “Stalking” Dennis Rickard.
Highly Commended: “Dust Devil” Les Addison.
Craft Judge Claire Reid commented on the variety of entries making a great display.
Best Craft Entry: Valerie Pendlebury “Ayrshire Embroidery”.
Fibres, Threads and Beads Award: Valerie Pendlebury “Ayrshire Embroidery”. Highly Commended Fiona Caruthers “Jade Scarf” and Margaret Blackburn “Matinee Jacket & Bonnet”.
Framed Needlework Award: Joy Knight “Framed Needlework, Highly Commended Joy Knight “Footstool”.
Quilt Award: Anna Newham “Maple Star Quilt”. Highly Commended Helen Collins “Milly’s Garden Quilt”, Linda Ball “Machine Crazy Quilt”.
Craft Award: Dennis Hooker “Car Enthusiasts Lamp”.
Toys Award: Jenny Barnes “Croched Grey Koala”

39th Annual Arts & Craft Exhibition 2019-03-09 13:00:00Z 0

Home Hardware Visit

Jeff and Gayle are proud of business and their achievement with the Home Hardware business.

Jeff is a CPA qualified accountant previously working for Kraft and SPC before becoming disenchanted with corporate life.

Bought the hardware business which was under-performing and under new management grew considerably.

Most complex business he has been in. Traded 8 yeas under Thrifty-Link banner then moved to Home Hardware group.

Home Hardware was a John Danks business before being bought by Woolworths who later sold to Mitre-10

Spent 5 years in old premises before purchasing present premises from Goulburn Murray.

Home Hardware a lose franchise allowing use of a number of suppliers with charge-back.

Jeff & Gayle's strategy has been to have the right stock giving good customer service.

Employee's are all trade people with various trade expertise. 


Home Hardware Visit 2019-03-04 13:00:00Z 0

Liam Trigg Guest Speaker


Liam grew up at Pakenham on a hobby farm, developing interest in animals. As a child watched nature documentaries on television.

Graduated with a science degree in animal science and became a part time zoo keeper at Gumbuya zoo and park. Experienced raising baby animals. After renovations at Gumbuya World became full time zoo keeper specialising in training, display and programs for school children.

Now working with Government department in Agricultural Science with focus on sheep and cattle.

Liam illustrated his enthusiastic and passionate presentation with a power point display.

Liam Trigg Guest Speaker 2019-03-04 13:00:00Z 0

Les Lawrence Shield

The annual bowling competition between the Numurkah and Nathalia Rotary Clubs was held for the Les Lawrence Shield, with Nathalia the winners.


Les Lawrence Shield 2019-02-25 13:00:00Z 0

Maryanne Black Guest Speaker


Maryanne Black Rural Financial Counsellor spoke on the plight of farmers in the district.

Very dry Autumn resulted in farmers having to purchase hay, followed by a dry Spring putting pressure on water market.

With increase in hay, water and grain prices farmers culled milking cows to reduce herd numbers.

Farmers have access to Household Allowance and increase their borrowings.

Milk production decreased by 23%

Future strategy: further culling and cut feeding to milking herd.

Now focussed on Autumn break, a week by week scenario. Lots of exits with 3,000 stock sold in one week, with farms selling at reduced price.

Support available is Household Allowance, Regional Investment Loans, and some lump-sum payments from charities.


Maryanne Black Guest Speaker 2019-02-25 13:00:00Z 0

Marie Austin Guest Speaker



Teaching English to migrants and refugees at TAFE for 14 years, originally in Cobram and in Shepparton for last 8 years.

 Migrants come from many different countries all ages from 20 to over 65, men and women.

Initial assessment, taking 2 hours and graded "Pre" no English, then Level 1 to 4.

Curriculum assessment also undertaken with further assessment after 200 hours.

Enrolled in 510 or 800 hours free education with free child-care and free accommodation for 4 weeks.

Students are required to attend 4 days a week.

Marie initially taught 3 days a week, now only 1 day a week.


Marie Austin Guest Speaker 2019-02-18 13:00:00Z 0
Induction of Phil Ashton & Greg Moralee 2019-02-18 13:00:00Z 0

Anzac Day donation

 Anzac Day Ceremony.
President Stephen Mills presenting a $500 cheque to Stuart Hipwell President Numurkah RSL Sub-branch for Anzac Day Ceremony.

Anzac Day donation 2019-02-14 13:00:00Z 0
BUSINESS BREAKFAST 2019-02-04 13:00:00Z 0


Elvis (John Read) spoke on his trip to Parkes for the Elvis weekend.

ELVIS VISITS CLUB 2019-02-04 13:00:00Z 0

Bridgette & Bronte Guest Speakers.


Bridgette and Bronte students from St Mary of the Angels participated in the Sandhurst Diocese Alternate Schoolies Trip, a once in a lifetime experience.

Arrived in Cebu in the Philippines and met by University of San Carlos students who acted as guides.

First day were tourists as they toured and shown the sights.

The following day community work began with a visit to a dump site, where locals scavenged through waste for a living.

Next day visited a housing community where up to 400 families housed in a small one room houses for shelter. Families engaged in crafts.

This was followed by a visit to a cemetery where families lived seeking shelter among the tombstones.

Another day was spent visiting sick orphans.

Also accompanied Brother Paul who at night visits the street workers providing food, medicine and counselling.

During the trip the students were encouraged to see the beauty as well as the poverty.

The $14,000 raised by the students, which included a donation from the Rotary Club of Numurkah, was divided between communities visited.

Both Bridgette and Bronte said they will never forget this lifechanging experience.



Bridgette & Bronte Guest Speakers. 2019-02-04 13:00:00Z 0
Kinnairds Wetland Walk 2019-01-22 13:00:00Z 0

Kinnairds Wetland Walk

Carl Walters from CMA was guest speaker and tour guide at a walk through Kinnaird Wetland.

Kinnairds Wetland is part of a larger natural wetland covering an area of nearly 100 hectares of natural and constructed wetland designed to provide major regional benefits for land in the Muckatah Surface Water Management Scheme beginning in Yarrawonga.

In 1992 GMW proposal had 187 objections, consultation with community resulted in change to the design to improve water quality and flows, and included replacement of 10 weirs on the Broken Creek. Approval was gained and project has won environmental awards.

The natural and constructed areas of the wetland act as  a retarding basin which aids in filtering sediment and minimises the rate of flows entering the Broken Creek which eventually flows into the Murray River at Barmah.

The diverse area provide habitat for a variety of wildlife including birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fish.



Kinnairds Wetland Walk 2019-01-21 13:00:00Z 0
Combined Meeting with Lions 2019-01-14 13:00:00Z 0
39th Art Show 2019-01-04 13:00:00Z 0

39Th Annual Art & Craft Exhibition

Entry forms for the Rotary Club of Numurkah 39th Annual Art & Craft Exhibition to be held March 8th to 11th are now available.
Offering $10,000 in Prize Money the exhibition is one of the best art exhibitions in Regional Victoria.

39Th Annual Art & Craft Exhibition 2019-01-01 13:00:00Z 0

Linda Boyd & Peter Clark


Linda and Peter reported on the "Pals Panthers" participation in the Tri-State Games in Adelaide.

Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia compete in games with 35-40 teams and over 300 athletes.

Pals Panthers came 2nd in athletics, 2nd in swimming and 3rd overall.

Thanks was expressed to the Rotary Club for providing sponsorship.

Linda Boyd & Peter Clark 2018-12-03 13:00:00Z 0

Jade Connolly Guest Speaker


Jade Connolly currently studying for a degree in Veterinary Science attended the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), a 7 day experienced based conference for young adults aged 18-30 to further develop character and leadership skills, empowering young people to lead.

RYLA aims to:

·         Demonstrate Rotary's respect and concern for youth;

·         Provide an effective training experience for selected youth and potential leaders;

·         Encourage leadership of youth by youth;

·         Recognise publicly young people who are rendering service to their communities.

Every RYLA program covers the following core topics:[1]

·         Fundamentals of leadership

·         Ethics of positive leadership

·         Importance of communication skills in effective leadership

·         Problem-solving and conflict management

·         Rotary's purpose and service to the community

·         Building self-confidence and self-esteem

·         Elements of community and global citizenship

Leaders are persons who guides or directs not dictates. Learnt to be part of the solution not part of the problem in teamwork.

Discovered self by portraying positive emotions,. Must believe in yourself.

Jade concluded by screening a short video of the conference.

Jade Connolly Guest Speaker 2018-12-03 13:00:00Z 0

Padman Stops


John had a sheltered but awkward life growing up on a dairy farm in Albury. Always making and inventing things. With the creation of the Albury Wodonga Development, the river flats were purchased and family moved to Mulwala.

Developed irrigation equipment inventing a stop that works with automation. With the drought irrigation became more efficient, with less time needed for better crops. Save 1/3 water by watering faster.

Today Australia has the most efficient surface irrigation in the world. Cotton industry now has 3 times yield with GM cotton. To survive on world markets have to get smarter.

Padman Stops the biggest pre-cast industry in Australia.

John now works on research and development with son Shaun running the business. Challenge is to take something complex and make it simple.

After the suicide of a worker John became involved with mental health promising to help prevent suicide.

Padman Stops 2018-11-26 13:00:00Z 0

St Mary Secondary College "Alternate Schoolies"

Bridgette, Elisha and Bronte participating in St Mary Secondary College "Alternate Schoolies" from 28th November to 16th December.

Will travel to the Philippines at act as volunteers in needy centres.

Each student had to raise a minimum of $500 to be spent on the needy in the Philippines.

Thanks to Rotary for their support.

St Mary Secondary College "Alternate Schoolies" 2018-11-19 13:00:00Z 0

Darren Smith Guest Speaker.


Darren Smith lived in Numurkah most of his life attending Numurkah Primary School and Numurkah High School.

Apprentice at Newport Railway Workshop for 2 1/2 years, returning to Numurkah to complete trade. Moved to Emerald Qld. then back to Numurkah.

In 1991 started up a tyre shop, business grew nd employed local people, Joined the Tyre Power Group, an independent co-op where the business is run by the owner.

In 2015 decided to sell business and moved to Calandra with wife Elizabeth working at the Cairns hospital as unit manager for 2 1/2 years with himself working for a Chinese tyre company,

Decided to return to Numurkah. Old business came up for sale, taking-over in October.

Gone a full circle.

Darren Smith Guest Speaker. 2018-11-12 13:00:00Z 0

G.V. Water Plant visit.



Dan from G.V. Water welcomed Rotary to the treatment plant.

10 years ago the old plant had reached capacity and water quality was not always the best.

Options were to build new plant in town, which was not recommended due to lack of space and nearby houses. Second option was to build on a new site out of town with GM Water channel being source of water.

New site provides 300 mega litres of storage. Old plant delivered 6 mega litres per day new plant 10 mega litres a day.

Cost of plant was $12M.

G.V. Water services 54 towns from Marysville to Cobram.

Possibility of plant supplying water to Nathalia if their old plant has to be decommissioned.

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Guest Speakers Andrea Holmes & Kate Reghazani


Kate Reghazani & Andrea Holmes  discussed their new business of Rush food & travel.


Andrea advised that they hope to open soon, perhaps within the next 3 weeks.  They are both local girls who grew up in Katunga, love netball, football clubs, Hawks & being involved on local committees. Andrea was educated locally & moved to Melbourne for a career in finance until she returned to start a family. She went into business with her Husband & brother in law by buying the Telegraph 2005 where Kate started working for them. Andrea & her Husband juggled family & business & subsequently purchased the local Newsagency in 2009. Following the closing of The Common Thread, Andrea & Kate came together to brain storm to consider a business niche for Numurkah. They hope to create a relaxed atmosphere, where customers can enjoy a great coffee, purchase a gift & plan a holiday.


Kate’s aspect of Rush has been there for sometime. Kate first worked at Regent Café & then Dairy Delights where food was taken to another level. She then became second cook at the Telegraph & then worked the bar. She then travelled to America as a summer camp counsellor in Tuxedo in North Carolina where she worked for the next 5 summers & subsequently became an assistant Director. In 2010 she travelled around the world to the United Kingdom, Europa & South America. In 2014 Kate joined Escape Centre in Shepparton where she attained a Cert III in travel. She quickly became a Team Leader but was keen to travel again to America to work in the summer camps.

Now opportunity has arisen for them to commence their new business for travel advice. Opening a business has taken longer than they expected, but they look forward to commencing soon & provide a business that will be open 7 days a week.


Guest Speakers Andrea Holmes & Kate Reghazani 2018-10-22 13:00:00Z 0

Induction of Geoff Austin

President Stephen Mills inducted Geoff Austin into the Rotary Club of Numurkah.
Pictured: Steve Mills, Membership Director Kate Hodge, Geoff Austin and Marie Austin.

Induction of Geoff Austin